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December 17, 2004


The blog gave to me

Two men with doves

And a semi-naked man in a tree


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Judi...we're putting too much pressure on you, aren't we?

Hi judi,

I got so excited when I was there were only two posts I din't even stop to read the thread ...

Now I'll go back and read it.

Merry 3rd day of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Judi!

May all your pipers pipe.

megan, you don't like the tree guy?

*bangi races across the blog, high on sugar*
*sneaks behind Jeff M and yells:
FIRST!!!! *

*tickles Judi*
*pinches Leetie*

oh and...
*says nth on topic*


That's it! Judi! You got my, er, HOPES up with promise of a semi-naked man in a tree!

What do I get? A fully-clothed man Photoshopped to look as if he is FALLING out of a tree.

Then I altered the URL to see if I could find the promised land somewhere else on "nevadasurvivor"'s website. I looked and looked and came up, er, empty handed.

You got some 'splaining to do, Lucy - I mean Judi!

Judi, can I assume you just got back from a wonderful Christmas party just to blog for us? So sweet. A bit odd, but very sweet.

Please keep blogging anything your heart desires in 2005!

Are you pining for the fjords, Megan? And does that make you a dead Norwegian blue parrot?

Just checking.

Hi Bangi! You never need to be on topic for me.

Photoshop is a verb?

The verbing of nouns is a time honored tradition in the english language

"wallpapering", eg.

Judi, when you get to the 5th day of Christmas, would you please remember that this is a family blog?


All of us



Let's hope that by the 5th day of Christmas, things improve around a bit here. Very poor attempts at humor. Links to serious audio/video tapes about the life of Jesus, Dove bedding, and a photoshopped guy falling from a tree. All I can say is WTF...Think I'll go have some egg nog instead.

there could have been links to
1)Dove bars
2) Dove soap
3) Rita Dove, the former poet laureate
well, maybe it isn't so bad after all.

It would have been more appropriate, if she had changed her name to "Rita Poem" (say it out loud).

And even more appropriate if she misspronounced it with a long "i".


Very sorry.

And I swear Judi... If we get "Three French Men" tomorrow, I'm calling my congressman.

judi - if we get "Three French Men" tomorrow, I will have a croissant with my cafe (accent over e) au lait!

Merci beaucoup!
Au revoir!

*dials the first 9 numbers of Brad's congressman*

Go for it, judi. I'm ready.

judi, you posted a link to a tres gauche site, involving French maid outfits for 'les dudes'. And the site, she is gone! It is like ,how you say, 'une mirage'. Or did I imagine it ?

Jeff M. -damned if you aren't right, the product information did mention 'subjects have reported seeing an increase in hairy foreign transvestites. If this condition persists more than 4 hours consider joining road crew of 'La Cage Aux Folles' '.
(who'd a thunk Vap-o-rub was so potent ?)

Judi, when you get to the 5th day of Christmas, would you please remember that this is a family blog?


All of us

Posted by: Brad on December 18, 2004 05:02 PM

Maybe I'm just speaking for myself, here, judi, but I'm hoping that you don't remember that this is a family blog.

I can hardly wait.

Awww...love the photo of the Labrador retriever 'Old Dog'...we had a dog like that years ago...*sigh* H'mmm...wait a minute...
Labrador...Newfoundland...DILDO!!! NOW I know why that damn dog kept humping my leg!! And is that where the term 'humpback whale' comes from??? A-HA!!

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