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December 24, 2004


No Naked Gnomes.

(Thanks to fred)


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What on earth do cows and gnomes have to do with furniture??

Something tells me that the children's being "upset" took the form of non-stop, hysterical giggling.

If you outlaw naked gnomes, are naked gnomes outlaws?????

*gnaked gnomes*

I love how the owner of the gnome is so casual about it. He's probably happy to get the publicity.
Too funny, Lairbo:-)
"Something tells me that the children's being "upset" took the form of non-stop, hysterical giggling."

going in blind here ...

Know Naked Gnomes wbagnfarb ...

Also, notice how the initial "en" sound is represented by three different spellings ...

Ain't the (American) English language a great toy?!?!

(ECTUally, that should've been "Know (not no) Naked Gnomes" ...

but I din't wanna break up the rhythm of the thought/thread ...


"We have had to cover up the lady gnome because she’s got great big bosoms."

What she had not so great big bosoms? Or just great bosoms? What if they were small bosoms, would that have been alright? I think I would have gone with some pasties or maybe a string bikini, just enough to make it legal.

A picture would have been nice though.

Naked gnomes at Christmas..
Gnomes are in the gnude.
Don't stop and stare
Just look elsewhere.
And don't point (that's so rude!)

Naked gnomes at Christmas
should not be on TV
If you see them
on the airwaves,
Just call the FCC !

Dear Sir,

My cats were disgusted to hear of this indecency. Whatever next, independence for India?

Your shockingly,
Arthur Knutt,
Sidcup, Kent

'twas a wee bit o' devilment an' nae mair. Them Irish need t' catch a grip!

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