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December 20, 2004


(Thanks to John Welch)


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So the Auckland police had been drinking in the car park all day? Good to know.

Police drinking, santas brawling, Mother Christmas in jail.... yup. Australia for sure.

No Somewhere: this time it's New Zealand.

How did my comment get ahead of Christobol's when his was already up there before I posted mine?

Now I'm flashing on Billy Bob as Bad Santa.

'Tis the season to be a drunken d*ckhead in a Santa suit beating the tar out of a few elves in a parking lot...

Presumably, Christobol knew.

Um. does anyone think these megathreads might be putting too much pressure on the Herald's servers? Should we move around more? Just wondering...

That last comment was not for this thread. Ignore please.

Ok I think Dave should allow us to be his guest writers every week in their column...each one of us would write the weekly column with Christobol being the first..so if he bombs we can all just not show up for the gig!..

Okay - this time it was Australia. Anyone notice the link below that asked Was Abraham Lincoln gay? And you republican led bunch thought the Aussies were on your side! Bet that'll get them kicked out of the coalition.

Yes, I noticed that Christobol was a rather attractive guy but I guess since he didn't pose 1/2 naked, Judi didn't post his pic onto the blog. Of course should he care to pose 1/2 naked than she may reconsider...

we nominate christobol for blogger in dave's absense!! and nice to meet you mate...he is a looker. now, go out and find those besotten santas.


--- This is NOT spam. This is NOT spam ---

--- Only 11 More Days Left to Sign the Card! ---

With apologies to those that have already contributed:

We are putting together a farewell-from-weekly-column-writing card for Dave, and we are trying to get everyone to sign it by the end of December.

Please ensure you have signed the card soon - click this link to find out how.

*** That is all. That is all. ***

Okay, this isn't funny anymore. (Well, maybe a little.) I can't help but notice that C-Bol's posts seem to be missing. Is something wierd (Okay, wierder) going on with the blog? Or is my computer just refusing to see his posts?

No, I've noticed it too.

C'bol appears to be missing ...

Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice.

All Sing:

"Santa got run over by his Jim Beam
Walking home to his house Christmas Eve
You may say there's not much call for rehab
But as for me and Rudolph, we believe..."

Besotten Santas - *hic*
Cute, queensbee

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