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December 21, 2004


Now they're using Zambonis.

(Thanks to Bjorn from the message board, and James Thompson)


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If this happened where "Disney's Nemo on Ice" was about to appear, then I'm all for it.

Oops, I got bumped. Oh' well I had my 15 seconds of fame.

No! I'm not....

My gawd! I was!

Time Warp again!



I love explosions.

Mebbe if i was picking plexiglass out of my neck...
But I'm NOT.

Also, i'd like to thank Judi for
keeping the blog going for us.
It does my brain good.

Fire AND ice. I like it.

Y'know, if Dave were here, he'd tell us that "The Exploding Zambonis" woule be a . . .

what would Brian Boitano do???

("maybe he'd kick an ass or two..."

...good name for a circus act, Trystan?

I like saying Zamboni.

Zamboni. Zamboni. Zamboni. There, it feels good!

The management of Peterson Arena is probably not too fond of the word right now, though.

Hi ya, D'Art!

Mickersnackin' Jeebly towrs ...

Them spammers is back.

But I notice his list is shorter ... somebody explained something about that ... on another site ... so mebbe he/she/it took the hint? (Nah, not really, but it we gotta put up with that caca la baca, shorter is gooder ...

at least in this instance ...

right Lily?


I meant "more better."

I had a friend named Peterson ... but I did not know (not no) that he had an arena, let alone a Zamboni.

He was a Swede, but not from the Range, so mebbe that's why he never told me.

That, or he thought I'd steal his Zamboni for joyriding around town ...

I don't know if this was the same model, but my zamboni has a "don't blow up" switch.

My zamboni has a red switch
To make it not blow up
My zamboni has a yellow switch
Don't know what that does

Oh I like to ride it every day
And if you ask my WHY I'll say
Cuz my zamboni's the best way
To make the ice rink smooth, ok?

Figure skating too?
Is NOTHING sacred?

Really" Am I going ot have to be the one to say it? Okay, you have all forced my hand.......
Exploding Zambonis wbagnfarb!

Damn! I meant, "Really?" and "to" not "ot." I really have to lay off the hemp candy.


! ! ! ! ! ! !

(I did not know [not no] Oscar Mayer was Italian.)

(Zamboni, that's Italian, right?)


(Never mind.)

Has anyone seen this year's crop of Darwin Award nominees?

A friend just sent them to me ... as good as ever ... the winner is (in the words [sort of] the police officer) ... almost unbelievable (that the guys would admit how it happened).

I dunno how to link it, and I won't try to print it here, but SOME of you know how to send email thru the blog, 'cuz you've done it.

If you can't find them elsewhere, just ask, and I'll fwd them to you.

Well, that wasn't such a long trip.

I found the web page first try, but the list I was sent is the FINALISTS/WINNER, and not just the whole pile of submissions.


I think the switching of posts on the blog is due to the Computer Grinch. And it may just dissuade people from wanting to shout "FIRST!" all the time, because the CG will ensure that they get bumped.

Christobol, I sent Judi a note that we've suffered the loss of your previous posts. She forwarded it on to Nava, so hopefully this issue will get looked at. Soon.

Well. this would be a viable alternative for a lot of arenas seeking to attract fans due to the loss of NHL ticket revenue right now -- three 20 minute periods of nobody doing anything around 15 minutes of excitement waiting for the Zamboni to combust and send shrapnel into the lower level seats.

I'm enjoying thinking about how the quotes from spectators would vary depending upon who was on the ice:
1) Hockey player (picking shrapnel out of his neck): "Been checked harder than that. Let's play around it"
2) Figure skater (picking ice out of neck): Is this going to leave a scar?
3) Broomball Player: I'm going to be in the paper!

Serves them right for playing broom ball.

What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks kind of game is that?

Geez. They'll let just anyone use a perfectly good rink while the hockey strike is on, won't they?

(long time reader, first time commenting)
I live in MN, and broom ball is a big sport here! It's a combo of soccer and hockey played with a rubber ball and brooms-- no skates, just boots on ice.

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