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December 28, 2004


Imagine this baby lurking in your foyer.


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Is that a tentacle or are you glad to see me?

"the squid deviated from his usual work"?

the mind can only wonder...

Speaking on behalf of women everywhere.... no girl likes to have her boyfriend quoted as saying:
"Mr Stewart said he usually focused on human form sculptures but admitted he had a passion for squid"

Would that make it a Slip and Slide?


Mary, Mary, quite contrary
Get yourself to old Port Fairy

They got a squid there, built like a bench,
you can rub your bum on, get to it, wench!

what can be finer than takin' a seat
on a slimy sea creature, oh what a treat!

but if you wriggle and squirm be wary
the reverberations could be extraordinary!

and rattle the squid from tail to beak
with the shock wave from the one-cheek sneak.

"tie your dog to it"? sounds like there's something else going on here - why is he collecting dogs/???

Mud, you are my hero.


From Metallica and Mr.Fishair to you. ;)

What better time to vent than the holidays??

Die You Squid You


Die, die, die you squid you
Don’t ooze another single ounce
Die, die, die you squid you
You freak me out with those beady eyes
But, I’ll be seeing you again
Yeah, I’ll be seeing you, in the FOYER

So don’t cry to me oh squidie
Your immediate future’s in an Gallery
Don’t cry to me oh squidly
It wasn't easy puttin fibreglass and a epoxyresin on
Don’t cry to me oh squidie
It took me three freakin months
Don’t cry to me oh squidly
Have you ever tried handpainting yourself?
Don’t cry to me oh squidie
You don't realize how much of you drained on the floor
Don’t cry to me oh squidly
Now people have somewhere to tie up their dogs

Die, die, die you squid you
I have passion, but You shouldn't have been a terrorist
Die, die, die you squid you
Hey, You sure got a pretty mouth
I’ll be seeing you again, yeah-yeah
I’ll be seeing you, at closing time


Terrorist Bastards!!

My kids would love this squid, and would take at least 15 minutes to break it...

I would take longer to break it, but I'm gentler, which is why in many parts I'm known as the "Squid Whisperer"...

Sigh - I don't know if I have ever even heard Metallica.

Is the Geezer Bus running during the week between Christmas and New Year's?

pogo-I hope so, I still have a few days left on my geezer bus pass!
Here's one for us:

You must remember this
A squid is just a squid
Unless it's made of fiberglass.
Then it's a place to put your a**
As time goes by!

So if you're feeling weary
Just travel to Port Fairy
And take a load off of your feet
A squid can make an awful seat
As time goes by!

pogo - the geezer bus is always running - still going in circles with it's blinker on, refusing to stop to ask for directions, etc, etc.

As for the squid bench - I'd rather have that in my foyer than that menstrual art that woman was selling two weeks ago...

Still grossed out by that...

Does it squirt ink?

Punky- If it does, wouldn't that be the perfect place??

Just set up an empty canvas directly behind its squirder and viola!

Squid Squirt Art

Just squirtin ideas here ....

Fish ... I was thinking more along the lines of squirting annoying little kids, inconsiderate people who litter, and/or innocent bystanders ... but art's nice, too. :)

"I BEG your pardon!"
"Wasn't me, it was the bench."
"Then why are you holding a supersoaker filled with ink?"
"Erm... in case the bench missed?"

The squid seat in MY foyer is a real squid.

Word of caution: coating a dead squid with hairspray does not actually prevent if from rotting.

Punky- Oh, um yeah. Right. Of course. Silly me.

*Smacks self upside the forehead with my travel size squid*

Great idea for a Science Experiment Cbol!

I'm going to see how long it takes an IF to rott.

If I get around to if.


Nah, screw if, I got bigger Squid to fry. ;)

If elephants can paint and earn thousands of dollars for the zoo, why can't squids paint, too?
Do they do water colors? Water colors mixed with goo? Would some lone finsherman find them, enchanting, too?
Oh,to walk in their luverly corral galleries in silken shoes! Rubber, cork, or even new!
I so admire their lovely art! It really makes me want to f--t!

"finsherman" What in the World is that? A Merman? I thought I typed "fisherman" My computer is playing tricks again. WTF

Nice work, Insomniac!

I have never tied my dog up to an actual work of art. However, he sometimes likes to decorate objects himself, prior to being tied up...

I had a dachshund once that was very artistic. he always watched himself as he did the big job, number 2! He would twist his rear end in a spiral direction as his artistic endeavor came forth from the asteroid orfice. He always made a perfect spiral that ended in what appeared to be a brown cinnamon roll. Then he would strut around looking for admiring fans.

Don Stewart struck a note that resounded in my soul

Though at first it seemed a little odd
to make an 8 foot plastic cephalopod

What is art? the pursuit of beauty?
What makes C-bol rhyme and Leetie Toot-y?

Art is to keep, for generations to pass on
and here is art you can rub your ass on.

As the chef flourishes with salt and paprika
He painstakingly painted his squid-mask replica

To make for posterity an object sublime
to frighten the chidren when they're out of line

A plasic Cthullu! An epoxied Leviathan!
an artisitic statement enormous and gargantuan!

Yes the artist struck note that resounded in my soul,
and it surely it will swirl in history's toilet bowl.

What would my dog do if I tied him to a cement squid?

Pee on it of course!

If he can't eat it or screw it, he most definitely would pee on it and bark at it... Yup, I'll show you, you evil cement squid! I made wee-wee on you! Ha! Bark! Bark, bark bark! *sniff* Bark! *sniff, sniff* Bark!

And then other dogs would come by and sniff... *sniff, sniff* Dog wee-wee! This dude smells just like dog wee-wee! Let's pee on him! And Bark! Bark! Bark!

Yeah, I'm thinking he might want to re-think the tying the dogs to the squid thing or else there's gonna be some kind of wee-wee fest, complete with sniffing, barking and pee scented concrete squids.

"Passion for Squid" wbagnfarb...

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