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December 23, 2004


...is something other than this.

(Thanks to Bob Holt)


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OMG! FIRST!!!!! (That's a first for me!)

"Awash in Rats" WBAGNFARB

Now that that is out of the way....

"Not a creature was stiring
except for the rats
That were hung in the stockings
by the chimney with care...."

Merry Christmas Judi, Dave (where ever you are), and all of my fellow bloglitts!

Jeff Y,
I'd be more interested in checking that the local rat trap/ratsack suppliers had plenty of stock.

i have two white rats that I adopted from my psych department. They were just gonna put them to sleep....poor little rats. They are so cute!! I would want a rat for christmas....does that make me weird?

i think they mean big disgusting garbage eating rats! ewww. feh. i know of one cat who would dispatch them, yuck.

Lil' One, it doesn't make you weird. I've raised about 4 rats. They make great pets. They are clean, quiet, and don't require expensive food.
Of course, when you come home from work and your 7 year old daughter is cradling a dead rat in her arms bawling her eyes out, it is rather odd.

Merry Ho Ho's to everyone one!


you have to be a 'DuPont' and fill out a 114 question form to get a rat? what's next ,preparation courses : So You've Decided To Develop Intestinal Parasites : Do's and Don'ts

The scene at my house would go something like this:

"Honey, why is my Christmas stocking, carefully hung by the chimney with care, wiggling? Wait. Quiet. Why is my stocking squeaking?

"Let me stick my hand in and see what's causing...

"AAAAAaaarrrgh! I'll kill you, you son of..."

Charlotte: Reminds me of an article I read in the paper about a family that went on vacation and left their pets in the care of a neighbor. When they returned, the dog and cat were fine...but the guinea pig had met with an accident and was deceased. Somewhat flustered, the neighbor had (and I am not making this up) put him in a baggie in the freezer. Simply put, the guinea pig was a bit, er, bloody -- and the mom knew her daughter would take one look at the bloody frozen pet and freak out. So she slid him out of the bag and ran him under some warm water to clean him off ...this also thawed him a bit so she could, uh, pose him to look more natural...then (this is the great part) she dried him off with the blow-dryer and fluffed him all up so they could have an 'open casket [shoebox]' funeral.
Children and pets make us do strange things.

hey alanboss !!!


Happy Holiday Season

" ... losing a rat is the hardest thing in the world ... "

Don't you just wonder sometimes, about some peoples' sense of priority ???

That's what rats do,'' said chief rat caretaker and apologist Sabrina Simmons. "They're just being rats.''

Want that for my next job.

"Rat Apologist".

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