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December 29, 2004


Dilangalen: Chavit’s tirade vs Erap trip mere squid tactics


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uno. uh, sounds to me like gastro enteritis. i'd see somebody about it.

alleged anomalies.

Personally, I'm disgusted!! there's nothing worse than alleved anomalies, whatever they are!

Key Mysterious Quote

“I think he wants something from Mrs. Arroyo after contrabands have been found inside his garage.”

Fake Cigarettes? WTF?

After reading the entire article, I am now convinced that I am completely clueless about what is being reported.

I read the article twice and twice I thought: WTF????

The headline wasnt the only thing mysterious about that article. I third WTF?

"squid tactics" sounds like a line from a Captain Beefheart song

Hehehe, Mud said



*points to t-shirt that says Ease A Lee A Muse Duh *

Excuse me, but your (not you're) Didagen is Dilangalen and everyone can see it through the GLASS WINDOWS BEHIND THE URINALS!! (mixed threads, sorry)

Huh? Was that supposed to make sense?

I think it has something to do with Erik Estrada. At least the squid part does.


...or a seafood flavored breathmint for dyslexics.

Glad to see this finally being reported - I've been fuming about it for weeks, now...

Jamester I agree and I for one think someone should take their Tirade and Chavit where the squid don't shine.

you'd practically need a degree to figure out the story's from the Philippines!
knee replacement: $100,000
counterfeit cigarettes: $1 a pack
peeing whilst overlooking beautiful Kowloon:priceless

mere squid tactics?

Squid tactics are not easy, you know.

What are "squid tactics" ???



Ohhhhhhhh. Thanks.


i think over here we'd say 'using a smokescreen' (inkscreen?) instead

The mysterious post-scrambing gremlin has returned! (My Ohhh Thanks was to insomniac, and ended up above his explanation of 'squid tactics.')

That is all.


Is the fake cigarette lab next door to the fake meth lab?

Exactly what is the market for fake cigarettes?

where does the squid come in?

Bangi - he's cued by the bang-schwacket-pow-pow music.

OOhh..."squid tactics"..makes sense now...

Squid ink is really good on pasta - I had some in Rome once - (Italy)

But after all the squid stuff on the blog I really don't think I could ever eat it again!

The best defense is a strong offense (it really doesn't matter whether or not there is any truth to allegations.) If they're all using the same tactics, how weird this makes the situation. I'm still wondering about the statement that "he probably wanted something from Mrs. Arroya" Are they trying to make her the 'scape-goat?'

“I think he wants something from Mrs. Arroyo after contrabands have been found inside his garage.”
Contrands? I just hate it when people pluralize words that are already plural, like "aircrafts" "geeses" That story was hard enough to understand as it was.

'contrabands'- perhaps Ollie North is behind them!

contraband of course wbagnfarb

they could play at contradances!

No harder to decipher than American slang - or British - to a foreigner.

Looks like insomniac realized right away the story is Filipino. But "Kowloon"? The Geography Angel giveth, the Geography Angel taketh away ... the Philippines are not Hong Kong (and never were).

the Kowloon comment had to do with the link on 12/28 'This, on the other hand...'

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