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December 24, 2004


The blog afforded the opportunity to post this:

Five (or so) golden rings (or ring-related gratuitous pictures of Orlando Bloom)


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Not to be a pain, but isn't the fifth day of Christmas December 30th or so?

And where are my gratuitous pictures of Liv Tyler?



what the heck is with the clock? How can you post this at 1:22 pm when it's only 9:48 am here? I mean, I can understand the minutes difference, but you're on East coast and I'm on West coast and there should only be a three hour difference, not a four! lol

I know I am only a blurker really... but of the 3 posts up here, 2 are complaining about something. Merry Christmas, Judi. And thank you for all your wonderful posts, even if I don't always have something funny to say. :)

Naked bridesmaids! Woohoo!

Best Christmas Eve Day post ever!

Thanks Judi, and to all a good night.

Sorry, Betty, not Detty Hutton

Yes, Judi,
I'm really here in Beautiful Cannon Falls Minnesota
I don't know about the 5th day, but it is Dec. 24th here. I've been to the Elf Mall. It's closing for good on Jan. 15th. They were out of the Smores Nativity sets, but they had Smores little men and women skying and cavorting in the snow. Also, they had ice cube figures (men and women) made of glass on skies and in other positions.
I haven't heard from Aunt Lockie yet this Christmas, but I did see an Elf at the store the other day. I had on my Santa hat and she came up to me and asked if I was
Claus. I said, "Sure!" She said , "well, they needed more Santas' this time of year with the world situation being so bad." I asked her if she was an Elf, because she sure looked like one. She said, "well, I guess so." The day before, when we were in the Chicago airport waiting to board the plane for Minnesota, the United Airline Attendant addressed me as Rev. Clark. I guess it was because I had on a black top and pants. The following morning someone called on my cell phone from Texas and asked if I was Dr. Quikqack!
I don't know who I am going to be today. I would have liked to have been a "stand-in" for Detty Hutton in "Annie GetYour Gun."
We gave my son-in-law, Mike, the Artic Angel, a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. He is going to hang it over the mantle to scare off predators. He doesn't hunt because he hates killing things. I just hope that an interloper won't be able to read the barrel of the gun.
Have a wonderful Christmas! Stay warm and drink plenty of "hot toddies!"

kat (Kathryn Clark)

Joining with Lairbo in the "too much time on their(not there) hands today" society, I say WTF???
No nude nuptials!
No naked gnomes!
What's next??? No nude blogits??????
And, in closing, I would like to say,
Thank you very much judi, not only for Orlando Bloom, et al but especially for the Man in the Harness!!!!
Merry Christmas judi, and the same to anyone else who is in a good mood!!!

Hey kat!

Good to hear (+/-) that you've made it to Cannon Falls ... it got pretty chilly out here last nite too ... low 40s with boku winds in the 40-50 gust type ...

Just grabbing a few minutes at the kinfolk house to check the blogs ... going in blind here, haven't even looked at the main thread/post ...

just sayin hi and Merry Holidays to all and TNX judi ...

talk@ulater, from the Big Island


Only eleven minutes apart, and totally by accident ...

Must be fate ... or DAL ... or


Yah den dere, I got the other message on the older thread, tnx muchly


One morning at the nudist couple's household, 35 years later...

Wife to husband, as he is about to run an errand: "You're not going out in that old thing, are you??"

Looks like a slow day on the ol' Blog.

If the earlier posters are still around, nobody gives a rat's posterior when the 12 days actually begins. Does anyone actually follow that custom anymore?

The blog clock is basically on Atlantic time for reasons unknown, but it's kind of erratic. Occasionally later posts appear ahead of earlier ones for reasons inexplicable. But it makes for interesting reading. Think James Joyce' Ulysses...

Uncle Omar,
Hi! Back at you! The scene from Jamacia should warm the cockles of your heart. However, you are probably enjoying a nice warm beach somewhere with mai tai's. (my spelling stinks!)
It is cold as a witche's t-t here in the frozen north.
Tomorrow we will be flying back to sunny Texas. (hopefully) Weather problems from yesterday may cause a delay tomorrow. Have a good Christmas!


Judi, do you have any gratuitous pix of Jude Law?

Lil Jimmy: "Grandma, do you still have you wedding dress?"

Grandma: "Why yes, Jimmy I do. Would you like to see it?"

Jimmy: "AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!!

Five golden pretty boys, you mean...
Silly Orlando Bloom, turning Legolas into nothing but a sissy.

Merry Christmas to all blogits, from Boston - no snow, but festive nonetheless. Thank you Judi and Dave for bringing us such good cheer all year!
Also, you will be pleased to know that I bought the last hardcover copy of "Guide to Guys" off the shelf today - the bookstore clerk said they'd been "selling like hotcakes." (REALLY!) Why do hotcakes sell fast, anyway?

"And the Grinch, he himself, carved the Roast Beast."

Merry ____________________________ ! ! !

Merrrrrrrrrrrrry Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!

found him in my stockings,

"I prefer doing nude weddings", he added. "It is all about nature". Yeah right..and Porno is all about art!

This bodazhang needs to be banned from the blog!..enough is enough!

Well, my boyfriend really wants to get married.......wonder if I can talk him into a nude wedding. We wouldn't have to worry about the family wanting to come.

Thanks, Brian. Now show me naked Jude Law.

Orlando,I LOVE YOU!!!!! i'm love your act as legolas, you look ouch....so handsome!!

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