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December 27, 2004


...is now officially out of hand.

(Thanks to many people)


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The devil made me do it.

tastes like burnt chicken.

Oh dear. Now I feel bad for having accused my mistress of being the devil's hotpocket.

The Diclaimer is too hilarious!

Hey, two threads ago - wasn't that Cthulu's stir-fry? That oughta be worth something.

I got some leftover turkey that looks like mulch, how 'bout that?

I knew they were the crutch of the Deville.

Not only will they knock you out cold on the linoleum for 5 minutes, but they are also the number one cause of Flatulence related accidents among trailer park residents, and I haven't even mentioned the Gluttony factor. (which I believe is divisible by goats)

And Yeah sure, we've all heard this line before haven't we??

"try the hot pockets, they're breath taking"


You know that anything that causes one to feel NAWSEUS is a sure sign that Eeeeveeel has its hand up the puppeteers butt.

More importantly though could Puppeteers Butt BAGNFACircus Band??

The concept is dizzying, Fish. Evil has its hand up the puppeteer's butt, and the puppeteer controls the puppet, so by controlling the puppeteer you then control the puppet.

One might ask why evil wouldn't just put its hand up the puppet's butt, but that would be a silly question, because it is CLEARLY more evil to put ones hand up the puppeteer's butt, especially when he's not even puppeting! Bwahahahahahahah!

For some reason, the item won't load on my computer - is there a kind soul out there who can describe it???????

It's a hot-pocket with the face of Satan on it, with a long, drawling narrative written by some self-styled humorist.

And one very famous Eeeveeel Puppeteer (you might even say he was Satan's Right HAND man) was none other than Mr. Rogers.

I mean just look at those sweaters. Dead give away.

And if that wasn't enough, little miss mischief Lady Elaine Fairchild went around waving that damn Boomerang, Toomerang, Soomerang, and then something slightly evil would happen.

No doubt it was all becasue of the hand(up the butt) of the hand(up the butt) of the red horned man.

See? Clearly Cbol. Clearly dizzying.
How's the butt?

Too early in the day, I read 'this is a Paypal auction' as 'this is a papal auction'.
(shades of 'The DaVinci Code'!)

My butt hurts for some reason.

I'm eating bran like a madman. Evil may control me, but not without getting messy, dammit.


A bowl of Grape-Nuts a day
Keeps the devil blocking your spray!

Hell hath no fury like a hotpocket. No, wait, it's women have no fury like a hotpocket. No, that's not it. Hotpockets are furious. Dammit! No, it's something else, something to do with hell and fury and maybe hotpockets or peanut butter or something.

Offers Polly leftover holiday blog butter (TM). That should help. I am sure Joshkr will rub it in for you

Satanic Hotpockets wbagnfarb .

or a snack food

'Brought to you by Mephistopheles
Just ask for Satanic Hot Pockets, please'

'Try our new Demonic Egg Roll
Good for the waistline ,but not your soul!!!'

Eleanor, here's the video part of the auction

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