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December 29, 2004


Bottom line: The salamander is crushing the frog and the toad. But it's neck-and-neck between the garter snake and the painted turtle, assuming the painted turtle in fact has a neck.


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I have a neck and I'm first. And I've been called a reptile by some women I've dated.

salamander must have some lobby....

I think someone in Illinois needs to get a life!

If we had lives, we wouldn't live in Florida and not in Illinois.

I heard that the "fix" was in for the salamander.

If we had lives, we would live in Florida and not in Illinois.

I heard that the "fix" was in for the salamander.

I heard the Salamander had a HUGE Hanging Chad.

does a garter snake have a neck, having no shoulders? or is it nothing butneck?
*worn out by worry*

The thing that gets me is that this isn't even news in Illinois, but apparently they're really grokking over it in Arizona. Don't they have anything better to do? It's not like they're spending all their time cowering in the bitter wind off of Lake Michigan.

(Okay, it's actually pretty nice out today.)

American Toad. A reptile? Just askin'. My state, South Carolina, has neither a state amphibian or reptile. I don't understand how we've been able to remain in the Union. We're an embarrassment. This may explain why we hoover near the bottom in education, however. We MUST get state amphibians and reptiles. I think we could also benefit greatly from a state virus.

The state flower of California is the poppy - they say it's not the kind that is used to make opium but.......

The state flower of California is the poppy - they say it's not the kind that is used to make opium but.......

I didn't do a double post, I sweaar.... and I would like to further state that I have NOT been chomping on poppies!

I predict there will be a huge scandal when it is revealed that the salamander is, in fact, a fake, scultped from walrus droppings.

I would be relieved that I had moved from Illinois to Missouri, except in Missouri, it is now legal to noodle catfish.

...most catfish noodlers are male, in their 40s, and live in rural areas...
what are the odds ?
'Hey baby, are you sexually mature, or can I throw you back?'
"I am, in fact, a big handful of snakes"

Missouri's biological concerns are that handfishers, who go for the biggest fish they can wrestle from river banks or hollow logs, will take too many sexually mature fish from their underwater nests...

And what, I wonder would they be using those fish for???????

And, of course, The Catfish Noodlers WBAGNFA Band that plays in Branson.

Poppies, poppies, poppies...!

Way back home where I come from,
They ain't had any learnin'
They ketched them fishes with thar hands,
Do-in' what comes nat-tur-lee!
(Do-in what comes nat-tur-lee)
You don't have to go to school to learn,
How to ketch them fishes with a wooden churn!
You don't have to know how to read or writ,
When you're out in the boat in the pale moonlight.
That comes nat-tur-lee! That comes nat-tur-lee!
My brother down in Florida,
can't even write his name,
He signs his checks with X's,
And they come back just the same!
That comes nat-tur-lee! That comes nat-tur-lee
I visit him in prison,
Whenever I'm allowed,
His star has never risen,
But we claim him jest the same!
That comes nat-tur-lee! That comes nat-tur-lee!

Dont they know that noodling will cause hair to grow on their palms?

I want new state reptile nomination appointers. I mean, the garter snake over the copperhead? Garter snakes are total wuss-asses.

As planet Earth generates more data from more sensors and as this data comes together for better prediction … there will be plenty of winners and losers.

The losers will be those organizations still coping with information overload, unable to make heads or tails of what they know (Enterprise Amnesia). They will miss the obvious. Their costs will soar, their customer satisfaction will drop and confidence in their brand will erode. You will get duplicate mailings from them. They will try to sell you something you already bought from them weeks ago.

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