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December 28, 2004


(Thanks to Thad Humphries)


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That's the sequel to "The Flight of the Phoenix," right?

Is the mystery guest behind the curtain at the podium (urinal) number 1, number 2, or number 3?
When I pull the curtain, if you have guessed correctly, the mystery guest will turn on the granite fountain and pi-s in colors, red, white, and blue!

How many urinal pennies get left there?

last line: the best that you can do...
*flagellates self with squid tentacles*

if you get walk into the men's room at the Felix
(that's a restaurant,in Kowloon)
there's a great view in the bathroom at the Felix
the best you can do:give Hong Kong the 'moon'
(no apologies to Chris Cross)

So when they go upscale, do they leave urinal dimes?

It would be more fun just to pee out the window.

Kinda like peeing on an Easter Island statue, or sumpin'.


Yeow! Did anyone else check out the rest of that urinal.net web site? It was strangely hypnotic, and I looked at almost every picture on the site - urinals of every type, all over the world (and in space!). A true "Dave" subject for discussion!


*tapes up rock band posters over the spam, plugs in the lava lamp and lights the incense*

I'll set up the tiki bar over here and the portable green house over there. The caterers can set up at that table in the corner and the band can plug in along the far wall. This is the penthouse suite at a Hilton hotel. Apparently you can get away with anything you want at a Hilton. Paris is NOT invited.

Since this is my party I'll think I'll audition some bands. To be going on with The Dixie Chicks can perform 'Good-bye Earl' to express the blogbabes' dissatifaction with all the asshats in the world.

*gets in the hot tub with Keanu, Brad and Hugh* Now, boys, don't push. I'm sure we can all get along. One of you go and get me a drink.

*whacked out from cold medicine*
*can't stop staring at lava lamp*

*brings popcorn to go with the movie*

Hello, Marvin. Best stay out of the hot tub, love. Did anyone check your ID at the door? I have no intention of corrupting a minor.

I can't open your link all the way but I can see 'stanford.edu/' in the url. You didn't bring anything - scholastic - did you? 'Cause it's not that kind of party.

Hey, Alex, you take Eleanor's Lava lamp? She's gonna be sooo mad at you! hhahahaha, snork! It's wild, though, man, right? Lipso itso prima farngi, right? Hehheheh!

Ooh, more guests! Alex, your pupils are dilated. Are you sure you read the back of that bottle correctly?

Here, Susan, have some slush to go with that popcorn. There's a full movie library here, what shall we watch?

Don't worry, Marvin, I'm keeping an eye on the MOAT but I have a very short attention span and I might do something silly if I have to wait for the MOAT to load. No worries! I'll go back tomorrow when I have some patience.

Hmmmm, what to watch. Nothing new, that would require too much thought.

The alcohol is not doing anything. Odd. I would think with my existing tiredness it would be kicking in.

What sounds good to watch to you? You invited us here after all...

Mockingbird? No no no. I want something weird and mindless. I'm putting in 'Natural Born Killers'. One of my favorites.

We could get stoned (no, wait, I meant happy) and watch Monty Python movies. I haven't done that since college. Or maybe 'Naked Lunch'. Can anyone explain that movie to me because I didn't understand it at all.

Directions? HA!

*can't stop laughing at TKM parody, even though he's finished watching it a few minutes ago*

Hmmm...it seems I may have gotten a "special ingredient" in those pills. I wonder if the FDA knows about this.

I can't explain it to you, never seen it. Or heard of it, I don't think. Monty Python, fun!

Well, Susan, as far as I could figure out the main guy was an exterminator who was injecting his chemicals into himself and then his typewriter turned into a bug that talked to him. After that it got pretty strange.

Ahhh...Monty Python...that brings back memories of the 2-hour parody of Monty Python and the Holy Grail I did in junior high. I sure wish we could've filmed that one.

*adds Naked Lunch to the list of movies I need to see*

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

This blog removes spaces that it seems to feel are unneccasary. If I put in spaces I mean for them to be there and it seems a bit editorial to me to have them summarily removed.

What bit did you, personally, do, Alex?

I am now the Health and Safety committee at my workplace (just me, I'm a one-man committee) and today I inspected the work area of an asshat manager. I got to hand him a report of all the things I found wrong and gave him 30 days to get it fixed. He refused and so we will be wrangling quite a bit in the days to come, because he has to do it, whether he likes it or not and I can make him. For crying out loud, one man has to keep both his feet on the floor at all times in case an unexpected fart tips over his broken chair!

Is this the place all the cool folks hang out?

Wow, are his farts that strong or is the chair that broken?

Well, we have an under-age android who has a mockingbird fixation, Alex is totally whacked on cold medicine, Susan can't get drunk and I'm apparently talking to myself. Is that cool enough for you?

I have no actual knowledge of the fart strength. There was only one bent screw left keeping the top and bottom of the chair together.

Since Joshkr isn't here let's try to find him a real cool birthday present. It's naked Google time!

Sounds great.......I'm attempting a MOAT catch up while finishing my paperwork from work.......

and I think that I've had about 7 too many Mountain Dews.........

Ahhh.....multi-tasking at it's finest!

Hello....is this thing on?

*claps hands*

Hey, what's that buzzing noise?

Didn't you see the t-shirt I got him the other day Peri? hehehehehe.. this one ..if I have to top that (so to speak), it's not gonna be easy!

Is this a new Moat.. or just a weekend sojourn in the urinals?

Heehee. I said I couldn't get drunk..well, I wouldn't say I'm drunk, actually, but I got up a few minutes ago for some ice water. The adult beverages, or the fact I've been up 22 hours on very little sleep, or possibly both working together, saw me and walloped me. I still may not be able to fall asleep, but sitting here and typing is not really going to be an option for very much longer.

Unless I want my toidop ot ad od gklsd l sld kosd oghlsdjf.

And I don't want my typing to turn into that. Makes it very hard to read.

*suddenly feels a little more alert*

*thanks Graz for clapping*

*listening to Radio Susan as we speak*

and Thanks Graz!

*collapses in heap*

No, this is just a party in a toilet. Nice view, though.

A listener!

See? I'm talented. I can be in two places at one time. But I'm heading to a different place now. My bed sounds like a wonderful place to be. And alone is probably, although not ideal, best at this point.

I'm starting to feel a bit twitchy, like I'm falling asleep sitting here. Always a good time to go to sleep. So I shall.

Night all!

Night Susan!!

Sleep well!

Somebody try my link!

Nite, Susan.....good dreams!

Maybe we can fill one of these and give it to him for his Bday.. it's no Britney Spears but I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

I tried the link.....but my sound was turned down.....Muhahhhaa

Mine wasn't. Good grief!

I'm off to bed as well, and I'm taking Graz with me.

(Hush, Graz, I didn't ask for your opinion. Put that paperwork down.)

See y'all tomorrow! Feel free to return to the MOAT now.

Wasn't gonna offer an opinion......

Was just gonna follow ;)

I bookmarked this.. just in case we return for another night of drinking and merriment.. and Joshie gift-finding.. I might still come back and post some of those here.. For bookmarking purposes, I've nicknamed it the Penny MoatCade. If anyone has a better name, I will change my bookmark. See y'all back at the ElectroMoat

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