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January 26, 2005


Weasel War Dance

(Thanks to Joyce Yik)


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First... whew, never done that before. As a proud fat guy I'm used to just taking it easy and getting there when I get there (usually with a sandwich in hand)....

Oh yea, weasels are great. Did anyone know they have a starring role on 24?

"arched back, panting and hissing noises" - hmm, sounds like we're not exactly at "WAR" are we...

I've been doing the weasel war dance in bed for YEARS.

*makes note to check into whether that could have anything to do with wife's reluctance to be in same room with me*

Lance Bass of NSync has a ferret. My daughter told me once.

*imagines Mike dancing for Mad*

This just in from the failed Bush Administration.
AP 1/26/2005
The Bush (failed)Administration today announced that a "typo" by a CIA Underling, caused the issuance of the WMD warning on Iraq, when the correct spelling of the ACRONYM should have been WWD. We would like to apologise to all who have been upset. Meanwhile, the President has requested the Defence Department to begin mobilization for an attack on the Weasels.
In a related matter, The President, was seen on the internet looking up the pronunciation and meaning of the Word ACRONYM in anticipation of Congressional hearings.

WTF?? Aren't we overlooking the obvious? Namely, if this War Dance is done by ferrets, it should be the Ferret War Dance!!!

Main Entry: 1fer·ret
Pronunciation: 'fer-&t
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English furet, ferret, from Middle French furet, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin furittus, literally, little thief, diminutive of Latin fur thief -- more at FURTIVE
1 : a domesticated usually albino animal (Mustela putorius furo) that is descended from the European polecat

The origins of this dance go back to the great Weasel-Ferrett war of 1896 brought about because Wally Weasel called the French Ferret Dartagnan a "smelly little skinny piece of a rodent" to which Dartagnan replied, "neener". The ferrets gathered up all their forces and threatened to, "do something really bad to the weasels". To which the weasels replied, "we don't really care". The ferrets viewed this as a sign of victory and developed, on the spot, the Weasel War Dance to celebrate. After trading wedgies the ferrets eventually dispersed and went home but never forgot the Weasel War Dance.

cubie: Lance Bass of N'Sync IS a ferret.

*is trying to understand why anyone would look up "Weasle War Dance" in the encyclopedia in the first place*

*well, anyone except Mad Scientist, that is.*

*wipes tear*
beautiful story WC

You're right, candy tutt. As the Budweiser lizard said, "Never send a ferret to do a weasel's job".

This reminds me of a Steven Wright line:

Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

Never mind.

"I've been doing the weasel war dance in bed for YEARS."

*makes note to check into whether that could have anything to do with wife's reluctance to be in same room with me*

Hmm... my husband usually enjoys it MORE when I do the Weasel War Dance... C-bol, sure it couldn't have anything do with your choice of Nylon-Support-Hose-And-Thong headgear????

Just sayin' ...

Just do it

Fortunately, when I met the Weasel for dinner he was apparently feeling peaceable...maybe next time I'll provoke him just a bit...

Just - you may have a point.

But if I don't wear all that gear, I just feel silly.

Dandy Candy -

I was thinking along those same lines before I read your post ...

I think it should be the Ferret Fandango ... since alliterativeness seems to be the nomenclature of choice around here ...

Here's a hearty thanks to Mr. Dart for linking us to an editable online encylopedia. This is better than sex.

Nyyaw, I've had two ferrets and I love it when they do that, but I didn't know what it was called. One of them used to be able to work one of those pull-back-action toy cars they used to have in happy meals too.

*takes a look around at our new home*

Looks like online pharmay needs to be taken care of.

Okay, where'd everyone go? Is there a slip in the time-space continuum?

Hi Rita!

Hi Susan! Hi Rita! Nice digs, eh?

"Take action" kind of guy, Lab? So what about not moving from the old MOAT to join us here? huh? huh? what?
Posted by: Marvin | Paranoid Android on February 9, 2005 01:07 PM

I thought I *did* join in on the new (now old) MOAT. I just didn't abandon the old-old MOAT. I took it over as my kingdom.

I tried to build a castle, but then it burned down... oh, never mind.

Hi everyone, I'm here -weasel war dance may commence!

Thanks Lab, I like a "take charge" guy - now if you could only come over and set up my high speed internet.....

Lab, I probably did confuse "rat" with "rooster" - I must have been thinking about my ex!

*does the New MOAT happy dance*

One minute to load - yay!

You know... moving to this thread is going to do Wonders for my concentration!!!

*trying not to day-dream about doin tha Weasel War Dance*


*losing the battle*

*thinking El's New MOAT happy dance looks remarkably like the Weasel War Dance*

Wow.. thanks for moving just in time for me to wake up! I appreciate it...

*kicks weasels out of my chambers and into the newly-renovated dance studio*
you'll be ok there... and you can practice for your weekend shows.

*unpacks the "Mistress of the Darkness" trunk and settles into new chambers... tests bed by bouncing on it a few times... *

Yes I like the Weasel Moat.

Oh, and I just caught the weather report for today. It looks (and feels) cold and misty outside, but apparently, that will all change and it's gonna hit 32 degC today (that would be approx 95 degF)
*Changes planned outfit of the day*

It's not a line dance, is it? Cuz I ain't doin' no line dancin'.

What? 95? We'll be lucky if it hits 40F here.


That got my attention, Rita!

There were people who wanted Email about the move rather than bread crumbs. Any ideas who?

Come a little closer, Lab......you might need some of those eye drops.

Blogchik. I emailed her already. I don't know who else.

Neo - Jeff did, since he'll be travelling....

Hi, Kaf!

Tom just emailed this to me:

I hate to rain on Europe's parade, but ?
By Mark Steyn
(Filed: 08/02/2005)

I was very moved by the story of Mr Richard Kral, a Slovak gentleman found staggering
drunk down a snowy trail a few days back. He'd been motoring through the Tatra
Mountains in his Audi when he got buried by an avalanche. Opening the window and
frantically clawing at the snow, he grasped that he couldn't dig his way out faster
than the white stuff would come into the car and bury him. So he looked around and his
eye fell on the 60 half-litre bottles of beer he happened to have with him. He had a
drink and midway through realised that he could urinate on the snow to melt it.

And he did: "Man Peed Way out of Avalanche," as one headline put it. "It was hard,"
the plucky Slovak told the local press, "and now my kidneys and liver hurt."

Sorry about the margins; can't fix them....

*backs away from Rita*
Away, vile Temptress!

*ogles from a safe distance*

Vile? You wanna see vile?


Rita.. we're having a late summer this year. It's supposed to be the middle of summer at Christmas time and people were predicting a WHITE Christmas (which I was veeeeery unhappy about). It didn't happen, but it wasn't that warm either (60F tops). On the day, I went with my sister and b-i-l for lunch at his Mum's place. In case it didn't snow, she had bought packets of "fake snow" which my nephews threw all over us and someone took pics of us all sitting in the backyard covered in a light dusting of "snow" - it was really funny until we realised that we couldn't get the stuff off of us, and we had to walk around for the rest of the day looking like we all had major dandruff. Although that was kinda funny too..

*poop check!*

Kaf, it sucks to have cool weather in summer. I'm all for moving to Baja where it's about 70f in the winter.

Now, that's my kind of winter.

We didn't have snow for Christmas either, thank goodness. We've had very little this year.

*looks at sky superstitiously and runs for cover*

*begin haughty*

Tom sent it to me; I didn't bother to verify it.

*/end haughty*

I just thought it was amusing. *sniff* I didn't mean anything by it.

At the moment, Jeff & Higgy as well... being as they are travelling, and as soon as they leave town we skip out on the Moat...

BTW.. you want vile?

try going to google images and typing in "cher+barry manilow". Funny thing is that there is a pic, but when you go to the website link, the picture isn't there.... bizarre? Or just too much for anyone's stomach?

Rita, I think judy/Dave posted that last week. This is the first I heard that it was a hoax.....other than the fact that I found it difficult to believe. I think my post to it was "the only thing this story is missing is the phrase "That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

I believe Lab and C-bol were conducting experiments in which would melt snow faster, piss or beer.

[Takes push broom and begins to clean weasel dropping from choice corner living quarters]

Hi Deon & Sly!!

I believe Jeff posted that one on a Moat a while back... couldn't tell you when or which one.. it was an Ananova story

*Dances with the weasels*

I'm waiting for the real weasel to get back.

You have a point Deon.. why did the guy have to "filter" the beer... why not just pour it straight on the snow.. other than the guy thing, of course.

Marvin.. are you in trouble with your Mom? It looks like you've been given the "full name" treatment!


Stupid email won't let me reply.

All I have to say is this:

Every girl needs a Gay Guy is second only to Every girl needs a Cute Guy IMHO.


[checks self for points]

Er, sorry.

I have a question for those who are Catholics.

Last year during Lent I was having Sunday brunch with a friend of mine who had given up chocolate during Lent. She chose chocolate mousse for dessert. I asked if she had quit going no chocolate for Lent and she said "It's Sunday."

I still didn't get it, and she pointed out that whatever you give up for Lent, you can have on Sundays. That's because when counting the 40 days between Ash Wednesay and Easter, you don't count Sundays, so self-sacrifice doesn't count on Sundays.

She said when she was young her parents gave up beer for Lent, but got drunk every Sunday from all the beer they drank to make up for it.

As far as loopholes go, that one sounds loopy to me.

Anyway, being raised Methodist, we didn't really give up anything; mainly because being Methodist, supposedly there wasn't anything left to give up.

My question to the Catholics on the blog, is this your experience, or was the "Only on Sundays During Lent" thing just her family's loophole?

Come to think of it, I don't think you could drink 30 ltrs of beer in that short a time frame and not end up with alcohol poisoning. But then, I'm not much of an RL drinker

Sly, I was raised Methodist, still am Methodist, so I know your question wasn't directed at me. But a lot of people in my current church do sacrifice something for Lent. From all I have ever understood, Lent is the entire period from Ash Wednesday until Easter.

rit - come to su.so.ca. where when it gets down to 60F, all we talk about is how cold it is:)

that would be rita -

40 seconds to load!

sly - I've heard people do it both ways, ie, give up all the way through the week, or splurge on Sundays.

that would be rita -

40 seconds to load!

*raised Anglican and Methodist*

I did Lent as an Anglican. There are no loopholes that I am aware of. You give up whatever it is, Sundays included. You might want to check with a priest or bishop or something, but I think your friend's parents simply couldn't face a new week sober. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I understand completely, but it's not in the rules.

Lent is 40 days... there's something symbolic about it, but I can't remember what it is. It's probably something reaaally obvious that I should remember, but I'm having a brain fart right now.

the 40 days helps people remember Jesus' 40 days of fasting and temptation in the wilderness

Thanks neo... see I told you it was really obvious. Lent shouldn't have started quite yet though... Ascension Sunday is 6 wks from this coming weekend... I know this because my family have a lot of birthdays in March and I have it sorted mentally. I count from Valentines Day onward, because it's easier that way. For me anyway.

Here is one site with a little info.

Here is another.

Lab's site directly answers the question better I think.

Here is one site with a little info.

Here is another.

Lab's site directly answers the question better I think.

Thanks Lab...

Y'know, I've never asked a Fransiscan anything before. Not even directions.


1.I was wrong (and yes, I sometimes admit when I'm wrong) and

2. I've learned enough for one day.

Somebody break out some booger jokes? :)

ok... I'm heading for work... don't lose any Moaties.. and don't go back from whence you came, or I'll never find you!!

Lent is right on schedule, Kaf. *smile* It's 40 days before Easter, but doesn't count Sundays. So, find Easter, go back six Sundays, and Ash Wednesday is the Wednesday before that.

Easter, by the way, is the first Sunday after the first full moon that falls after (or on) March 21st. Sort of. It's actually based on the "ecclesiastical" full moon, which is 14 days after the new moon.

But nobody really agrees on all of this. *grin*

*I've always had a paritcular fascination with all things calendar related*

Sunday's do not count in the "40 days" of lent. lent starts today ash Wed. As far as keeping lent on Sundays or not I guess that is up to the person. I am a Presbyterian, but attended a Catholic church during college because it was the only church I could walk to. Some of my Catholic friends kept the fast on Sunday's and some didn't.

IMO- If you are giving something up or fasting then you need to do it because it means something to you, not because the "church" sets up some rules. If going without chocolate for 40 days reminds you of the sacrafice of Christ (hugh difference) then go or it. Otherwise what is the point?

And for anyone who doesn't believe then Please disregard the above post.

Neo, you weren't wrong. At least, I don't see it that way.

A booger walks... er... slimes into a bar. The bartender says, "Hey, we don't server boogers in here." One patron over-hears the comment while eating raw oysters, and tosses her cookies. This starts a chain reaction of lunches being returned to the table tops. The bartender says, "I'm not cleaning up this mess!"

*tries hard to disregard Mad's post, but accidentally disregards his mouth and ends up spilling coffee all over his shirt*

Okay, I'm a believer.

Neo: Good news on Lexy, our grand daughter. The swelling in her lymph node is caused by an infection that she's fighting and it will go away all on its own.

*does the happy dance, which is almost, but not quite, completely unline the weasel war dance*

unline = unlike

Although one would not normally be happy about an infection, I can see why you are in this case, Lab. That's great...

Gawd I can't begin to catch up. There are some prolific posters around these parts.

So joshkr is going to college?!? What school? What are you studying? Are you also working full time?

Was there supposed to be a pic of neo's shorn but still beautiful daughter on the Y site? If so, I can't find it. But I did find a photo of Marvin I hadn't seen before, along with the Tamara pix. Cute! And remarkably human looking for an android.

Speaking of Tamara. I don't think she's lurking. She would have showed up long ago if so--she's not the shy type. Somebody should invite her--she certainly seems to have time on her hands. As does julietine. I also like Debbie on the MB. Her posts make me spew my coffee on a regular basis.

I am sooo way behind on work it's scary. Later!

*sings off key, way off key*

sly --

I'm Catholic, and I never heard of that practice. If anything, Sunday is supposed to be the Lord's day, meaning that if there were a time NOT to splurge, that would be it, so I don't particularly like that idea.

I also have no idea where the whole "giving something up for Lent" thing came from, either. If the idea is to enhance your spiritual connections, focusing on which material things to keep and which to give up isn't going to get you there, IMO. Whatever happened to reading the Bible and praying?

Now if only I could get over this darned flu...

Raised Catholic *TWITCH!*

I think that all we ever did was stay away from meat on Fridays during Lent. But fish was Ok. Because the church said so. Even though it is meat. I agree with Mad... if you're going to give something up, do it for a good reason, not because it's another one of your church's rules. If you totally gorge yourself on booze or chocolate or whatever every Sunday after abstaining all week, it seems a bit hypocritical to me.

*Spews subway @ Bangi's post*

*envisions Bangi with red curls

FWIW - In Sunday School we were taught to give up something 'important' to us for Lent to try and understand what it was like for Jesus' 40 days of Tempation & Fasting... of course, giving up candy for 40 days really is no comparison, but it got the point across to our elementary school selves.

The Last Supper is Passover Seder.

Just wanted to throw something in here.

Carry on.

The bloglittle and I just had a great lunch with the Meyersons!!! Jeff and Jackie are as cool as can be. Very friendly people. Now they're on their way to North Carolina where they'll stay overnight, and will then go see Susan tomorrow!

There's a pic in the "more bloglits" folder.

Don't worry, we didn't talk about any of you...
too much...


Great picture, Leetie!

I love the symbolism of the head in the background.

(It's what this place is full of.)

Ooh! Marvin posted another pic! And you can see a little bit more of his face!

Um... Hello?

Where am I?

Back from my lunch...the rain was actually a good thing, as it cut down on the static electricity I have been dealing with.

Leetie, glad to hear lunch went well.

I get to have lunch with Jeff and Jackie tomorrow. Woo!

Lee - where'd you go?

*living vicariously through MOATsters*

Leetie - there was a head in the background??

*unpacks Jello Slip 'n Slide™*

So, new digs?

Welcome Di. Glad you came. Hope you'll like it here. This is the MOAT - Mother Of All Threads

*still pondering what it will be named*

Question - has anyone heard from Tamara yet???

Hi, Di. You're in the MOAT. Have a MOATarita and just relax.

Wow.... Nice place! Now I know why I'm alone sometimes for so long on the main threads, and here I thought it was due to the ashes on my forehead! Phew!

Thanks for the invite.

"I know I'm gonna like it here
Used to room in a tomb
Where i'd sit and freeze
Get me now, holy cow
Could someone pinch me please?"

Thanks neophyte... Mmmmm... yummy.

Excuse my ignorance to the rules of blogging, but is this what you guys always do? Start a MOAT?

BTW, I think it's super KEWL!

*psssst Lee - I saw the bull!!!!*


I love Cool River. Living on the other side of town makes it hard to get there tho. Like I have all this time to go out.


I need a life.

On the plus side, my kid is going to Lubbock for a whole week without us. We were supposed to use that week to look for a new casa but we turned in an Ap last night and are waiting to hear back. If that is affirmative, then we have a whole week sans-kid and nothing to do. *innocent look* Whatever WILL we do????

(and I promise I'm not as bad a parent as that sounds!!! :oI )

*wondering where all the Annie references are coming from today*

Di, the MOAT has been around in various incarnations since last April. When the thread gets too long to load, we find new digs. The only real rule is that we don't mention the MOAT out on the main blog.

Di wrote:
Excuse my ignorance to the rules of blogging, but is this what you guys always do? Start a MOAT?

Not so much START a MOAT as it we CONTINUE the MOAT.

You see, the MOAT has no beginning and no end. Only when you can contemplate on the very MOATness of the MOAT, will you begin to understand it.

Oh by the way, to everyone else:


I'll try to deblurk myself more. We're still waiting for my uncle to pass, and it is a very depressing time in Cincinnati right now. Rain, death all over (one of my previous co-workers, one of my current co-worker's relatives, and soon my uncle).

For the record though..............booger.

My last post went away. Darn.

But now I remember what I was going to post, unlike last time, which was a 'hey, I read through 5 days worth of old MOAT and the new MOAT and I've forgotten what I wanted to say!' type post.

Re: Lent. I'm Orthodox, so our Great Lent (as opposed to "Christmas Lent", or Advent) is hardcore. We're supposed to give up meat and dairy products for the 40-day period. (Same goes for Advent.) There's a 3-week period leading into Lent called "Triodion" which sort of eases you into it. There's a fast-free week, followed by a regular fast week (we're expected to fast from meat/dairy every Wed. and Fri.- Wed. in memory of Christ's betrayal, and Fri. in memory of His death), followed by a meat-free week (starting with "Meat-fare Sunday"), after which Lent itself starts.

Personally I'm going to try to stay away from meat this Lent. I have trouble going vegan, since I have longstanding problems with anemia, but I feel I owe it to myself to make an effort. I say that every year, of course, but the fact that I won't be living with my parents for once will make it easier. My mom believes that going without meat will kill you, I think...

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