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December 29, 2004


Bacon's Information, a media research company for public relations and corporate communications professionals, has assigned three editors to monitor the blogosphere. In January, subscribers of Bacon's MediaSource service will receive background information and updates on the 250 "most reputable" Weblogs covering technology, politics, business, travel, and religion. Although Bacon's hasn't released its list of preferred blogs, publisher Ruth McFarland told MediaPost.com that the Silicon Valley Watcher, Wonkette, and humor columnist Dave Barry's blog will be spot-checked by her editorial team.

E-Media Tidbits

Reputable? Reputable??

(Thanks to Cyndi Schoenbrun)


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Sorry, I meant refutabel.


And I hope they watch while I do this.

*Does a backward 3 and 1/2 twist into the Moat*

(And if they were watching they would know I have a small harry mole on my Bum.)

Damn Harry Moles, they're always following me around. I mean why are Moles attracted to bums anyways?


first again. uh-oh.

We've achieved respectability!

But is that a good thing??????

At FIRST I thought so, but on SECOND thought, maybe not...

wow...so let me get this...these editors will get paid to read this blog???...damn I want that job!...and I do not know about you guys but we might be a lot of things but reputable!...I think not!

I ah, er, sort of do get paid to read this blog.

"Bacon's Information, a media research company for public relations and corporate communications professionals, has assigned three editors..."

I'll bet this is wild bunch. I wonder if they will blurk only or will be overcome with the temptation to make booger jokes.


I strenuously dis-resemble this characterization! Terrorist bastards are trying to lure Dave and the Bloggers into respectibility...

Nonsense? Irrefutable!
Juvenile? It's indisputable!
Irreverence? Oh Yes!
With that we've been blessed
but I gainsay the charge of reputable!

Reputable? Isn't that, like, libel or something?

Any lawyers on the blog? Can we sue?

Sort of puts the pressure on Dave to keep the blog going next year. Don't worry Dave the comments will do you proud.

1 : enjoying good repute : held in esteem
2 : employed widely or sanctioned by good writers

Well I guess so.

maybe they meant repugnant?

or Repunzel even?

Cuz Repunzel I can believe.

Aw, jeez. Does this mean we posters now have to be funny or witty or at least interesting?

I can't stand the pressure!

Look out Tristans gonna Blow!!


Maybe they've all got their (not there) ****'s up there a****es!

*sets out a few bubbling beakers to tempt the editors into the lab*

Ok don't worry I'll take care of these guys.




Well, hell yeah they're reputable ... I, for one, rely on wonkette for all my "political" news ... plus I learn at least one new curse word a day from Ms. Cox ... and well, of course Dave Barry's blog is reputable ... we're like the Funk & Wagner of current events. They should feature this blog on 20/20 or Oprah or something ... at least an honorable mention on the Daily Show!!

yes Higgy, most certainly reprimandible.

*gets out mirror and checks hair and make-up*

I hate being watched when I'm not aware of it.

*discreet underwear adjustment*

We're Bein' Tracked

He blogged today and we hung around
And partied here, every night
And when we have nothing better to do
We say things that aren't very nice

This blog is being tracked and we're gonna be in trouble
(Hey-la-day-la the blog's bein' tracked)
Now that Bacon's watchin' the sick jokes are gonna double
(Hey-la-day-la the blog's bein' tracked)
Dave's been posting links unbelievable but true
(Hey-la-day-la the blog's bein' tracked)
But look out now cause they're trackin' me and you

(Hey-la-day-la we're bein' tracked)
(Bacon knows that we been jokin')
(Prob'ly wonders what we been tokin')

We've been postin' here for such a long time
(Hey-la-day-la we're bein' tracked)
Now Bacon's finally gettin' hip to our mad rhyme
(Hey-la-day-la we're bein' tracked)
They're gonna be sorry if they hang here long
(Hey-la-day-la we're bein' tracked)
Cause the need to read this blog can be awful strong
(Hey-la-day-la we're bein' tracked)

(Hey, can you hear the lambs a bleatin'!)
(Don't ask, you know what's bein' beaten!)

(What makes them think they're immune to our cries?)
(Wah-ooo, wah-ooo)
We're a big blog now but it's not just about our size
(Wah-ooo, wait and see)

Bacon's here because we've earned a reputation
(Hey-la-day-la we're bein' tracked)
For hanging 'round the blog on a permanent vacation
(Hey-la, hey-la, we're bein' tracked)

Yeah, we're bein' tracked
(La-day-la, hope we don't get sacked)
Look out now, yeah, we're bein' tracked
(La-day-la, our humor is cracked)
We could see him comin'
(La-day-la, we're bein' tracked)
Can he tell we're only funnin'
(La-day-la, we're bein' tracked)
Alright now
(La-day-la, we're bein' tracked)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(La-day-la, we're bein' tracked)
Bacon's gonna track now
(La-day-la, we're bein' tracked)


Know he's gonna set up camp 'round here
(La-day-la, we're bein' tracked)
Hope he doesn't try to take our beer...

punky - I get my news too from wonkette and the Daily Show - have you ever check out "low culture" - lots of pictures and it's pretty funny sometimes -

Apologies to Sir Elton and Cbol, but I couldn't help myself.

Tiny Bloglits

Bacon's Ruthie baby, Is on to us Crazies, Or is she out to get our main man
We're Always Red-eyed, TalkinLike A Pirate makes us smile, who farted?(l33t?) someone turn on the fan
Have you seen my weiner?, you must have seen "There's Something About Mary" to understand
But now she’s found us, always gonna be around us, tiny bloglits in her hand

Dave Barry freaks to the wind we are three sheets
Playing BangSchwackets for the crowd
We're not smoking crack we just love to laugh
Although the votes are still out we got a hanging chad

For Blogging glory Dave N Judi give us a newz story
From the Herald Headquarters
Looking on she spots a few of us in penguin thongs
The horror shes never known, she tries to scream but it doesn't come

Butt butter oh how it feels so surreal
Lying here in a hammock drinking beer
Only you and you and you and you and now her can hear me
When I say slobbery, slurrily

Hold me closer tiny bloglits
Counting coconuts makes me dizzy
Lay me down in Jello pudding
Would you say we've had a reputable day today?

And once she finds us, she ain't gonna wanna leave us, tiny bloglits who hang with The Dave


*sniffs at Mad's beakers* Oooh, purply...

Sorry, it was a tough call, but I know I had to break it to this blog crew that somehow the outside world thinks squid, performance enhancers (well, this blog's type, anyway) and Judi's never ending quest to, er, expose us to good "art" (or Art) are all reputable. However after coming across the news about Brittney, Paris, et.al. (even after extreme avoidance tactics) it may make sense that this blog is onsidered "reputable". Maybe they really meant "opinionated?"

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