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December 27, 2004


(Thanks to Davie Cooley, and sorry if this is a reblog)


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This should be listed under "Productivity Enhancers" for me! This is the most typing and clicking I've done all day!

Not to be picky, but can I get a virtual chick with better taste in beer?

Thanks judi!
Joshkr may never leave this site.

She didn't do anything but move a little and smile at me - is that becaue I'm not a guy???

why does she keep looking at her wrist?

Wel, she did fetch me a beer. But when I asked her to fetch me a man with a beer, when the guy showed up she kneed him in a sensitive spot.

But I would guess many of the guys here would enjoy the ramparts.

Tell her to strip. It's amusing.

type in "make out" and see what happens. LOL!

Whoa, much better than that chicken...

"run" is one option

After everything I tell her to do she looks confused, so I told her to look confused and she pulled out a Playboy...now I'm confused.

Try "lick your lips"

Jeez! Its just like at the bar! I sit there and nothing happens! And now I'm thirsty, too! (! !)

I find sitting right next to the bathroom door is a great place to meet people.

I put in "lick your lips" and she started making out with furry guy!

She has a nice tattoo...

She's not date worthy, y'all. I typed in "Dave Barry" and she just looked confused.


She won't serve me. Quick - someone ask her "Hey Baby, can I buy you a drink AND perform some mounting behaviors?"

I think this one requires an "unsuitable for the office unless you work for the Osbournes" PS, Jude.

"love" provides more strange action

Ha! Try "fight"


Someone try "Fart!" for me, I can't access it at work.

I must know, for this could very well be the final piece to the puzzle of humanity I've been working on for years.

And it also glows in the dark.

Fishair -

She is confused by that...like just about everything else.

Thanks for trying Miel.

When confronted with farting, I have found that most women react that way. (Yet, Amazingly Not the women of this particularly windy bunch)

Type in "Smack" it gets real strange

"smack your a**" is quite *ahem* enlightening as well.

she'll do a handstand and a cartwheel

try telling her to shower . . .

I told her to Love me a beer and she did. At least she is willing to take care of 50% of my needs.

you people are all perverts!

Did you see her tattoo?

She'll also 'sing' and 'change'. However, she doesn't know much about bartending. I can't get her to bring me anything other than beer, and I'm hungry!

In the interest of science I asked her to show me your t*ts so she did. Science is wonderful.

I guess they don't have all kinds of beer. I asked for some Rolling Rock and she just played air guitar.

You know it's a good site if you have to go home and confess it to the wifester...

Ask for a "Natural Light," gents.

Talk dirty to me works nicely too.

kingw - you are having way too good of a time here - I think you need to get out more....

tell her to kiss you

tell her to kiss you

Oh, gracious. Tell her "let's be friends"

tell her to kiss you

Oh, gracious. Tell her "let's be friends"

"jump around"

Oh, and "bark like a dog" and "yoga" produce the same actions.

Just like in my house.

"think" and "write" are good.

I dared some dirty ones...

"give head" (which is hilarious)
"dirty dance"

I know others tried them too, but were too shy to put them here.

Pillow fight is nice

If you guys haven't yet tried bbxl's suggestion of "run" you are missing out on the BIG fun!

I had previously tried "run around" and got the same thing.


This website doesn't work well on dialup. Boo. I'm missing out on so much, I can tell. :)

lyer (lal)

lyer (lal)

"Lesbian" just makes her wag her finger. Guess there's no hope for me...

I got her phone number.

"kick" is amusing.. we've all been there, eh guys?

Try "give me a hummer" - priceless.

"magic," "kung fu," "phone number," "shoes" ("touch your toes" does the same), "hair," "lollipop," "tongue," "splits," and "muscles" (or "flex") i havent seen posted... or anything that leads to the same results...
and yes, "head" is amusing.
what? having too much fun? of course not.

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