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December 23, 2004


One and Two.

(Thanks in part to Gary Calpo)


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One or two... doesn't matter

Assateague Island?!?

i'm sure as hell not! ;)

Ok... one works for me... I get a "first" 'cause no one else is working today.

Thanks for just being there Judi! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Anyone know how that's pronounced? I'm going with ass-a-TEE-gyoo.

Mike, it's assa-teeg.

Beautiful island in the Cheasapeake Bay.

For those of you that remember the pic posted here, it's near Assawoman.

I'll have to find it and post a link.

Mike - I think it's ass-uh-teeg. (Accent on first syl)

I'm off tomorrow. Anybody need a beer?

I just checked a map and Assateague Island is just south of Assasomespiceymeatball Island.

Uh-oh. Lets do the time warp again! Lairbo's "I checked a map" was already there when I posted "I'm off"

I'm glad no one "mounted" the picture of the President!!!!!


I'm off tomorrow, too but I need a beer NOW.

I think the time warp is that if I'm still writing a post I started before you and finish and post it after you hit "post" mine'll still land first. First started, first posted. Maybe the software stacks 'em up like that. Just a guess from a luddite but I think I'm onto something. Ask nava or the Big Kahunaette.

Lairbo - here's a fresh draft of whatever it is you drink and here's to a Merry Christmas (or whatever you choose to celebrate).

I'm wondering if maybe the blog gets the timestamp from your PC., because it can't know when you start typing a comment, only when when you push post.

Well, so much for that theory. But I did notice today that posts of mine elbowed themselves in in front of other posts that weren't there when I began typing. Eh, whaddyagonnado.

Grolsch tonight, methinks. What's good in eggnogg? Chrismtas will do just fine, thank you, although I'm seriously looking at Festivus trees for next year.

I think one gets a Festivus pole, but the Polocks find that offensive.

There's them what thinks 'Nog calls for Brandy (me among 'em) others likes Rum. After a couple stout ones no one cares much. Cognac would probably be good, but it's a sin to adulterate good cognac.

I've been to Assateague, and the way to dress there is in full mosquito-repelling body armor, or a bee-keeper's suit. The biting insects are the size of Chihuahuas, and just as relentless.

Isn't Assateague near to Chincoteague? I remember a b wok about wild horses from my youth called 'Misty of Chincoteague' .
*but Misty of Assateague sounds like a porn star*

that would a 'book' , b woks are furry little squid-squirrel hybrids George Lucas doesn't like to talk about.

Oh sure! Judi finally runs a nudism story with a picture, and it's of a naked W.

Relentless Chihuahuas sounds like a bad dream for naked male dwarfs.

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