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January 31, 2005


Nasal hygiene.

(Thanks to Brian Smith)

(This product was also covered in our Holiday Gift Guide)


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Thought it was salt water but it snot.

*Exitedly anticipating the water coming out of her ear*

Another dream ruined...

erm...would you believe I was so excited I couldn't even spell it?

I really enjoyed watching the woman try reeeeeeeally hard not to show any emotion during the entire experience. It's the same blank expression one has when they are 10 yrs old and 3 rounds into The One-for-one Arm Punching game you play with your brother.

I won't be impressed unless she does it with beer.

Generally when I want some of that white powder up my nose, I don't normally disolve it in water. Interesting concept!

Sorry, but the expression on that Stepford-Wife face indicates to me that there is more than enough room in her hollow head to hold the contents of that little pot.

Sorry, but the expression on that Stepford-Wife face indicates to me that there is more than enough room in her hollow head to hold the contents of that little pot.

Not to be confused with Net-i-pod...which now holds 50 Gigaboogers

Hey Philippe, that Master Blaster link is good enough for the main page!

Key quote: "Will it remove a bug that crawled in my ear? No. Hold a flashlight towards your ear and the bug will crawl towards the light."

She would make an excellent fountain statue.

So true, Lee! And down at the bottom:
"Don't remove sharp or pointed objects, like bug parts."

That snot funny, its gross!

ewwwwwwwhhhh!!! What if something comes out? Or what if it starts coming out but then does a bungee/turtle move and goes back in???

Oh man! That typo wasn't meant to be there.

Should have been:

"Thats not funny"

*hangs head in shame of cheezy comment*

I refuse to remind the blog of the eeeewwww question/answer from last weeks articles.

Q. How can you tell if she is full?
A. When it runs out of her nose!

Re: Marvin:

Coke is also good for cleansing the Nasal Passage. (So I've heard)


Check out the site the video's posted on for more fun... www.thewvsr.com

Jesus, follow these directions, it turns into a whole day's worth of activity.
1) Fill pot, pour thru nose. Check.
2) For reasons that are unclear to me at the moment, do it again with the other nostril. Check.
3) Touch your damed toes, forceably exhaling as you touch your toes. Check.
4) Mop floor (not covered in video). Check. Disgusting, but necessary. Check.
5) Try to figure out who in your life you could re-gift this to....that could take the rest of the day...

I don't supposed you can make tea in this thing?



If you post that link again, I'll be forced to pummel you with a kielbasa while popping your shins with steel-toed workboots! Then, I'll return in 90 minutes to ask directions to my home. Just a warning!!

Guess I won't be eating salami anymore -WTF?? The chemicals in the salami damaged the paint on the car???

Maybe it wasn't Hebrew National salami - we would never do anything like that!



Jersey Janet Jacksen uses her tongue to clean her nose, but the producers of this year's super bowl halftime show are working with her on not doing it on the air. Maybe I should get her one of these--but I don't know--she's kind of attached to her tongue. I'll try to post a picture at Kick Shoe Kooy. The tongue would be more convenient than the finger.


50 Gigaboogers???

Headline of the Day

Woman uses sausage in rampage against ex

'nuff sed.

Woo hoo! A neti!

I have used one for several years. Kind of gross, to be sure. But if you have sinus or allergy problems, it certainly does help.

Somehow I missed that on the gift guide though.

"Neti or Nori, those 'gold dust' twins sound great! A far cry from my old 'turkey blaster, Morton's Iodized, and hot chicken broth!"
*my Jewish friends always recommended the chicken broth,-although the grease gets up my nose, somewhat!"

No one nose the horrors I've seen, on the Blog today.

No one nose how many shirts I've stained, cuz I been Neti-ing the wrong damn way.

Jewish Princess -

Can I just call you Charlotte? Its easier to type. :)

That is all.

I gave the newest version of Neti
To my nasally compacted friend Betty
It cleared out her passages
Answered her messages
And also strained her spaghetti.

Is it wrong that when I use my neti pot, nothing comes out the other nostril? I've tried all the calistenics described in the video but to no avail.

Probably because when something's stuck in your nose, touching your toes (which rhymes ironically yet shamefully) is not a viable solution.


There once was a J.P. named Charlotte,
She was a far cry from a hooker named 'Harlot~'
But when she was ill.......
She 'sprayed' in the 'swill....
And out came a 'bubbling' torrent!

Annabelle - Of course you can call me Charlotte!

Char -

I see some have taken the hint... too bad others haven't, as well...

And isn't the point of amusing little ditties to RHYME?

... notices Charlotte, Harlot, and torrent all end with different sounds....

FYI - today is Justin Timberlakes 24th bday. So says the radio at least.

I bet that would make a great gift for your elementary age nephew
*here you go son*
*Oh boy! A Neti-pot! Now I can gross out all my friends!*

Excuse me while I barf up my lunch.

Maybe if you add some Colonblow...

Well, mebbe Marth's gone one for every room, but right now, she's only got one room ... in the Big House ...

Warm water prevents dizziness? That's what I was doing wrong ... cold water in my Scotch ...

Pulsative Irrigation System wbagnfarb

Rainey Daze, it just takes practice with the neti. If you are really clogged, or tense, it doesn't flow well. Just relax, and keep practicing and it will work wonderfully.

Off to use my neti...

'Southern slang' endings! (in code)
*for your information*

Uh Oh!
The latest scientific report states that alcohol is beneficial for the older woman. It helps her retain her memory.
Let's see, now. Where in the world did I put that 'jigger?'

kC - skip the jigger, take a couple of quick (medicinal) snorts from the bottle!

I have been using a Neti Pot for over 14 years. You would (s)not believe the stuff that has come out of my sinus. License plates, bike parts, etc. They are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gross? Absolutely. But if you have sinus issues, the feeling of being able to breathe freely and comfortably through both nostrils at the same time (something that otherwise happens maybe four or five times a year) is more than worth it.


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