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December 27, 2004


If they tried this in Miami, the mimes would all be dead in minutes.

(thankls to Kristiana Kincaid)


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That was me miming (not saying) "first".

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That's no reason not to try it, Dave.

Heck, that's reason to try it, in fact.


If a mime needs to call in sick to work, what does he do?

*hand gestures*

*Ring. Ring.*

Voice1: Hello?

Voice2: I have a collect call from Marcel Marceau. Will you accept the charge?

Voice1: Ummm. I don't suppose you could take a message?

I hate mimes!

Sounds like a dangerous job, to me, mocking people in public...
At least Dave does it in print, this ensuring that his is far, far away from the mockee....

jamester's post was there when I osted mine, and now mine is ahead of his - what's up with that?? Have the mimes infiltrated???

Wasn't the working title for Star Wars Episode 2 going to be Attack of the Mimes?

Mymymymymymymymy what a story.

Just imagine how long they'd last in New York City....

If those mimes were in Miami we would have run all over them with our cars the second they got on the streets!....

A mime is a terrible thing to waste.

If we could stop shooting fish in a barrel (or mimes in a glass box) for a moment, I'd like to point out that jaywalking is the most popular participation sport in Chicago. In fact, that's how we tell the tourists from the locals. The tourists are the only people who actually wait for the green light. Chumps!

oh yeah, sharon, agree, good grief, they would be sidewalk splatter in nanoseconds. fugeddaboudit.

It makes sense, it's a short step from 'walking against the wind' to 'crossing against the light'.

Gee, if it's so successful the next step should be shadowing the drug cartels. I can see them now, riding in one of those clown cars from the circus, tailing a black limo full of cocaine kingpins...once they're stopped in traffic, the mimes will come pouring out of the car and mimic hiding huge bundles under their coats, counting gigando wads of money, snorting dope off the hood of the limo, and then shooting each other dead, just before the light changes and they all scramble back into the car.

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