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December 28, 2004

WANTED~info on removing ink from dryer! before wife kills me !!!!!!!!

hi, i know , i know... your supposed to EMPTY YOUR POCKETS before using the washer and dryer! but hey. i'm a guy! i really need a solution that will get this ink out, and please don't tell me hairspray i tried, it only took a little off, ive tried mr. cleans magic sponge , wd40 household cleaners, ive tried yelling at the stains , nothing!i'm like a mad scientist in that dryer!my wife has
had it up to here with me, [ pointing to forehead], any and all suggetions will be greatly appreciated!!



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I use acetone. You can buy it at any hardware store.

see, mike ,somewhere in bodazhang's 800 websites is the information you need!
(i realize the spam police will erase that message and make it look like I'm responding to something that wasn't there ,but that could be true for all of this)

uh, bodazhang? What's all that?

Mike: Try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I'm told they work, too, and not so nasty as acetone.

OOPS! Multi-Purpose Remover is the fast-working paint and project cleanup essential. Removes dried latex paint, tar, ballpoint pen ink, permanent marker, gum, adhesive residue, oil, grease, lipstick and much more. OOPS! can be used on carpet, vinyl, wood paneling, woodwork, furniture, shoes, metal and glass surfaces, Formica® and more. Properly used, OOPS! Multi-Purpose Remover has little or no effect on oil-based paints, varnishes, lacquers and shellacs.

mike, I'm with Joe, acetone will do it. Just don't get any on anything you want to keep. (paint, varnish, plastic, the wife, etc.) You could try nail polish remover, but it's not very manly.

Mike, try flowers and a nice seafood dinner. Start doing all the laundry so she never finds out. But don't screw up again, or she probably will. Dude, you're hosed. I hope you live in a no-fault divorce state.

ONION JUICE...cut onion..rub it on the stains.
of course..if the stain is REALLY BIG AND DEEP, u'll need alotta onions.
replace all clothes
take her shopping ( throw in dinner...not at the clothes...i mean, go have dinner with ur wife)

sears must be having a sale on dryers....

I would forget about the stains and call the divorce lawyer right away!

Whatever you do, do NOT put the inky clothing in the dryer, because that will set the ink forever. Try nail polish remover, or Lestoil (pine-based floor cleaner, which smells awful, but does get oily stuff out.)

1. Buy new clothing.
2. buy new dryer.
3. Buy yourself something nice for having worked it out so well.

P.S. Acetone is very explosive. Never use it in an enclosed space.

Do what Cosa said, and if it doesn't come out the first time, DO NOT put whatever it is in the dryer because the heat will set the stain, just keep rubbing it in and letting the stuff dry. You can get it for 88 cents at Walmart.

Paint thinner, available at any hardware store.

I also thought of OOPS! but for an ink stain, I'd try paint thinner first. Paint thinner is also a lot cheaper.

WARNING! If that's a GAS dryer, don't put anything flammable in it!

Now, if the ink is only inside the drum and you can't get it off, why not just leave it? It shouldn't come off on anything if you can't get it out with "heroic efforts".


It was a SQUID!!!

All this time, I thought he was just happy to see me.

How's lil Fish?

What I want to know is,

What the hell was Mike (not Weasel) doing with a Squid in his pocket anyhow???

I'm afraid the others are right: you're hosed. But reassure the wife that the ink will not come off onto clothes put into the dryer and, eventually, the ink stains go away. I know this from experience (I have a husband who never checks his pockets, either). Abject humility and flowers are probably the most practical way to handle the situation. If you act like she'd be perfectly right in running you over with the car a couple of times, she'll probably be caught off guard and be less upset. Half the aggravation in these situations is caused by the man's attitude of "what's the big deal?" If you avoid that, I'm betting she'll let you live. Good luck!

He's Great!

His eating habits are quite tiresome right now and are proportional to the amount of sleep he gets afterwards. For example, If he eats 1 oz. he will then sleep for 1 hour, 2oz., 2 hours etc.

Two nights ago he actually sleep for 5 straight hours without eating that much, but we were both so used to his waking up that we couldn't sleep.

Did I also mention that he's stubborn, like his mother? Yeah, well he is. And he certainly didn't get it from me. No siree, cuz if there's one thing I'm not, it's Stubby.

So, how grows TLBB??

Okay Mike, here's the deal. You're a guy. Do what most guys would do:

Go to the local dryer repair shop and see if you can buy a new dryer drum. Then send your wife off to a nice afternoon with the girls. Remove the old drum and put the new one in.

The worst case scenerio is that the dryer no longer works and you can just blame the shoddy workmanship of todays products. Best case scenerio is that everything works fine and you've managed to "remove" the stains.

*stands up dizzy and wet*
Please don't try putting me in the washer Mike I do NOT get out ink stains. Thank you

*walks off ringing out shirt and labcoat.*

Dude, either act completely confused when the subject comes up, or, if you've used that one up, fake your death.

Try Liquid Plumr and "The Works", but in a well ventilated area.


Well ... look on the brightside ... better ink than, oh, say ...

- lipstick

- another woman's panties

- a used condom

- a dead rat

- a Celine Dion / Barry Manillow compilation CD

- gum

- your paycheck

See ... don't you feel much better now?

p.s. Home Depot is having a sale on dryers ... I suggest you pick one up.

sounds like throwing enough cash at the problem will take care of it - along with that "I'm a bad little boy" look that you men are so good at!!!

All of those are good ideas... however, I would have to go with the "Leave It" option... My dryer drum at home is currently tie-dyed blue from a rogue pen my husband left in his pocket... hasn't harmed anything.

Of course, my white button down shirt that got washed WITH the pen is another issue, but he has since purchased enough shirts to make up for the sacrifice of that one....

Just so everyone knows, even though this guy is named Mike and makes reference to a "mad scientist," it is NOT me. I never get ink stains on my clothes. *cough cough*

Mike? Are you still scrubbing?


Forget the ink stains. Plan on replacing the clothes or your wife. If you decide to go with a new wife, Google "mail order bride." That should do you.

Just looking out for you, Pal.

Dawn Power Dissolver (for cleaning burned on food from pots and pans) worked great. You have to soak it for 15 minutes and soft scrub the residue that is left but my dryer is completely clean in just an hour (and there wasn't a section not splattered in ink).

I used the Mr. Clean magic erasers and about 30 minutes later, restored the dryer back to it's orginal pure white finish.

Still going to get my fiance some roses though!

i just found out that my dryer was full of ink stain!! oh boy...
thanks for this web site and everyone's comments.

Thanks to all that had useful comments on how to remove the ink stains from inside the dryer. I've just botched my moms! She'll appreciate it.


My sister tells me that rubbing alcohol, a fine scrub pad and a lot of elbow grease took the ink out of her dryer.

I left a (*^$#^ pen in my jeans pocket. It wasn't the first time....

I tried the magic eraser--GREAT product--but it took a LOT of elbow grease and did not completely do the job. Next I used Dawn Power Disolver--it REALLY worked! Good advice!

Just messed the landlords dryer, pen went through the was and the dry. The drum is crasy blue. Wifey went out for 99% alcohal and magic erasers. I tried everything whiel she was gone and nail polish remover worked best. She has now left again to get more.

The Dawn Power Disolver is the bomb. That did the job.

Thanks for the info.

Dawn Power Resolver blasted through 90% of the ink as if it were water color paint. Stop reading this thread and go get it NOW!

I am one of the smart guys that left a blue ink pen in my pocket...i tried the acetone...worked great! thanks to those of you that recommended it!

ISn't anyone afraid of putting flammable lighids (aka nail polish remover) in the dryer?

My wife wanted the dryer cleaned before the stores opened after - yours must be patient.

Stop thinking like girls and use car products! Clear coat polish works fine, in less than an hour. To polish if you are really lazy, put clean car towels in the dryer on NO HEAT, unless you want to burn the house down. Polish final residue off and your done in 1 hour or less. (And the dryer looks better to boot.)

Try using very fine sandpaper!!!!!! It works.

We had LOTS of ink stains in our dryer, and the only thing that seemed to take some of it out was our clothes. We tried Mr Clean and Goof-Off and lots of other things, and they worked a little, but I thought nothing would really clean it since the ink seemed baked in. I then tried Lestoil, and it easily took all of the ink stains out.

My dryer was a mess. I had blue ink all over it. It looked ruined. I have an electric dryer and I used astone. After I was done, I took a bucket of hot soapy water and washed out the dryer real good. (I was worried about fire) I then dryed it. It work like a charm. No scrubing done in 5-10 minutes. THANKS for those of you who suggested it.

may 15 the year of our lord, 2007. Washed and dryed my favorite ball point pen. Used finger nail polish remover or should I say smeared ink in a dryer remover... Little cutex and cotton balls, works like a charm. Just starting to come down off the fumes though, you might want to time it out so you dont get all cheechy. That stuff's got legs.

Dawn Power Disolver is amazing, just wear gloves!!! It really burns if it gets on your skin / finger nail tips =( ouch!

It did an amazing job getting off a sharpie that went through the dryer.

As I have serious reactions to chemical exposure, it is difficult to find something that works. I used some comet and one of those green scrub pads. It didn't get the drum sparkly white again but if anyone gives the interior of the dryer the white glove test, they're likely to get thrown out of my house anyway.

Towels soaked in bleach and water, dry on low for 15-30 min to get stains out without elbow grease. See http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf430784.tip.html for many testimonials.

My husband got ink in the dryer. He tried wd-40 with no luck. I told him I would look it up on the computer. Before I even got to the suggestions he tried "simple green" after getting the dryer warm and it took it right off with no elbo grease to speak of. Who would of thought.

This morning like usual I put my kids jackets in the dryer for a quick fluff with a dryer sheet. I heard a banging, but figured it for a zipper. We have had this problem before. I assume the whole family should remember, after the last time!!!
But....when we opened the dryer expecting warmth and comfort...all we got was two RUINED jackets:( and a dryer full of blue ink!!! The last time, I used alcohol and got most of it off. This time is a lot worse, so I thought I should look up a sure fire way to get it all off. Thanks for the all the good ideas! I think Ill try the Dawn power dissolver. Thanks BigT

Just a few hours ago I accidentally left a permanent marker in an apron from work and it smeared ALL OVER the dryer. Panicked, I furiously Googled something about permanent markers and dryers.

After reading some advice regarding my dilemma, I decided to use the Dawn Power Dissolver. It was amazing! I sprayed it on, waited fifteen minutes, and then used a t-towel to wipe out the dryer before washing it out with a plain towel and warm water. No elbow grease or scrubbing at all! It worked perfectly. I'm going to keep a spare Dawn Power Dissolver around the house from now on just in case!

I had already tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser-Lots of elbow grease and two hours later I had lightened a third of the mess. I also tried OxyClean-about the same. After reading a bunch of these comments (some of them stupidly saying to by a new dryer-mine is brand new!)I went for a quick trip to WalMart, I couldn't find what sounded the best Dawn Power Disolver, so I bought Simple Green-didn't help at all. Finally I tried the nail polish remover I bought, OH MY GODDNESS! Works like a charm! No elbow grease and ink compeletly gone! Stong fumes are rought, so I'm doing a bit and taking a breather before going back. I do strongly recommend rubber gloves and a fan with a couple windows open. I can't wait to get laundry started again!

I just had this problem today and after scouring the web (okay, and the dryer for like an hour), I found something that worked.

Soak towels in bleach. I used three towels, 1 gallon of water, and a cup of bleach. After 5 minutes, I wrung out the towels, and through them in the dryer on high heat.

30 minutes later, the stains were gone, but the towels were garbage.

I didn't discover the ink in my dryer until the next morning - it was baked into the drum, as well as my clothes. I tried lots of things - Magic Erasers, regular cleaner, WD40, and nothing really worked. So I grabbed some Easy Off oven cleaner, sprayed it in, let it sit for awhile, and wiped off the ink. I had to do it a few times, but it worked. I imagine it works a lot like the Dawn Power Dissolver. Hope this helps someone who doesn' have Dawn on hand.
Just remember to rinse out the dryer when you're done!

I JUST did that tonight; here's the cure:

1. Fill up a bucket of water with 50% Bleach - 50% Water

2. Soak white towels, socks, underwear, etc in the bucket

3. Throw them in your dryer -- set on the High Cycle for 60 minutes

You may have to repeat this process, but be patient, this absolutely works.

FINAL RESULT: Your dryer-drum & laundry will be sparkling clean.

BEWARE: Acetone works quickly, but it's Highly Flammable!!!

I am sorry for your problem.

okay, try this: use and sos pad with pinesol; there is alot of elbow work involved but it works well, without the odor

I just tried the simple green, worked awesome, took the blue ink right off with hardly no scrubbing!


Fingernail polish remover!!!

I got ink in the dryer and thought I was doomed!!! Today someone told me to use DAWN POWER DISSOLVER!!!!! WOW! This works with NO effort. (UNPLUG DRYER) Just spray on, leave for 15-20 min (even on the tough spots), and then WIPE off! Make sure to wipe down again with a wet cloth and let dry before use.

This product can be found near the dish soaps at Wal-Mart!

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