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December 20, 2004


(Thanks to Leetie)


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Cows? I'm number two!

4410 points
8 tractors

I kept overshooting the ramp, it's hard to get just the right speed...

Way to go, Leetie!

Leetie — are you really Claire Martin?

i couldnt even start the damned game.
maybe it's becoz im lactose intolerant

Sorry Leetie, I couldn't get anything but the title. But way to go anyway.

I think my earlier post was too cerebral. I was going for a play on words, that is, being the second one to post on this topic and, ahem, cow patties.

As it turned out, what I wrote makes it seem as if *I* am "number two." Some days I FEEL like number two. Some days people tell me that I am FULL of number two. Then, as a kid visiting a cow pasture out in the country, I have STEPPED in number two.

I'm confused.

wow...im.................sooo confused :-/

...wats this all about anyways?¿?¿?¿?...i dont even kno how i got here...i just clicked on a link and ummm .... yea

Leetie - way to enhance my productivity...

can't get past 7 tractors....

I cleared 10 tractors! I'm the cow jumping champion!


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I lost it when I tried a quadruple backflip and then I ran out of tractors ...

sorta like when I useta have cattle, back on the farm ...

backflips right into the cow patties ...

Couldn't even clear the ramp. I'm an udder failure.

I would like to sincerely thank Leetie, for bringing attention to this website which celebrates the most useful of all animals, the cow.

But I couldn't clear 4 tractors, Just too hard to repeatedly press typewriter keys when you've got long fingernails.

Not quite as much fun as whacking a penguin, but very productive! Thanks, Leetie!

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