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December 27, 2004


They need this

(Click "next" a couple of times until you see "urilift" on the left, then click it).

(Thanks to Nevan C Hanumara)


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An outdoor, enclosed urinal?

To Quote Randy Newman: "I don't think I'm getting, what everyone's getting..."

James is Number One. I guess that makes my post.... Number Two. UriLift won't help with that, will it?

Please God, I hope not...

*wonders what the ladies are suppose to do*

Fly- Grin and bare it??

LOL, nevermind. They are also the proud makers of the "Urigenic" which is more appropriate for both genders.

Mr. Fishair... I was picturing something more along the lines of a desperate female just straddling the uri and praying for the best.

This is a terrific idea that since it IS so good will never, ahem, fly in the States.

Other countries are more sensitive to the needs of people on the, er, go.

Here, we expect folks to buy a cup of coffee or soda that they don't want for the priviledge of using facilities that are "For Customers Only."


The amazing thing is, Dave gets paid for this! Way ta go, Barry!!! Please write a how-to book! I'm SICK of workin'!



All I can think of is how terrifying it would be to be using the facility when some joker hits the remote and "flushes" you down into the ground....

and this is different from a hole in the ground outhouse in what way? huh. vell, ve vas yust ridink de urigenic, und....whooopsie...

Talk about unwiedly web design!

This design reminds me of a slang expression from ages past; I have to leave youse guys, I've got to go to the "can!" (interpretation; "Please excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom, now!")
The shape of the urinal LOOKS A LOT LIKE A CAN.

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