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December 27, 2004


Now the bastards are using exploding gravy.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Falling off horses and gravy exploding
Trying to stop Uncle Michael from yodeling
Eating poinsettia berries can sting
This is the trouble that Christmas will bring!

So Claire Martin again!...

Some of us would consider these things "accidents."

Others see them as "lawsuits-in-waiting."


Rocking horse gravy? Yumm

Several ppl to go the hospital after accidents with christmas trees?
how nice...to think abt decorations for ur hospital even tho u'r hurt...

When is the CIA going to start paying attention to Claire Martin? I mean, beyond watching her shower?

The war on terrorism would be over in an hour.

Christobol...can u provide a link to ur site?

GASP! u read my mind!
( u'r not telling any1 abt those crazy thoughts in my head...r u?)

Bangi, I won't tell if you won't.

Nie column C-bol. You're (not ur) welcome to put you feet up at my place anytime.

Wow. How come my time travel never works when I'm trying to rig the lottery?

D'art! * copyrights all thoughts*

Christobol-awesome site!
( thankfully Bangladesh was too far away to be flooded...)

Thanks Bangi and Mudstuffin - we didn't get flooded up here in Minnesota, either - and in fact my relatives in Corpus Christi, TX had more snow than us on Christmas day.

Odd that we didn't hear from Claire Martin while Dave was gone...
Just sayin'-

[Eleanor, we're safe,thr were tremors but no water!!!... it sounds terrible to be happy, but...the RELIEF is just so great.]
*sends out prayers to the ones not so lucky*

Bangi - thank goodness! My brother had just left Jakarta the night before the quake and I was relieved too - it's just human nature and nothing to be ashamed of!

The IRA has found a new venue for terriorism. But I think that the British are on to them.

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