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December 26, 2004


We report; you decide.


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So he thought only ugly people should go to jail? Well, we should all be safe here since we are a very fine looking bunch.

No wonder I have never been able to talk my way out of jail...Damn I am ugly!

mmmmmm... blond haired blue eyed convicts.

judi, pictures?

I'm...too sexy for this cell...

(to the tune of 'Baby, You're a Rich Man'

How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?
Knowing that you'll never go to jail ?
I'm happy that I'm so 'fair'
What are the laws you'd like to break ?
Nothing that wrecks my hair.

Baby's no one's 'b****' ,man
Baby's no one's 'b****',man
No one's going to get me in a jailyard brawl
or give me tattoos !

(way too late for this)

There's a Beverly Hills in Australia?

Um... Neo-Nazism?

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