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December 24, 2004


We hope it fits. It's a MOAT.

(Thanks to Leetie)


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I've got 10 bucks that says the land owner spent the past several years digging the thing, just to watch what would happen when it was "discovered", by a "chance conversation".

I, for one, like the idea of the MOAT as a medieval "swannery". But, maybe that's just the ugly duckling in me hoping for the best.

Merry Christmas, Judi, Dave, NAVA and all the other bloglits.

Lairbo, lemme second all your thoughts! Well Said! :-)

Totally off subject (but when did that ever stop moi ownself?) ...

... or anyone else, for that matter ? ...

I recall an old joke, might've been from Johnny Carson, who grew up in Norfolk, Nebraska

Something about the cheerleaders @ football games ...

"We don't drink
We don't smoke

Just to get the party started,...

wtf site of the day.

Medieval Swannery - WBAGNFARB

I am sorry for my ignorance but WTF is WBAGNFARB?

julie, it's "would be a good name for a rock band." Your ignorance is excused. The blog tends toward toleration.

Actually, I know of a certain cybernetic Swan AKA Hope AKA Shelly currently AKA Justine Joli and now I've got visions of medieval Swannery dancing in my head ;-)

Let's guess the future for this particular thread.

Hey slyeyes, to paraphrase a bit...

"Seems like one long yesterday, I thought that I had gone away, but I came back for a little whiiile.

And the songs they sang and the stories they told, I thought that I was growing old, but I came back for a little whiiile."

Grace to you, milady. A *toast* to that which has become. Salud to You too!

Knew WBAGNFARB already...need help on OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G please?

Scopes out the future digs!
Nice thread leetie thanks!
Thanks Judi graciously as well!

*sneaks in hoping that the randoms and trolls are long-gone*

*hoists beautiful multi-faceted crystal ball (Waterford, of course) up pole*

Hold still, Joshkr!

*fills fridge with several cases of Dom Perignon, Sierra Nevada, Guinness and Smithwick's (pronounced "smithicks") Ale*

*arranges silly hats and noisemakers*

*fluffs Joshkr once more for good measure*

*hopes that the bloglits will come*

"...it will soon be restored to somewhere near its former glory."

Indeed; we can but hope.

Long live the MOAT.

Well, I think Leetie should have the honor of naming this one! I really like this place. Possibly a swannery. Once a moat, and soon to be a moat again. It fits.

Happy New Year, Leetie's Moat!

This could be big.

*ices kegs*

*ices blenders*

*ices urinals*


LOL on "ices urinals". For whatever perverse reason my brain insisted on translating that into "ices genitals."

Sorry about that.

For those of us so endowed, it often translates thus.


ding dong

knock, knock, knock

ding dong

*neophyte stands outside the doorway... er, drawbridge, waiting anxiously for the party to start*


Leetie! Call off your attack swans!

*neophyte drops bottle of wine and salsa (not mixed) and runs away from the attacking swans*

*runs to the door fumbling with glitzy earrings, hair still in curlers *

Sorry, Neo, I hadn't yet notified the swans of the guest list. They'll be good now. Unless bodazahagwhatever shows up.

Happy New Year Leetie - I love your new MOAT!

This is a totally cool place and a great way to start off 2005!

The swans are beautiful and as soon as they're (not there) tied down I'll bring in the Champagne and oysters!

*hopes Joshkr can make it - wnats to play patty cake*

No need to tie down the swans--my mutt will be happy to clear them from the MOAT. (No worries, he won't catch any of them!)

Nice place here! A little too much ice though. Where's the hot tub?

I just realized I can celebrate twice! Once here on the new MOAT and again at the RL party we're going to--there are moments when the time difference comes in handy...

Time is arbitrary, especially here.

You know the book _The Little Prince_? Remember how the Little Prince could watch a sunset whenever he wanted by moving his chair a few paces? So, I figure we can celebrate the New Year whenever. And as many times as we want to. Just move your computer chair a few paces and celebrate it all over over again!

*throws confetti*


I posted this on the LAST thread, but as I'm too lazy to come up with another original thought, I'll post it here too.

My New Year's Wish for the Bloglits:

I wish you peace in times of trouble
Comfort in times of pain
Laughter, joy, and happiness in rampant abundance
(Calm down; I said rampant, not rampart!)
A sense of wonder at the beauty that surrounds us
Warm contentment like the purr of a satisfied cat
Good companions to make the journey more pleasant
And (last but not least) comfortable shoes. :)

And now I'm off! I'll be back later to celebrate with the West Coasters.

Happy New Year!!

*shakes head a few times to redistribute confetti*

Thanks for the New Year's Wish, Neo!

*sits down at the piano, plays a crescendo or two while orchestra files in, sits down, begins tuning*

Any requests? No? In that case, we'll just play the 1812 Overture. That one has explosions. :-)

Aww, He(l)l...

Happy New Year to Y'all here too!

Even the blurkers, self-chosen, currently restrained, skinny legs and all!

Thanks for the heads-up (with propeller-beanie attached :-) Leetie and Eleanor!

Hmmm, that last...imagery or an X-rated item to be found by MKJ on E-bay... ;-)

My RL is starting so I must say au revoir -
sandy - I'd like to exit to Beetoven's 5th - if you could play that -
da-da-da-dum, da-da-da-dum thank you
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Blogclock time!

Just wanted to mention that Regis mentioned at one point that he was "holding down the fort for Dick."

Luckily, once again, TiVo helped me escape the torture of listening to him talk any more.

Ready to drop the ball Joshkr? You've been a real trooper holding it up the pole!

Happy New Year everybody!!!

Happy New Year EVERYONE!

*nice digs*

I'm headed back to the party to see whom I could grop.

*sees too many masks*

Happy New Year!

I just got off work(had to feed all the drunks so they would have something to throw up when they got home), so I miss the new year here on the east coast. But it's got to be almost the new year somewhere. If I got all this figured out right Sandy should be seeing the new year in about 30 mins, Happy Hew year Sandy!

And my New Year's Resolution is to stop drinking in RL, but of coarse that doesn't include the Moat ;)

Bartender, I'll have a Moatini please!

Happy New Year to you, too, Steven! Have as many MOATinis as you want--they're not even fattening!

Let me be the LAST to wish you all a Happy New Year! Too tired to to post that on the LAST thread...


Happy New Year again. It's already 52 here going up to a near record 60. Now this is the kind of winter I like!

Oh, and I hope the tequila isn't talking to you today. You know who you are (judi). ;)

Good morning! I love a New Year! A new day, a new year, a new beginning, a nice clean slate to begin besmirching! ;)

I should have asked this several days earlier, but could somebody please recommend a good champagne? I went with the advice of the man working in the wine store, so I had high hopes, but it was pretty funny to see the looks on everybody's faces last night as we tried to force it down.

I like Moet White Star.

Good morning everyone from su.so.ca.. (freezing) -
where is everyone??
Jeff - you people in N.Y. are crazy - I was watching Times Square last night and they referred to the weather as a - and I quote -balmy 57F - 57F is freezing! - here in CA we call it a balmy evening when it's 72F and you said it would be no big deal for the Polar Bear Club to come out of the water into 60F!!!!
*end of weather rant*

Anyway, it's a beautiful sunny day here as any of you who were watching the Rose Bowl Parade saw!

I'm with neo - new beginning, new MOAT,new year, new chances to screw up or be great - probably both!

neo - Moet & Chandon is good too - if you like your champagne dry, buy bottles that are called "brut", because, for some unknown reason, bottles that are called "dry" are sweet - go figure!

Rose Parade already happened? What time is it?

Happy New Year!

Thanks, Longtime! Same to you.

The MOAT is quiet today. Everyone sleeping it off?

We enjoyed the party we attended last night. A lot of longtime Alaskans telling stories. We got going on earthquakes and tsunamis. One couple had been here for the huge quake and tsunami in 1964 that were on the same scale as the recent quake—9.1. It destroyed much of Anchorage and swept away Valdez. Of course the death toll was much lower because the villages that were swept away were sparsely populated. It was interesting to hear the firsthand accounts.

Today will be spent preparing for our party tomorrow. To-do list includes a lot of cleaning, unfortunately. Many people have never seen our house and will no doubt want a tour. Whose idea was this damn party anyhow? Oh yeah, mine...

Great links, Wurm! Thank you!

Well, if Heloise says so, I guess I'm off the hook! In that case, pour me a MOATini!

sandy - Heloise (as in Household Hints fron H.) says the only thing you need to clean before a party is the telephone and since she said that a long time ago before people had cell phones you probably don't even have to do that anymore!

Wurm, I read the Post also - very sad - One of the things I'll miss the most is his stories about Sophie growing up - about 3 weeks ago he had a column about her soccer team with all the other 4 year old girls that was one of the sweetest and funniest columns ever!
Very sad!

Tigger did make the rounds on the blog.

Sandy- You're welcome! *smiles* On the subject of pre-party cleaning, I'll agree with Eleanor- don't worry too much. Hey, if it's a good party, the place will probably get messy by the end anyway. *loves Sandy a MOATini*

Eleanor- Are you sure telephone hygiene is obsolete? I recall one spacefaring civilization that died out after it decided it didn't need telephone sanitizers anymore...(gold star to anyone who catches the reference)

Wurm, you mix a mean MOATini. Yum.

I admit that I don't get the reference, but if I had to guess, I'd say the author's initials are probably DA. Did I get that part right?

*decides to act like she's left the
MOAT until quiz is over*

Leetie, thanks for the old tigger blog link. I stand corrected, Dave did deal with the tigger lawsuit.

Eleanor (again)- I remember the column about the 4-year olds playing soccer and the parents who took the whole thing far too seriously. At his best, Dave Barry does far more than tell jokes or make fun of people- he has an insight into the human character and the ability to use that insight to pull at his readers' emotions through the page. That emotional pull helps him make others laugh, but it can be more poignant, too- as with the story about his young daughter's soccer team, or his very-long-ago now story about when his older son was hit by a car on halloween.

We need more writers like him, dammit!

Yes, the parents were on the sidelines yelling, Kick the ball, Kick the ball, and the little girls were hugging and talking! Wonderful!

All right, I'm really here and I give up - what's the answer, wurm?????

Jeff - 65F isn't warm either, so all that means is that it's cold in Phoenix too!!!!!

when i need to sterilize cell phones ,i find a rolling boil does this trick, it beats being eaten by a giant space goat!

Eeek, didn't mean for the telphone-sanitizer thing to torment anyone- insomniac, LOL at your hint. It's from Douglas Adams loony sci-fi "Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy" books. I believe the episode in question is from the second book, "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe," but I'm not sure- probably someone else here can correct me.

Two of the characters are randomly zapped across time and space after a teleporter accident and wind up on a giant space colony ship. There are millions of people onboard, mostly frozen, and they all seem to be rather stupid and/or silly.

Umm...already been interrupted once, and about to be interrupted again- response to be continued ASAP, but hopefull this won't leave Eleanor haning.

OK, I can't claim the gold start, but since I guessed the author I get the bronze, OK?

This might be a good day to reminisce about fave DB columns and books--most wee wee of mirth producing, that is.

I remember one very long, very strange cross-country flight during which I read DB Turns 40 (or was it 50?). I don't know what the people around me thought when I kept spewing my diet coke into the next row. Then, at the end, I was sobbing as he describes his mother's death. Not many writers can get you to run such an extreme gamut of emotions.

I agree he is at his best with the family stuff--little kids, wives, and dogs. I was so happy when he remarried and had Sophie--I knew that would provide the best kind of fodder for his columns!

I have not read all of his books. I have been saving them so there will always be one I haven't read. And I'm sure I missed columns that the Herald will likely keep on their site. So I still have plenty of Dave to look forward to, even if he really quits for good--which I don't think he will.

Eleanor haning.????????

Is that a sci-fi phenomenen?

I am waiting for rest of story but am also watching Rose Bowl (in different rom) so will check back in a llittle while -

Query: Why do college football games (which I only watch on New Years day and Orange Bowl) take so much longer than pro games?

It is 5:00 on the first day of the new year, and I just realized that I've now broken each of my new years resolutions at least twice. Three times. I think I need to be like Dave D. on the last thread and set attainable resolutions.

I resolve to... um... breathe. I resolve to take naps whenever possible. I resolve to... hey, wait, I could be taking a nap right now!

Way to go, neo! Take air in! Now let it out! And you're doing it while you're sleeping! Very impressive...

Oops..."hanging." I meant "won't leave Eleanor hanging" This is what happens when I don't preview...

Anyway, picking up on the telephone sanitizer story, the characters Arthur and Ford accidentaly wind up on an enormous space ship carrying a huge number of colonists to a new world. None of the colonists seem to be very bright. Arthur and Ford eventually piece together the ship's history, which follows:

Once upon a time, there was a race much like our own that suffered from overpopulation. The leaders of this society studied the problem, and decided that there were three kinds of people: The ones who made the decisions, the ones who actually did the work, and the ones in the middle who didn't seem to do ANYTHING useful. The race decided to fix their overpopulation problem by sending the middle (and they thought, useless) third of their population into space.

The colonists were selected and fed a variety of far-fetched cover stories, including the one insonmiac mentioned about the giant space goat that was about to eat their planet. The colony ship was launched, with the colonists believing the other two-thirds of their species would follow once the new world was ready. The group sent into space included a lot of service professions, including telephone sanitizers.

Shortly after the colony ship was launched, the two-thirds of the species that remained behind were wiped out by a virulent plague spread by telephone.

It surely goes to show something, but damned if I can remember what right now.

and Michigan is losing to Texas...NOOOOOOO

Neophyte- I have an engineer friend who resolves every year to obey the laws of physics. So far as I know, he's never broken it. *grin*

Damn gravity! It gets you every time....

That's a great story - thanks Wurm!
and Michigan's only behind by one touchdown - keep the faith, baby!!

Half time at the Rose Bowl - tie game!!!!!!!

Hey, hey! Pass the Jynnan Tonnyx or Ouisghian Zodahs. If those are not available at this time I'll just take a Pangalactic Gargleblaster.

This was a very blatant HGTTG reference. Don't even try to catch me on an obscure one. This and Harry Potter are my only areas of expertise, so I like to show it off.

Happy New Year All!! (I'm on Dad's computer, so I'll only be here briefly).

Hey Peri - Happy New Year! I'm out of here now too, but we have some catching up to do -hopefully you'll be around tomorrow!
Take care -
p.s. I so bow to your expertise because I don''t even know what HGTTG is!

Hey does anybody have the link to wysiwyg's farewell card to DB? I never signed it...

We're in the midst of snowstorm part II. I had to shovel for a long time to get my car out of it's space and it looks like I'll have to shovel again to get it back in. I hate winter. I hate prairie Canada. Why do I live here?

Thanks, Peri!

Why do you live in prairie Canada? Because it's there. Somebody has to. Why not you?

See, it all makes sense now.

LTTG. Oh, so LTTG...

And Thanks Lab for the Funpic link! (I'm sure Joshkr would understand ;-)

I've caught up (sortof) on this Moat-ile thread, but all I can think of is a New Year's Day comic strip of Garfield...he reaches out, checks the air, says, "Feels about the same."

Wurm, I'll check your links tomorrow (or someday, but Thanks! :-) Overdid, solitudinally even!, not noting the midnight of bringing in 2005 until 1:30 or so!

C'est la me...here's a funny. Y'all 'member waaayyy back in '99? Well, it was 11:30 or so and I decided to close my eyes for a bit. Had Dick Clark on, but was well drunken already. Next thing I know it's 1:30! Wit all the Y2K foofarah, I had all my computers on and the TV. I woke up, LTTG as usual. All is Fine! No computers pitched a fit, I still had power, and I got up, checked the kitchen water tap, Good, shut down the house and crawled my skinny ass into bed proper! That's the last time, I even tried to stay awake for the turning of another year.

P.S. I still have that 99/00 bottle of champagne in the fridge. Anyone know if it's still good?

Peri- You asked why do you live on the Canadian prarie? When I was going to to school in Minnesota, I had a funny old Asian religions professor. Someone asked him why he lived in Minnesota, and he answered that he'd had a wicked and delightfully sinful previous life in a tropical country and was now paying off karmic debt. So think of your Canadian winters as a kind of spiritual hangover.

Note that my old prof was one of those Zen guys who is never quite serious and never quite joking, so you learned to take off-the-cuff theology remarks with a grain of salt. *wink*

Jeff- I love Douglas Adams and his "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" series (HTTG) but I never particuarly liked the TV version. I think it just clashed too much with my mental image of how the characters looked and sounded. Plus, I just could not get over how crude many of the effects were, especially Zaphod's obviously paper-mache second head. Note that I am a fan of Red Dwarf and Doctor Who and am used to old cheesy BBC sci-fi shows, but the TV version of Hithchiker's crossed some kind of line. There is something to the old adage that radio has the best sets.

Since we're probably geeking out on a lot of MOATies, let me mention that the first book in this _hilarious_ series is called "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy", by the late great Douglas Adams, and can be easily found in the science fiction paperback section of most bookstores. The 4-book series is technically science fiction (there are spaceships and aliens) but it's really ABOUT the foibles of the human race in the 1980s. It started as a BBC radio series (excellent), there was also a British TV show (see above) and may one day be a movie from Disney (may the Great Prophet Zarquon preserve us)

For a similarly funny and insightful writer who's still active, I heartily recommend Terry Pratchett's Discworld fantasy books- start with "Wyrd Sisters" or "Guards, Guards"

I think there are a lot of big Douglas Adams fans on this blog. For me, DA is right up there with DB in terms of comic brilliance. As for H2G2, I agree that the best was the radio version--and where I heard it first. Arthur Dent was played by Simon Jones in both the TV and radio versions and he was absolutely perfect, IMO. But Zaphod didn't work for me at all on TV.

I am kind of dreading the movie. The book (published posthumously) Salmon of Doubt includes some bits about Adams's travails trying to get a movie made. You kinda wonder why, if they couldn't get it together during his lifetime, it would be better now. Or can they just get away with it because he's gone?

BTW, for those who don't know, Douglas Adams died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack while exercising on a treadmill. Aged 49, I think. It happened right around Sept 11, 2001 and that death really added to the horror of that time, for me.

Thanks for the tip about Terry Pratchett. I'd heard of him (her?) but didn't know anything. I'll check it out.

Judi just posted this on today's thread:

check the column page for dave's "final for now" column, which should be arriving on the web site about 3 a.m., and the slide show of photos through the years that accompanies it. for those who are local: it's running on 1A in the print version.

Weird. I was the only one at the MOAT when I went to bed last night and I'm the only one awake this morning. I guess I didn't sleep much. Why not? Oh yeah, I'm having a party today! Here, have some blini and vodka...

I can tell you there are some pretty cute pix of Dave at the Herald. And there's even one of Michelle and Sophie!

Good morning, Eleanor! I guess the east coasties are sleeping in! We're one hour behind you so it's 7. I got up at 6 to mix a batch o' blini--has to rise twice.

Good morning sandy, I'm here - and I'd love some blini's! I thought the pictures were great too and I think it's really sad that we won't get to "watch" Sophie grow up - through Dave's columns!
It's 8a.m. here in su.so.ca (rain later) - what time is it in your (not you're) area - I've been trying to get a fix on that for some time -

Maybe the server stuck my last post above yours because it likes arranging all my posts together.

Or the server just likes you best and wanted you to look brilliant by answering questions before they're asked - let's see where this one winds up!


Oh, lovely. A precognizant web server that plays favorites.

No good can come of this, mark my$#&@$#W%#$$#


Is everyone too sad to come out and play today??? Misery loves company, you know!

Or did the server not only terminate Wurm42, but the entire MOAT colony???

*scoots out at high rate of speed*

judi - there's a thread on 6/22/04 headlined FIRST that some of us MOATies have been playing a silly (but fun) game on for quite a while. However, Paranoid Android stretched the margins some time ago, and then, like the weasel he is, disappeared!!!
Is it possible you can fix that one???
I remain,
hopefully yours,

Eleanor: next week, Jets at San Diego to kick some Chargers butt. Be there.

I told you. In today's NY Daily News there's a headline: "Balmy Temps Chagrin Bears." Seems the Polar Bears were not happy with the 60 degrees yesterday. They quote one Antonio Conejo, 59, as saying: "I like it when I can lay down in the snow and read the paper. I'm very upset because it's different."

I think Antonio needs to get back on his meds.

Wurm, we are in a medieval swannery. And yes, it seems there is still confetti around and a waterford crytal ball here, though the pole seems to have vanished.

Hey Wurm, glad you made it back - it's Chargers half time, Chargers 10, Kansas City 3 - Doug Flutie is at quarterback - we're resting Brees so he can kick the sh*t out of the Jets next week, Jeff(!)
Jeff, it's hard for me to hate the Jets - I'm an AFL fan from waaaay back - Joe Willie and all, ya know, but next week they must go down!!!!!!

RE: blog time - Joshkr told me that the time is set to Eastern Time, where Dave is, but that when Daylight Savings time ended, it didn't go back an hour - sometimes that makes sense, but sometimes not - IMHO, we should think of it as existential time! I'm in San Diego and it''s 2:50pm -
Wurm, where are you and what time is it??

I think Antonio needs to get back on his meds.
I couldn't agree more, Jeff! At the beginning of the Chargers game, the announcers told everyone that it was a cold day here -55F!!

Paging Wurm 42, paging Wurm 42:

Where are you Wurm? Did your computer crash again or have you just abandoned me? Boy, you get drunk and get in a hot tub with someone at a party and after that they think they can treat you like....

However, I just got the complete Monty Python's Flying Circus DVD set for Christmas, so what can I say but bwahahaha?

Wow, cool. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean?

Eleanor, I was teasing you. As a fan of the Giants I have no vested interest other than that the Jets are a NY team (and, as you said, of the old Namath days). I'm expecting the Chargers to win next week, but who knows? What really gets me is this: all the crappy NFC teams who don't deserve to be in the playoffs at all. I'm sorry, but 8-8 should not qualify you for the playoffs.

It's 8:05 EST but the blog clock is an hour later.

*wanders in all sore*

Ya know, nothing says "Happy New Year" like getting together with the irish side of the family, drinking too much beer, and wrestling around the living room with the football-player-shaped uncle. That was last night. It hurts when I breathe. I need some painkillers. What to take...ah! A beer!

Oooh...Leetie fluffed me? *feeling much better now*

"medieval swannery" ;-) Bad me, the thoughts of cybernetic Lass named Swan do but overfill my head! :-)

Not so LTTG, but tired of the foofarah...the NFL playoffs can jest go on with or without me! I'll check back for a few, the maybe, and the SuperBowl. Anyone have a tranq for John Madden?!

I get to meet Slyeyes and Bismuth tomorrow! Woohoo!!!!

Slyeyes promised she wouldn't be wearing any underwear. But then again, so did Bismuth. I'm wearing 3 pairs to make up for them. These thongs feel funny...

Jeff: 8-8 should not qualify you for the playoffs.

Hmmm, obviously talking about the Rams. And I agree. The NFC West sucks this year. I heard one armchair QB offer up that it's because the division is so evenly matched. Gimme a break!

I'm predicting an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl.

By the way, got off the phone a little bit ago with both Josh and Bis. We're finalizing the plans for getting together tomorrow. Josh had called and while I was talking to him, Bis called. I amazed myself by figuring out how to conference call on my cell phone.

The three of us are meeting up for dinner tomorrow night, and Josh and I are also going to have lunch tomorrow.

As I was telling them, I think this whole blog community thing is pretty phenomenal; especially the opportunities we've all taken to get to meet each other.

Pretty amazing.

I haven't had a chance to get caught up on the Christmas Moat and this one. I was visiting my sister who has dial-up and got pretty frustrated with it. After having DSL and wireless for the last year and a half, I've been spoiled and just don't have the patience for it.

Oh, by the way, the computer at my sister's is in my niece's room. Her room is decorated with a tropical theme; and as usual, is pretty much trashed. All dresser drawers are opened and clothes spilling out, etc. etc. With the combination of the tropical theme and the condition of the room, it has now been dubbed the Tsunami Room.

NOT that I'm at all making light of the situation in Asia. I wish they'd quit giving the death toll numbers. At this point, the numbers are incomprehensible. I just can't fathom it.

I'm going to call the Red Cross tomorrow and ask about volunteer opportunities locally. I understand they may need help manning phone banks and then some office help with collections.

One report I found amazing was from Thailand. It was reported that there was very little looting. They said it just wasn't in the Thai culture to do that, and that there has been an extraordinary amount of cooperation among the people affected.

Catch you all later.

I said I wasn't wearing underwear????

I've GOT to start taping my phone conversations!

Josh and Bis, have safe trips tomorrow! Can't wait to meet you guys!

Slyeyes...no worries, I taped it. You're great when you start moaning and going "yes YES YES!!!" like Meg Ryan in that movie I can't remember the name of.

btw...you'll find me absolutely boring in person. Apologies in advance.

Darn...everyone must be gone.

*sitting here listening to the over-sized, underbrained boxer puppy snore while Sam, mom's 3-legged black cat has made my lap his couch*

Guess I'll go look for silly stuff...

Woohoo! Congrats on a party well-thrown, Sandy!

Erm...love me some ginger vodka, please...

FWIW, my party was a big success. I was worried that no one would come, but everyone did, including some people who apparently thought "RSVP" was optional. 27 guests. They devoured the blini with smoked salmon, black cod, lox, and salmon roe. They ate pretty much everything we put out--and that was a lot. We also served vodka that we had infused with flavors--anise, ginger, and jalapeno. They loved that too. Most of them hadn't been to our house before -- we managed to clean it up fairly well so I let them wander at will. As soon as they left we both collapsed. I'm exhausted, but in a good way. The kitchen might not be clean for days but I don't care...

See? I knew your party was a success before you even posted :)

So...how did the strippers work out?

Yea, Sandy! Sounds like the party was fun! Now you can relax.

Eleanor! Fairest Eleanor! I have not abandoned you, my lady! Just, truly, the computer here is having serious issues and there have been other things going on here today...I'm still visiting my family, not sitting alone in my apartment with my own broadband connection.

I shall never forget our hot tub...the memory warms my, er, heart, on cold winter nights.

*Stares for a long time at the swannery pond*

This may be nice for waterfowl and all but...hmmm...

*goes in search of a very large boiler and a lot of pvc pipe*

And yay Sandy on your party success!

Speaking of waterfowl, what on earth has happened to Federal Duck?

Neo...not sure. Show some leg...that should bring him back!

From a plaque on my mom's wall:
"Come in, sit down, relax, converse
Our house doesn't always look like this
Sometimes it's even worse"

Sounded MOAT-worthy ;)

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