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December 21, 2004


We'd really rather study.

(Thanks to several bloglits)


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If it's in Ananova, it's gotta be true!

Wouldn't you know it.

Auuugggggghhhh! I wrote the first one AFTER that one!

It's happening to me, too, Jeff. I bet this one ends up above yours.

I have not had any parfaits!

Okay, I wrote "It's happening to me, too, Jeff" first. Then "wouldn't you know it". Then "auuggh", then the parfait one, before I even saw your post. But it does look planned, doesn't it?

I'm not as anal as I seem.

Okay, yes I am.

Jeff - actually I was "improving" (as if such a thing were possible) a similiar observation by Frank Zappa about Rolling Stone magazine...

But what the hell, write it down and most people believe...

Jeff, that key line should have read:

"We want our staff to have a better grasp on the subject."

Upper street store Ramparts, commented: "Our staff are experienced with the industrial strength needs of our not-so-delicate clients. We screen applicants carefully, based on a number of important factors, not limited to how rounded their knowledge is. Yeah, that's it. Rounded knowledge. So this course is a perfect fit for our needs. We hope it helps the staff to snap to attention when assisting a client."

Cap'n we're back in the Time Warp again! It's another of those forward and back worm holes Einstein predicted. Look! It's Shroedinger's cat!

and this course is for whom? the wearer -- or the remover????? hunh?

Then there is the Wardrobe Malfunction method.

Wasn't this the main plot of that classic 60's beach movie "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini"? Except that it was in California not England and it was bikinis not bras and, oh nevermind.

Lairbo - plot? There was no stinkin' plot! Didn't need plot, had nubile young women in bikinis! Worked for Russ Meyer, too. Ah, those were the days...

Umm, Mad, I was expecting something other than what I got...

at the risk of lowering the excitement level considerably, it reminds me of Frank Costanza's dinnertime talk with George about cup sizes: 'you got your A, and your B...'

What with the word "ramparts" meaning what it does now (to the likes of US, anyway) reruns of Dragnet and Adam-12 have a hilarious new subtext, not that they weren't already a laugh riot to begin with.

Was that Badge 714? (If you know what that was, I'll stop the Geezer Bus and let you on.)

I like breasts, and as such, i like things that hold breasts.
Thus, i love this topic.
I wonder what i'm gonna say about it.

Yes, punky, a better GRASP on the SUBJECT.

I think that i'll get to work on grasping some
ramparts now.
Hmm, i don't have any.
(Come on ppl, they're not all gems)

Wardrobe malfunction method WBAGNFARB.

ok, so way off topic.
I'ma tell a joke, tell me what ya think.

I don't understand why someone would name their penis.
It just doesn't make sense.
It's like naming a spider monkey in the zoo.
You can call it anything you want, but it's gonna come whenever it wants to.


Pogo - Joe Friday.

What do I win? Moving up a row on the bus?

Psycho_Joe: I got your ramparts right here.

Gee Punky, I was thinking the key line should have read, "We want our staff to grab, gently squeeze, and maybe give a playful nip to the subject."

" ... head of development ... "

How could you guys miss that one?


pogo, stop the bus please ... it'll take me a while to get on board ...

What a fakey scenic atop the page for LAPD ... I mean ... okay, so I don't LIVE here, but I've spent almost five of the last 12 months here, and I've never seen the sky like that. Too (not to, or two) blue and too (not two, or to) clear.

Jeff M. -- whatever it was on that site has been removed ... oh well ...

heh! "a more rounded knowledge of the subject." heh.

"Dave's NOT here, Man!!!" (Oh sorry. We're done with those topics...)


'Luudes' man, back up that geezer bus, I can't walk that far!

Our Motto: We support women's Breasts

That is all.

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