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December 30, 2004


Frog thieves.


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Or rubit.

Nothing like pissing off the karma gods ...

Didn't our little frog thief ever watch Brady Bunch? Remember when Bobby "found" the totem artficat and all those bad things started happening to the Brady family ??

Our thief is D-E-D dead.

Hey Jeff.

Me fine.

How you?


ooh, I must be psychic ... I answered Jeff's question before he asked it. :)

Hey, wasnt this a movie? Attack of the Frog Snatchers? And yes, Abalone and the Frog Snatchers wbagnfarb.

I bet the culprit is some radical salamandar support group that is pissed about the Illinois election results. There will be a ransome note in tomorrow's paper

maybe the frog just "croaked"? I had a dog for many, many years and when his time came, he simply hid himself in the woods and passed away quietly. Well, I am guessing it was quietly...if a dog dies in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Anyhoo.....

I think that Warren Behan, Powell River's #1 Realtor, should be brought in for questioning.

I mean year after year? The guy's gotta be up to something...

froggy went a-missin' , mmm-hmm

Please return the frog to the local authorities so that bad things stop happening to this blog, i.e. the posts come out in the correct order again.


I see they haven't even considered the possibility that the frog came to life, put on some clothes, and got himself elected to the state senate.

Will people never learn?

Lurker, you are so right. Just look at his picture, you can tell he is up to no good. He has that sly evil grin, like he has something up his sleeve....could it be a frog?

maybe the cuplrit was a confused toad licker?

check the emergency rooms for any reports of tongue splinters.

I cried when I read about the purloined amphibian
The culprit obviously one with a cranium simian

"Dude! Look what I got, a big wooden frog!
I'll prolly get mentioned on Dave Barry's blog!"

I hope that his karma forever turns vile
and completely remove his squid-eating smile

may his hair all fall out and his arteries harden
may his sister get married to the punter named "Farden"


...punter named "Farden" ?!?

In a frog poem? I've seen people reach for a rhyme before, but jeez...

Amphibian/simian was pretty good though. :-)

How about "Mr.Toad" in "Wind in the Willows? He kept driving recklessly and ended up in jail. He escaped by dressing up as a cleaning woman.
Perhaps, Mr. Frog found a fellow conspirator that assisted him in his dismount from the Totem pole and in his escape from "Welcome Park." Gremlins are good at playing tricks. Maybe he disliked being on the bottom of the "heap."

Sandy: I was refering to the 4th comment in the "Miami is not like where you live" thread.

Actually the whole poem was just an excuse to bring up the punter named Farden again.

The FCC probably took the little froggie away. Rumor has it that the little guy had exposed frog nipples.

Mud - excellent!. I'm betting they start getting photos from around the world featuring the frog, since the gmones told him what fun they had on their last holiday!

I still like that anyone with a lead on the crime should call the RCMP.

They'll earn a new slogan: "We always get our frog." (Let's hope they really deserve it.)

Football is such an invasive sport. Now it's taking over a poem about a poor missing frog! Where will it all end!?!

When girls take over the sport and find the frog disguised as Julius Jones of the 'Cowboys!'

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