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December 21, 2004


Let's have some candy.

(Thanks to tavesawyer)


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first hit!

Next thing you know, they'll be taking away Puppy Uppers and Doggy Downers.

"Puppy Upper and the Doggy Downers" wbagnfarb.

ahh, from the Good Era of snl.

Candy that tastes like pot?

That's not candy! That's a pot bouillon cube. You make soup out of something like that ... you don't suck on it.

Heh, these guys (CC) had a booth at the Arrowfest (classic rock concert) here in L.A. Candy, lighters, T-shirts, it was pretty wild, man!

I wish we still had Emily Litella to give us her opinion on this article.

Needless to say, they have a website.

But the candymaker said people are overreacting to the product, according to the story. amNew York reports that the candy is imported from Switzerland and contains no THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Well, crap, then why bother?

That's gotta be some nasty-tasting candy.

How did my post end up above Jamester's? The others were already there.

Hey, Jeff ... que te pasa? :)

Here, guys, have some candy. Things'll look a whole lot better.

"Chronic Candy's hemp-based confections are sold at 43 stores around the city, said a report in amNew York". .. . . . and these stores would be located where? not that EATING it is tasty. not. but what about them brownies, right?

Next thing you know they'll try and sell 'shroom flavored candy shaped like, well, mushrooms ...

Look kids, tastes just like manure! Try some today ... it's fun for girls and boys!

*sends queensbee address to mail brownies*


*sends address to Jeff*

Mmm... brownies...

I remember back in the 80's they had some whiskey flavored gum.
"No occifer I haven't been drinking. (hic)
"Well son you smell like a distillery. I'm running you in!
"Captain the BAC came back 0.0. What do I do now?"
"Body cavity search! We won't get anything, but we'll teach the sober bastard a lesson or two.


Interesting that the Chairwoman of the Substance Abuse Committees name is Margarita, don't ya think??

I want some hemp candy.
It'll go great with my huge bag of KB.

Thank You.

Now there's somethign to eat when you have the munchies! Although, that must taste pretty gross..

And if you like that candy you're going to love my new Heroin Plasma Shots! No drugs, but you can poke holes all over your body!

"clearly perpetuating a culture that is unhealthy. It is unacceptable and needs to be taken off the market."


What a concept.

That really worked with prohibition, dinnit?

Imagine ... is they applied this concept to ... smoking ... or alcohol ... or crime ... or war ...

"Dave's not HERE, man!"

No (not know), and he's not HERE, either, man!

Uncle Omar,
Do you think you and I are the only ones here that get the referece?

I meant to say, the only ones here that are old enough to get the reference.

What? Speak up, sonny!

At my age ...

Well, I forget what it was I was going to say ...

(Heh. You said "old enough" ...)

Yeah, to answer, I'd guess so.

Difficult to keep up with all the changes in vernacular in the speed-oriented society of today, innit?

But, we've got our old jokes, and our memories ...

You forgot what you were going to say? Have you been hitting the candy? YOu know, I was never a major pot head, but to this day, some 30 years later, that line, "Dave's not here, man." still cracks me up.

I know ... whatever it is, that I know ...

Wowser. Talk about disjointed.

Been a long month -- that's my excuse for now -- in this lifetime ...

I always liked the Ray Stevens number about the Old Hippie Class Reunion ...

" ... we SMOKED it ... "

Have a cool Yule ... and don't smoke the Christmas tree ...

No, man...it's Dave...I've got the stuff...

I love the whole "Dave's not here" bit. Jeff M. linked it a long time ago and I bookmarked it, but the damn hard drive yadda yadda yadda and I lost it.

Alan & Omar - this makes three of us *puts on bifocals so she can read screen*
Gonna go play the Dr. Demento Christmas album later today...ah, 'Christmas in the Projects,' just like home...

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