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January 18, 2005


Canned Frogs


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I got your frog right here

"If you're the kind of person who doesn't like your frog fresh, you can have it in a can."

Come on, who doesn't like their frog fresh?

Can we get peaches with that?

I wonder if Bo Talo is any relation to Bo Diddly?

LabSpec - here's another winning slogan idea. "Super Deodorant Soap - for people who don't like to stink!"

I loved it that their deep fried sauce-coated canned frog isn't just any food. It's healthy.

(Is anybody else hearing Lucy say, "It's so tasty, too!" ?)

here we have it: Yupa Sangnet = A GAY NET SPUN

Two frogs walking along the beach...
Frog 1: You know, sometimes I don't feel so... fresh.

BAMM !! kick it up !! BAMM !!

Yupa Sangnet=say a pungent

YUM! ;)

Canned frogs need a cartoon spokesfrog, like Charlie the Tuna. Frank the Frog? Fritz the Frog? Frodo the Frog?

I wonder if they still taste like chicken...

*Can opener* "rrrrrrn rrrrrrrn rrrrrrrn"
*singing, dancing, tophat-wearing frog*

"Hello, my baby!"
"Hello, my honey!"
"Hello, my ragtime gal!"

"beep... beep... beep..."
*hum of the microwave*

"If you're the kind of person who doesn't like your frog fresh, you can have it in a can."


"Would you like some fresh dead frog for dinner?"
"Eeeewww. No! That's disgusting. You sicken me beyond belief. I shall poke you with a ripe vegetable if you do not stop."
"Ok, sheesh, I was just asking."
"How was it?"
"Fine. What was it?"
"Canned frog. What? You said you didn't want fresh."
"That's it. Where's my rutabega?"
"I've been wondering that for years."

Here at the Whispering Farts Retirement Villas, we enjoy our canned frog with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

WC, you have a fine memory for old cartoons.

Frog-in-a-Can wbagnfarb.

Here is what jamester was referring to:
Frog & Peach.

Brian's linl.

Brian's link.

So they raise the frogs, freshly kill them...ok, ok...

Are they dew-picked? And what about the lark's vomit? Do they include that in the can or do you have to buy that seperately?

That's the worst part, Higgy. They use canned lark's vomit, and it *never* has the same consistency, no matter how long you stir it.

Guest: What the crap is this? It tastes like..... BLEAARRGHHPTTTTTTTTTT.......

Host: Whatsa matter? Got a frog in your throat?

Guest: *puking violently*

Host: Hey, can I use that?

Would canned frog-in-a-blender be as fun as fresh frog-in-a-blender?

I think it's shameful that they raise their frogs in cement swimming pools! It's like a puppy mill. Only it's a froggy mill.

They probably pump them up with supplements and hormone shots so they produce more milk, too. (Ever milk a frog?) That's why, morally, I will only support a free-range frog operation.

Jeff, thanks as always...

Polly asked "Ever milk a frog?"

What sort of question is that? That's like asking:

Ever inhale?
Ever blink?
Ever dance naked on a piano in a Karaoke bar in Thailand while mocking an emu?

Speaking of which, Christobol - the state department called. The emu was an illegal alien and it was alleged that you danced to "Copacabana" while mocking it - which carries the death sentence in Thailand...

...I always ask that of all my prey. I just like the sound of it!

Death by roo-roo, I would assume?

Now Polly, don't be getting all "Vicky Tisdial" on us.

"My name is Rucirrrrrre!"
"I'm sorry, what is your name?"
"My name is Rucirrrrrre."
"I didn't catch that."
"Her name is Lucille!"
"Oh. Can I help you?"
"You taunt irregar arien Emu with Copacabana, that cally death rentere by Roo Roo."
"She's here to kill you!"
"Oh! Exerrrent!"
"Don't mock her!"
"Why not? She can't give me the ROO ROO twice, can she?"

Are you saying roo roo by an emu? Twice? Besides the obvious wbagnfarb... ouch! booger!

*Ha ha haaaaaaaaaa.. bwah hahahaaaaaaaaa*

I think I just wet myself.. just a little...Thank goodness for Depends new Amphibiguard line. They protect against odor and wetness...

*hee, hee, hee*

Sorry, too much coke - the soft drink.

Jeff - really liked the Dudley Moore-Peter Cook thing - even through my Xanax haze, it was very funny...zzzzzzz

I thought that a "Canned Frog" was a recently fired Frenchman.

healthy? i'd heard they'd redone the food pyramid, but when did they add amphibian to it? is there an RDA for that?

Does anybody remember when Bobby Goldsboro used to imitate a frog on his variety show and he said he liked to do it restaurants when people would order frog legs to really freak them out?.... No.....

Does anyone remember Bobby Goldsboro?.... Anyone?....


Leaves quietly through back door.....

"Match Game"




I'm so confused... I liked it better when you guys were talking about canned Kermies.

it's been a long time since a post actually made me gag. but you will be glad to know that this one did.

now ... aren't you glad you know that?


*flips between screens using Alt/Tab*

Now I know what you guys are talking about... But I dont see anything about a "Scoey"...
*Alt/Tab - scrolling*

I'll do some research tonight... thanks for the reference.

ignore that last post kind peoples

hahahaha something, something er something else funny about dead frogs.

Look!! Something shiny!

Pinto - I remember Bobby Goldsboro and Honey's Angels, but I refuse to admit it. I don't know nuthin bout no Scoey though.

But then Bobby's "Honey" was a song that ranked right up there with "Seasons in the Sun" for maudlin.

BTW, I'm sure Dave remembers him too, since we suffer from the same vintage.

Fried canned frog
not so fresh, no more
but yum yum

Bo Talo is canning frogs
Canning frogs, canning frogs
Bo Talo is canning frogs
With hot chilis

Take a fork and slurp it down
Slurp it down, slurp it down
Take a fork and slurp it down
On "Fear Factor"

Grow the frogs for overseas
Overseas, overseas
Grow the frogs for overseas
and frat parties!

(tune:London Bridge)

Pinto, of course I remember Bobby Goldsboro -- infamous for the hideous "Honey." Ever see the Smothers Brothers routine where they gave a tour of Honey's house? Tommy showed people the house, the tree, etc. Pretty funny stuff.

Polly, where have you been? We miss you. And you need to get over to the 24 thread as they're now discussing the deficiencies of CSI and Medical Investigation. We need your expertise over there.

i'm not so sure about the tasty treat part...

It tastes like chicken!

does it taste like canned chicken ? Bleah.
Oh-oh, eleven minutes to Wapner, I mean Jeopardy!

Seasons in the Sun! I'm sobbing just thinking of that song!

and Jeff (no one else on blog may read this) - I remember the tour of Honey's house which was hilarious, although I don't remember the song - probably because I was only 3 at the time !

(other bloggers may resume reading now)

Hey I think that, that would be a good name if you liked frogs, and were really into the band. But personally, I think you could do much better than that... Thanks for your time.

Goldsboro and The Swamp Critters


Produced by music legend
Bobby Goldsboro whose hits include "Honey", "Watching Scotty Grow" and "Little Green Apples."

sly - just checked out the site - clicked on videos and bright red screen blinded me temporarily!

Watching Scotty Grow - they just don't make music like that anymore -

Anyone remember "Indiana Wants Me" - another golden oldie! If he goes back he'll get the chair! Fabulous!

Healthy? Not for the frogs ...

Yes, WC, that oldie was very much a goodie, but I've seen it within the last 5 years ... still in reruns ... but wouldn't you think his little legs would be getting tired by now?

Pinto - don't worry about what they say ... you're not as old as I am ... yes, I remember B.G. ... but I haven't seen him on TV for a couple of years ... has he been sick?

pogo - U 2 old 2?


julietine, you misunderstood - the rest of the MUSIC LEGEND sentence is IN HIS OWN MIND!!!!!!
There just wasn't enough space to add that!

aha! peche et frog. a great routine.

is it kosher???

Indiaaaana wants me... Lord, I can't go back there.
and then the police bullhorn over the end...

[waves at polly]

El/Lily ...


I'm wondering ... did you mean "WTF IS WITH HIM??"

Just asking ...

UO-- You forgot to say "neener."

In case you were looking for them, I found your swash-buckled neeners, too.

'lota -

well ... I was sorta busy on this other thread ... trying to learn how to post a link ... and this really great lady/blog buddy was so patient with me ... and with the glitches in the blog ... and I kept posting ... and messing up ... and posting ... and messing up ... and ...


You know all that!

Ya, I was tired, too ... passing up a chance for that neener, I musta been ...

.. um ... Yup, those swash-buckled neeners were ... right where I left them ... I think ... ???

Canned Frogs? Guess Miss Piggy found a way to keep Kermit forever.

Kermit Preserves - cool.

I love double d's
But simply add one more and
Now I have to puke

I can't believe these idiots think they can profit from this.

We must all pull together forces to fight what has now become our Resident Evil, until this oozing disease can be eradicated for GOOD.


I saw nothing in that spam about frogs. Lots of horses, dogs, cats, donkeys... But no frogs.

I am no easily shocked but my curiosity got the best of me and I went to one OF THOSE SITES....it was disgusting...

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