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December 28, 2004


Ho. Ho. Ho.

(Thanks to Dave Paul)


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If he had been in church instead of in front of the "boob" tube, he wouldn't have seen the porn show. The T.V. and the cable certainly aren't sacred by any means!

I work for a cable access station. I ALWAYS review tapes before I put them in for airing, at the very least just to be certain that the tape even plays. I don't understand what's stopping them from doing the same.

On the other hand, it's horribly tempting to do something unusual just to be sure there's someone out there that's watching. We only get audience feedback when something goes wrong.

"I don't think the church group submitted that," Thomas said.

What was your first clue?

hahaha. stupid mistake.. duh

Kat is right. They should have been in church or enjoying family time. I certainly don't turn the TV on at 8:30 in the morning on Christmas.....
Except for that porn dvd that time but other than that, never!

Besides I thought the whole reason for Public access was for cheap porn. Oh yeah and whackos.

Hey Santa, is that a candy cane in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Tassles on nipples and men with french ticklers
Co-eds in hot pants drink beer with shot kickers
Gratuitous groping and sex with no strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Let's involve ponies and whip them with noodles
Let's ring our bells while we abuse the poodles
Wild girls gone wild who will strip while they sing
These are a few of my favorite things

Permiscuous donkeys with super thick eyelashes
Crazed horny chipmunks with nuts in their stashes
Olympian efforts that ruin bed springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When the chick bites
When the syrup stings
When I'm feeling fine
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I finish my wine

Well done, Christobal!

Christobol - you owe me a latte mine is all over my computer screen now.

Another C-bol entry that I just sang out loud...

Yes, the wife is looking at me strangely as tears run down my face...

When I first read the article I thought is said PUBIC access television. I wondered why the family was so shocked at what they saw on that station. I also wondered why they would watch Pubic Access at 8:30 on Christmas morn. Pardon me while I go ponder these questions and many many more.


<font color="green">green</font color="green">

<font color="red">RED</font>

*zips in*

What a great song! I miss C-bol on the MOAT/blog/everywhere.

I like it here! :)

Tassles on nipples and men with french ticklers

I miss cbol.

*releases the swans*

OK. I'm bookmarking this. So everyone better show up - or else!

*captures a swan by making honking noises at it*



How festive of Jeff to pre-decorate the place in Red and Green.

The swans?!


*puts on armor and running shoes*

Oh. Pumpernickel!!


Marble Rye!

I think Lab just fingered Wolfie's marble rye, if you know what I mean! ;)



king's hawaiian






russian rye


*hangs mistletoe above the bakery*



Hmm. We should have mistletoe up all year long.

And, since we are talking rolls, how about "in the hay" ?

With some honey neo? Or would that be too messy?

Rock and!!!

Wrapping paper?


{{{{Rita!}}}} It's wonderful to see you here! Here's to non-white lips. :)



"On A"

"-ing Stone"

"-ing Stone"

Can I have seconds on the rolls, please? Oh wait, I already did.

did anyone say 'crescent', already?

No. That's yours, insom.:)

-ing on the River. CCR.

Thanks, Leets. Just back from the James Bond film - very good overall, though I thought it dragged on a little too long in the end section.

And Jackie was very taken with Daniel Craig's (ahem) charms as Bond. She kept comparing his blue eyes to Clive Owen's, and she liked the body too.

And they say men are shallow!

1. Welcome back, rita!!! So glad you're better.

2. Congratulations, neo!!! I knew you'd do it.

3. There is no #3

4. insom, I can't get over how quickly Kylie is growing! I can only imagine how you feel. (By the way they showed a preview of We Are Marshall at the James Bond movie. Looks good despite the incredibly unsubtle musical accompaniment.)

5. Thanks neo & Kaf for smacking me about TPB. That'll teach me: coffee first, then post!

I just had the repairman over to fix the phone. While he was here, the cat got out, again. I saw another cat running toward the house, and I figured there was going to be a cat fight. And THEN I realized that it wasn't a cat but a freaking TIGER. And that's when the repairman turned out to be Jeff Meyerson and I realized that it was all a dream.

I guess the "roll" game is over....:(


Out the barrel!

(and Jeff, it wasn't meant as a smack)

...me over in the clover?

jeff, yesterday, at the mall, the longest lines were for autographs from the (no longer) Young Thundering Herd (for the benefit of those not familiar with the story: the 1970 Marshall football Team were all killed in a plane crash along with coaches, parents and others . the following year, they were allowed to recruit freshmen to play and almost all of the team had no major game experience, hence the 'young')

I'm not sure what rolling someone over in the clover means, but it sounds like rolling in the hay! *rolls Insom*

What's your take on the movie, Insom? The previews looked good. Think it'll be ok?

I know, neo, but I was smacking myself.

It was 59 for a high today. Normal high: 42.

/end weather (and warmth)

Rollin, rollin', rollin'...(etc)
('Cause I forget the words...)
Rita, back at home is one thing, but back at work? Don't you know ya gotta milk it when you get it?

Also, Jeff, if it helps, I was smacking yourself, too, cause we all know you know...

I keep thinking it's about the Marshall basketball team. In 1977, my sister's senior year at Evansville University in Indiana, the University's basketball team, the Purple Aces, was wiped out in a plane crash. At the time, I heard a lot of comparisons to the events at Marshal. Hence, my impression that Marshal lost their basketball team, not football team.

neo.+sly.... no, it was the football team, a total of 75 people (players, coaches, some of the parents, team doctors...) official cause of the crash still undetermined, although pilot error is suspected.(he had never flown into the airport before...the weather was bad)

every time i fly into tri-state airport i think about it, which isn't really fair, since the other airport i fly into most often, miami international, has had lots more big crashes, and as we know from dave, is home to more generalized mayhem than anywhere in the hemisphere.

i didn't see the movie last week during the premieres, the 'real' premier had tickets for $200 and up (a couple of colleagues went...they were ushers) at the same time the downtown multiplex gave over all their theatres to the movie at $25 a ticket. i can say it looks good and that all of the local comment has been positive!

probably won't see it on friday when it opens, that's the mrs.' and my anniversary!

I've been looking forward to that movie since I saw the preview. Can't wait to hear what you think, insom, once you see it.

Happy Anniversary to you and and the Mrs.!

Did anyone see Matt Damon's impression of Matthew McCanaughy (sp?) on Letterman? So good!


(What? So I'm LTTG.)

Wait. I hadn't refreshed before posting. O is a letter, but not Letterman. And I thought Letterman wasn't on until later. Has TV changed so much?

And why do I have to prove I'm not a robot every single time now?

So many questions. So few answers.

Insom - you married Mrs Insom 3 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS?? ARE YOU INSANE?? Happy Anniversary and all that, but ARE YOU INSANE? You don't have enough presents to buy in December already, and enough function to go to?

Turkey. It's not a turkey sammich, but it will do

Ummm.. I have half a thought... also it's Tuesday night and there's nothing on TV.

Given that we have to move Moats every couple of weeks, and I think it's led to us losing Moaties who can't find us or keep up with us.... I was wondering who (if anyone) would be interested in a paid forum, such as a WorldCrossing board. WX is not hugely expensive ($7 for 6 months, $12 for one year or $20 for two years), and that gives you access to everything on any WX board. If you don't post often, or don't say much when you do, you have the option of provisional membership, which is free and you still get 10 posts per day.
To give you an idea of what I mean, I mucked around with a forum template over at WX, and you can visit and see if it suits (the colours aren't perfect yet, there's a few places where the text isn't as easy to read as I'd like, but most of it's okay) I've made it an unlisted, passworded board to keep our lives private..(from my understanding, you'd only have to put the password in once, and not again unless you cleared your cookies/password info, it wouldn't be every single time.. )

So if you want to take a look around, tell me if you think it suits... I'll post this again at the Y Group.. and then take a poll later this week to see what people think. If you have anything that you want to see tweaked, let me know, I'd be happy to try (!!)

Oh... Linkety-Link-Link and the password is "mojito" (blue rubber bands optional)

Being a Dave Barry fan, which brought me here, I'm adverse to leaving.

That said, I made the MOAT-Warp *steps to the left, steps to the right* and lost my personal info. I don't know who I am now...

Ah, see, I didn't think of it like that. Good point.

The thing of it is, if nobody (or very few people) want it, then I can delete the forum and it's like it never was. It was just a thought.

Meanwhile, on a completely different topic, Jeff.. could you post the link for that bookswapping site that you talk about occasionally? I have someone I know who may be interested..

"And now for something completely different. A man with 3 buttocks."

MOAT moves aren't rocket science. All you have to do is click on the linky at the bottom of the previous MOAT, or on the ReMOAT main page. If people leave, it's not because of the constant moving, it's because they have other things to do.

I'll take a look at the WC place later, though to be honest I'm not wild about the idea of paying for something that's been free for years here. (Yes, I could post only 10 times a day, but... nah.)

And I agree with Kaf on Insom's anniversary date. Are you two out of your minds? Wow. Planning that wedding must have been crazy.

I'm going to go see if I can find a trailer for the Marshall movie, since you guys are saying it looks good.

In the past, venues other than DB have been suggested, but the general feeling is what Kibby said; DB brought us together and we are loath to leave. I have no trouble finding the Moat, even when traveling and using other people's computers and don't have my bookmarks. There used to be a link to the latest Moat on the Y, but I don't think that's been updated lately.

Which, by the way, is a HINT!!!!

Which, by the way, I took myself.

I agree with sly and Mibikibiw. It wouldn't be the MOAT if it weren't on the DB blog. And I like having all of the topics of discussion in one thread. ;)

... out the barrell

oops. That one is taken.

... over Beethoven!

Yes, Jamester, back at work. I was actually ready to get back. I can't believe it. I guess that a near-death experience made even work look good.

And I feel great. And I'm out of sick days. And I need to print some color photos (did I write that out loud?).

Thanks for your concern, everyone!


Thanks, sly. I can't believe the hugs I've gotten here at work. But no gropes.

I guess that nasty little lawsuit stopped the gropes.


Kaf, I think I'll have to pass. Sorry.

According to the Moat calendar, today is "One Day" and "Oatmeal Muffin Day."

One Day?
OK, how about this?

ONE. Singular sensation. Every little step she takes.

*grape vines out of Moat while singing*

ONE. Thrilling combination, every move that she makes

Insom - you married Mrs Insom 3 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS?? ARE YOU INSANE?? Happy Anniversary and all that, but ARE YOU INSANE? You don't have enough presents to buy in December already, and enough function to go to?

Good point. My brother got married December 20, I think. And what about people born around Xmas? Granted, it wasn't their choice. Jimmy Buffett turns 60 on the 25th, you know.

For Kaf: PaperBackSwap.

We have sent out - and received - a LOT of books through them.

One smile and suddenly nobody else will do...

You know you'll never be lonely with you...know...who

I'd like an oatmeal muffin please...One... not two...

(What? It fits. Kinda.)

My anniversary was at Christmastime too. Either the 18th or the 19th, I never could remember which. Why a Christmas wedding? End of semester.

I've got a huge chocolate chip muffin.

Well, maybe 1/5 of it.

My youngest grandson will be 3 on Dec. 23. C-section.

{{{Rita}}} Don't work too hard!

Insom...happy anniversary...but what were you thinking? Three days before Christmas??? Admittedly, my mother was born two days before Christmas, but that wasn't really her idea...

On the WX...(which I keep seeing as "weather" since that's how I abbrieviate [is that right? I think not.] it here at work.)...I agree. With the emails, links, and ReMoat...we can be found. I did have a free membership there in fact...then didn't use it for a while. The last time I tried I couldn't sign in. And I'm sure I used the right name and password.

But...the blog is what brought us together...although something like the trippymoat is nice as backup when the blog gets weird.

It's 8:24 CST. I should be at work already, but I seem to have misplaced my motivation.

Has anyone seen it?

Sly, I think it went to Vegas with my Will to Live.

*loves sly a fifth of vodka*

My Dad would have been 82 on Dec. 23rd.

What do you call an Irish man bouncing off the walls?
Rick O'Shea.

What do you call a fake stone in Ireland?
Sham Rock

Did you know Al Pacino has 2 brothers?
Cap and Frap.

Admittedly, my mother was born two days before Christmas, but that wasn't really her idea...

Susan, so was Jackie's mother, who would have been 81 this week.

Another semi-interesting birthday story: my brother was born the same day as my grandmother: December 7, Pearl Harbor Day.

Mia Farrow in Radio Days: "Who's Pearl Harbor?"

A friend of mine got married a few years ago on the Friday between X-mas and New Years. It was insane. She was insane. She made those around her... INSANE.

That's why I wanted to get married at that time too. B threatened my existence if we did. Hence the day after Thanksgiving. *sigh* I was looking forward to using the excuse of temporary insanity in a court of law....

Did I kill the moat?

*pokes around the shadows*

*rubs poked spot*

I'm sure there is a moatie that would be willing to kiss your poked spot and make it feel better wolfie...

*steps aside to make room for line of moaties*

*lines up*

...ing rock? I got nuthin...

Eager Beavers 77 points couldn't stand up to Higgys Handsome Huns 79 (which he squeaked out during MNF!)

Charmed Disarmament 78 can't get revenge against Area 51 Visitors with 89.

Alhambra Artweasels - with Carson Palmer - could only manage 39 points against Sly's Guys 49. Talk about dialing it in!

Silvers' Studz with an awesome 107 points dealt a blow to kibby's krhuisers with only 52.

In the primary bracket:
Sly's Guys duke it out with Higgys Handsome Huns
and in the other matchup,
Silvers' Studz take on the Area 51 Visitors.

The winners of these games will meet in the final next week. The losers will battle it out for 3rd and 4th place.

In the consolation bracket (places 5-8):
kibby's krhuisers take on Charmed Disarmament

and Eager Beavers are versus Alhambra Artweasels.

Good luck to everyone - and for those who don't give a bugger about FF - only 2 more weeks to go!!

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