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December 25, 2004


Go somwhere.

(Thanks to the son of the bloggerette)


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Wow, that wasn't worth the ten minutes it took to beat. Is it possible that I'm first too?


If not for the meds, that would have made NO sense ...

Ah come on guys, that was pretty funny in the making fun of the whole genre of these things kinda way.


I think my brother's in Bali - I'm a little concerned -

Bangladesh wins first ever One Day International at home!!!
miracles DO happen on Christmas!!!

I think that was way better than the green room, or the ochre room, or whathever-the-hell-color room it was.

Particularly the artwork.

Your (not you're) a really bad speller, dude.

Check out your last blog statement; Your (?) a really bad speller, dude? WTF?

I thought it was a lot of fun! Loved the music.

I did it! I got the prize! And what a prize it is!!

the reference was a sarcastic comment regarding the tendency of the author of the subject website to misuse the word "your" when he (she?) clearly intended to say "you're." Amongst other misspellings...
I admit it was a tad obtuse.

Do I get a prize for the number of times I banged my head on the keyboard?

Karlota - that'll give you a nasty case of "QWERTYitis" if you're (not your) not careful!

Got the red diamond. Was it worth it? No.

stupid site. and bad grammar.

hehe:)good work!

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