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December 29, 2004


They have hit a new low.

(Thanks to Criminal Rate)


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note to aspiring journalists n' editors:

always spell out "nine-one-one" because "911" is so very confusing.

Oh My!!!

thankfully nobody else was hurt....but what the heck was in that toilet?

I wonder what would have happened if he had added a plunger to the mix. And, I also have to wonder what he did that he had to clean AND unclog the toilet... On second thought, I don't want to know.

I used to have a very industrious lady who worked for me who insisted that she wanted her house really clean and therefore mixed ammonia and Clorox even though they tell you not to do it.

I had to point out that a) mixing them together neutralizes both of them and that b) the by-product is toxic chlorine gas.

It's not like he had that many years left anyway...

I am guilty of this mistake myself . . . not to unclog the toilet but just to clean it. Who knew that if you mixed Clorox and Pine Sol in your toilet bowl you could make WMDs.

Man dead from toilet cleaner - ya....
Officer's knees buckled - OMG!!!

We did that cleaning the kitchen in the restaurant we worked in. We had to evacuate the kitchen for about 10 minutes. Nasty stuff.

Strange they put a warning on a toaster that you shouldn't use it in a tub, but nowhere on the clorox bottle does it say to avoid ammonia. Maybe I slept through that day in chemistry.

COLONBLOW strikes again!!

What a $hitty way to die.

My great dane frequently emits toxic gas. who knew he was chugging clorox and pine sol?

Why would you want to add anything to a product called "The Works"??

And once again, that crazy place five miles from my home makes the national news -- for something I wish the area wasn't remembered for. First OxyContin in Newsweek, and now this...what next?

Glad I don't live there.

So he had time to get the phone and dial, but not enough time to say "I've mixed two cleaning products in my toilet and the toxic fumes are causing me breathing difficulties and I would appreciate some assistance, so if you could, kindly send someone over, please?"

Honestly, some people....

A man from Windber, PA.
Has gone on to heaven today
The free chlorine gas
Knocked him flat on his a**
and caused all the police to sway.

maybe warning labels would register if they didnt get so silly...

Klynn, MY great dane sticks to just PineSol, and her farts smell pine-fresh. Mmmmm.... :)

No not really. But we do bathe her with Murphy's Oil Soap. Really!

Leans, slobbers and zoomies~


A couple of years ago, there was an article in the newspaper about a man that went to sleep in his tiny bedroom. The windows and doors were closed. He had a severe case of gas and emitted mega quantities of Methane during the night which caused him to go into a coma and die, according to the coroner. He must have been lactose intolerant.

Wow Kat, that's both sad and darkly funny. Ah -how humor is born of tragedy.

I've heard that more methane is produced by sheep and termite farts than all human farts on earth. Don't quote me on that however.


So that's why my mother always told me never to pour milk in my butt in a tiny bedroom with the doors and windows closed.

My proctologist told my that the tiny little bacteria creatures in your small intestines eat the milk sugar in your milk because you don't have the proper enzymes to digest it. Then these little creatures pass gas in your intestines and "blow you up," literally unless you can "pass the buck," so to speak!

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