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December 26, 2004


A tasty dish, AND a good name for a rock band.


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Mmm. Squidy pork.

Thanks Nostradamus...we should all contribute..it is a great tragedy...specially during this time of the year...

Dave, the tsunami hit Phuket (pronounced Fock it)and the island of Pi Pi (pronounced pee pee)and cocaine riddled singer from Three Dog Night is singing about a bull frog named Jeremiah. Or something man.

Key Quote: "It is recommended you not eat your bowl of rice too soon."

Oh. Okay. I'll remember that. I only ate the rice first so I'd be too full to eat the REST of this stuff!

(to the tune of 'Love and Marriage')

Chongjin Shikdang
Chongjin Shikdang
Gives your squiddy pork a real garlic tang!
From the farm or ocean,
Porky squid's a real odd notion !

Thanks again, Cosa, but please don't get spammy here.

A couple of really choice quotes that I can't believe haven't been quoted yet.

"The seemingly odd-sounding combination, however, will quickly dispel your reasonable prejudice once in your mouth."

"feel the combination of tender, sweet-tasting meat and spicy chewy squid, and forget everything. You are now in a heaven of lower-class gourmets."

My favorite dish in my favorite restaurant is sashimi bibimbap which for you knuckle-draggin' snuff-dippin' types is hunks of raw fish on top of korean "mixed rice" served with a hot pepper sauce. I have eaten pulgogi many times (even made it at home) and have ordered the octopus in red pepper twice. But never at the same time. I have a reasonable prejudice.

oh. and uh...



That name for an RB was sorta pre-empted by a good little country band up in Illinois - Pork and the Havana Ducks.

"heaven of lower-class gourmets" wbagnfar album

sqork? is not kosher. so, i guess i can avoid it. but not in chinese restaurants. how about poquid? nah. pass the dancing soy sauce bottles.

"oijingobokkum" is Korean for 'Colonblow.'

just skimming here, and a bit confused.

Which LOTR character was that again?

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