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December 26, 2004


...and boy are we sorry.


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I plan to enjoy myself between now and April...

So, is a "rogue" asteroid an "asteroid on the edge" and that "plays by its own rules" or something?


Let's see, 21 years, 3 months and 13 days from today and a 1.6% chance of colliding with earth as we cross paths at that time. Can you really trust a "rogue?" If the "rogue" only knew how polluted the air was down here by that time, he would stay away. (Of course, I referred to the asteroid as a "he") Is he "rock" or is he "iron?" Maybe Ken Jennings probably knows. I've known a lot of "asteroids" in my time, but most of them were made out of "snips" and "snails" and "puppy dag tails." That's what most asteroids were made of in my day. (but not all boys were included in the asteroid catagory)

Perhaps 2004 MN4 is just another way to say Y2K. Happy BOO Year!

I think that George should send in the intergalactic missiles right now and not wait for April 13th, 2026 to launch an attack against the "rogue" asteroid!

Welcome back, Dave. Thank God. Now I can start reading this again.

A 1.6% chance of hitting Earth in a couple of decades makes this a "4" out of a possible 10 on the threat meter? Interesting...

No commet.

if im 34 when the astoriod comes would it kill me

April 13, 2029; I should be in advanced stages of Alzheimer's by then, so....


....what was the question?

Hey Dave, I've got tomorrow off, but after...I'm not likely to check in 'til the New Year. In the meantime and all through:

Best Wishes and also Well Wishes with Your hiatus!! Take Care, Good Sir...heh heh..."skinny legs and all"! :-)

judi, may the grace of all be with you in the Barrying of his Heraldic sunset! ;-)

Oh, and slyeyes, at my age then...I won't be worrying about getting my taxes done ;-)

Gregg: President of the He-man woman-haters club? Or just a pissy whiner?

Cheerful quote of the day:

"Mr Floyd said between now and 2079 there were at least 38 potentially hazardous close encounters."

Happy New Year's!

Yo! bodazhang, your post is like dessicated flypaper! Not that you care....

Where's the tequila to get me through the next sunrise?!

At the last, Dear Bloglits, it's nice to see the great god NAVA has html-waylaid "bo"'s commercial see :-)

Oh Uh, which is why I can only lay and said elsewhere, a sword-dropped furrow for seedlings et al...There's always something wicked this way comes...no rest for me....

"Here I go again!..." :-)

Hee Hee Ha Ha Ho Ho! Nothin' like catching a moment that does not last! :-)

My last post apparently has no regard for the Spam-dissing capabilities of DB's Blog! Hmmm, looks like I stepped into a long-farting something that now is no longer there!

OhMyGod! I look crazy, but I'm not....

"Even if it turns out to be a near miss, Mr Floyd said between now and 2079 there were at least 38 potentially hazardous close encounters."

If Mr. Floyd said those exact words then I think he's fixed the wayback machine.

It's very simple. We grab a rocket, strap Bill O'Reilly and Michael Moore on the front to act as ballast, and fire it at the asteroid.

And after that, we can go about destroying the asteroid.

Woo Hoo! Time to start charging those credit cards back up!

Oh, and, Welcome Back Dave!

Thanks for coming back Dave. We were all worried what Judy was going to do with Six Geese a Layin.

Welcome back, Dave! Sorry about the 'roid.

happy noo year dave.... and i guess this all means we should be stocking up on duct tape and whatnot. maybe we should ask tom ridge before he leaves office....

Should we go ahead and throw our lawn furniture in the pool now, or wait a bit?
Thx, bbxl

Let's see, 38 events, estimate each at least a 1.6% probablility of impact for each, and you realize there's a good chance a statistician could do something with those numbers...

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