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December 28, 2004


(Thanks to Phil)


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So the Irish haven't won a bowl game in 11 years and the Beavers have won 4 out of the last 10 or so. Well, I have a recipe for Irish Cream Liquor that will help make their game. (One way or the other)
Place in blender, 4 eggs, 1 tablespoon vanilla, 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup. Add 7 oz. of Seagram's 7 or any good blend, and 1 can of Eagle Brand Milk. Blend for 2 minutes and then pour in to bottles and cork! (recipe makes about 26 ozs.)

mmm Irish Cream! My aunt made us all some for Christmas.



Rayne in Oregon

I am so proud to live in Oregon. Really.

I'm even married to a Beaver. Life's a little different out here....

We guys all should be married to beavers. Or at least closely asociated with them.

So the irish have a leaky secondary and they need to patch it up if they intend to spend the night with the Beavers? Do they need their urinary tract replaced or what? And just how do the Beavers feel about the Irish spending the night with them? Does the Pope know about it? Would he approve?

This particular pun should've been retired forever in 1976 when the congressional election in my home town (Tacoma, WA) featured Democrat Norm Dicks vs Republican Jim Beaver. Life's been a gray and lackluster affair for local headline writers ever since...

Just remembered my favorite: "Fur Flies as Beaver Takes On Dicks!"

Beavers: little critters that live down by streams with big teeth.

" ... some of our best practices ... "

Practicing for a battle with the Beavers ...

and how, one might ask, are they practicing?

first? (neener)

Wow...we're on MOAT 18 in less than 12 months!

Neo beat me to the MOAT I declared (as if I can)? No fair!

(heh heh) I beat you to it! ;-) Neener!


I woke up sneezing a couple hours ago and can't seem to stop.


Hey, Neo, has your company left?

*hides the pepper shaker*

Yes Sly, my parents whom I truly love dearly have gone home. *happy dance around the new MOAT*

I take it back...Sly declared this MOAT

*unpacks the kleenex and loves it to Slyeyes*

*decides to leave the rest of the boxes to unpack tomorrow*

Thanks, Neo.


I'm taking a vacation day and it looks like I've been ambushed by allergies.

With most of the attorneys being out this week, and since I didn't get a "me" day on my one week vacation (that was actually three days), I'm taking the day off to 1) go on a bike ride and 2) sit on the patio on the sunshine and read.


This is so unfair!

Neo, I know what I'm doing up at this hour, (sneezing my head off) what are you up to?

Woo hoo.. new Moat!! Ignoring the fact that I've been up for almost 19 hours and I have very few hours left to sleep before getting up again tomorrow. Thank you for a new speedy Moat. I don't like to complain, and I try not to, but this IS a LOT faster. Can someone help me hang my hammock in that corner? Yes, the corner by the Gothic-looking door with the large and complicated lock. That's my dunge... ummm, never mind.

*Subsides into hammock, not to be heard from for a few hours.*

*Leaves tray of Wild Beavers outside the dunge... um.. the big door. ALso hooks up Killer Coffee Vat for the morning.*

Playing the Naming Game.. I can't read the article. If anyone can tell me what it's about, that would be a BIG help. All I can think of is Leave MOAT to Beaver. But that's probably not the reference you were looking for. Neither that, nor Dr Harry C. Beaver, whose parents should have been slapped for that particular choice.

Article's about the Irish -vs- Beavers and has a recipe for Irish Creme MOATaritas. Best served after being chilled and filtered through a Beaver Skin.

*can't believe he typed that out loud*

*Pushes in welcome tray of paakes and fruit and pastries*
Good morning new MOAT. MOATcreme anyone?

*Checks out the shadows*

Kaf. - nor Dr. Harry Beaver,whose parents should have been slapped for that particular choice

They should have been slapped with big paddle-y tails !

Nice pick Sly- Ever since we moved into the last Moat, I had noticed the Moat next door and how it was always out washing the car, sunbathing, trimming hedges, feeding beavers, etc. and I think the Moat next door is HOT!

Somebody turn on the A/C!

You know Wolfie when you stand with both hands behind your back like that, it sure makes your .......s stick way out. (NTTAWWT!! Not at all!)

*A/C isn't working, Runs back to the basement to take a COLD shower*

(I sure am glad all the Moats come equipped with connecting tunnels from basement to basement)

*before running away, stealthly applied TAG to Marvin and Wolfies left cheeks, respectively*

YaY! An early morning tag.
*grabs staple gun and bar tab to tag Mr.Fishair*

*wraps stealth cloak around self and stalks after Mr.Fishair*

*zips in carrying kibby's penguin thong*

Hey kibby, it's very hard to have humility without a penguin thong!

*averts eyes*
*hee, hee, I said hard*
*goes to check out new digs*

*tapping microphone*

This thing on?
Test 1, 2!

Helloooo! I've missed you all! Thanks for the breadcrumbs. I've missed alot.

The little one and I had a nice time at my sister's house in Florida. It was sunny and 84 degrees one day, but we spent that day visiting with family, so no beach action. Wednesday it was cloudy and in the low 70s, so still nice and warm. We saw dolphins at a marina.

My sister's house is very close to where Terry Schiavo was, and it was on the news non-stop. We briefly considered going over to join the protestors, perhaps holding up a sign protesting a completely unrelated topic, but decided to go drink beer and eat crawfish and jambalaya instead. She is also close to an extreme makeover home, and I got to see the finished product before anyone else (neener!). My sister was there every day stalking Ty during the renovation, so when the episode airs, she'll probably be seen right up front. I don't think she got to meet Ty, but she did schmooze a bit with the other dude with the rectangular glasses. The finished home is really nice and it is really out-shining all the little 70's built shacks on the block. Two of my aunties know the owner of the house. Small world!

I guess I've probably had 2 musical gigs since last time I checked in. I'm singing 2 songs now and I actually get applause! The most recent performance went well, but the club owner was an intolerably cheap ignorant f#*k. He was threatening not paying us almost as soon as we walked in the door. Luckily we got (and quickly cashed) our pitiful paycheck, and are already working-up a contract for all future gigs. And raising our price - alot.


Good morning everyone from su.so.ca. - where it is!
Sorry about your rain Jeff!
*tried to say that without dripping sarcasm - failed miserably*

Speaking of baseball Jeff, this coming Sunday ESPN is showing Yankees v. Red Sox, 8pm Eastern - I'll get to see my darling A-Rod again - as long as the ugliest man on Earth isn't pitching!

Today is "Expulsion of the Demons of Bad Luck Festival" - How fortuitous! This new Moat will be Demon-free!

Yiddish Word of the Day

impudence, brazenness
Joshkr had a lot of chutzpah to unilaterally move Moaties to a new Moat!

(But since Everybody loves Joshkr it's OK!)

Hooray for Leetie!
May I please have your autograph????

*hopes she will remember her fellow Moaties when she goes on World Tour*

Thanks! We're actually hoping to open for somebody really cool this summer at a local musicfest. We should know in a month or so.

Jeff, How is Jackie doing? Give her my best.

Welcome Home, LEETS!!

Ele- No worries, she already made our 1st Album cover. (I saw it again the other day, IT's SUHWEET!)

Hey, What the?


Where'd that come from??

Hi Leetie! You back home, or still down in Pinealles Park?

Begging question is: "Did you eat at Crabby Bills?" and if "H3LL YES!", "Which one?"

I don't know where the hospice in question is located, but I've a house at Bardmore, if you're familiar with that area.

*prepares himself to be jealous*


*Sinks further into shadows*

Sunday Morning

It's so nice to listen to a radio station that makes you smile early in the morning!

*hugs for Susan*

Yo all. Still sick. Better than yesterday though. Spent all day in bed.

Apparently I am never going to get a day all to myself. Yesterday one roommate was home all day. Today another one was.

I called in sick to work tonight- to the secretaries- and then got a call from the teacher pissed at me. Like it's my fault I have an ear infection?

My mom had a great time. But I apparently missed her call last night. It was 1 am. I think she thought it was only midnight. I was out cold though. I don't even remember hearing the phone ring.

I had something to say on the whole Terri Schiavo/death penalty/abortion debate, but it's so LTTG now, I don't think I'm going to bother.

No bother at all BlogetwellsoonChik.

They are all still current events,no?

If you need any help with what to say about it, I can help you with the TAGline. ;)

*Grabs a flashlight and heads into the darkness of the deep shadows*

Dahyum, the batteries are ded. D E D dead.

Wow, Kibby, my sister lives in a condo in a development called Bardmoor in Largo. Is that it???? I'm home in VA now, and no, didn't get to Crabby Bill's. We got our mudbugs at a place on a bayou called the Cajun Cafe. Highly recommended.

Hey Leetie, that's the place. Though you seem to spell it better. I'm less that a mile from those condos. I'm directly across the street from Bardmoor Elem. It would be a WONDERFUL place for F2 to live, alas....

Cajun Cafe? Thinks I know where that is but haven't been there before. I'll have to try it. My MUST HIT places are Mugs and Jugs, Crabby Bills (at least once) and a good bbq place.

Hi, guys!

Couldn't do much yesterday with my brain AND my eyes fried. (Damned infection. It's OK now.)

Blogchik -- Stuff like that's never LTTG. I've been discussing the death penalty and abortion since junior high. Go for it. And get well, soon.

Leetie -- How 'bout drinking beer AND protesting?

Drunken Protesters wbagnfarb.

Morning all! (even if the time says afternoon...it's still morning here)

From the catching up...

Bismuth, was the stopover in Charlotte, NC? So close.

Kaf, I agree on the 4am. There should not be a 4 in the am. It is just very very wrong, and clearly not a time to be getting up.

Eleanor, coyote poop in the driveway? Yikes!

Jeff, I hope all goes well with Jackie at the doctor. Even though I am wildly jealous that you will see the Eagles, and Santana/Los Lonely Boys and Meatloaf this summer.

ahhhhhhhhhhh, I just woke up. again.

I had a middle-of-the-night attack of the sneezies, but was wide awake enough to help move the moat. Then I took some allergy meds and went back to sleep for 6 hours.

Good thing I decided to take a vacation day.

Oddly enough, the sneezies are gone. Not complaining!!! Esp. since I'm getting ready to go on a bike ride. We've got great weather for it!! woooo hooo!

Leetie, good to see you're back! And congrats on Taco Cats' performances.

Blogchik and Alex, hope you both get to feeling better soon.

El, are you serious about moving or was that temporary insanity? If you are really serious, we can kvetch together about moving woes.

*leaves to check Yiddish dictionary to make sure she used "kvetch" correctly.*

*remembers she doesn't have a Yiddish dictionary*

Oy vey.

Scene: A World War I trench, a Sergeant-Major is giving a pep-talk to his men:

S-M: Remember men, even though it's overdue, the next post could be about anything! So be ready, get those puns, limericks and anagrams in tip-top shape!

Soldier One: Not squid! I can take anything but squid!

Soldier Two: I hope it's about someone's penis!

S-M: You always say that, Johnson!

(a Runner delivers a message to the Sergeant-Major)

S-M: Men, we've got some advance word. In strict defiance of all rules of war, it will be about the Cher/Manilow love child that Cameron Diaz will be surrogate mother for.

Soldiers: The horror! The horror!
(they run away)

Nice digs. I'll be lying around under the MOATarita bar, as usual.
Jeff - I gave up on that movie after about 20 minutes..didn't have anyone to make fun of it with...did it get better, or amusingly worse?
BTW - if we get back to the "favorite album" conversation and Born to Run ain't on it, I'll tip over the bar...

Alex- I have only been discussing abortion since I was in high school, but I have you beat by about 10 years- long enough to tire of the topic.

Short version (too tired to be eloquent, sorry): I'm against abortion, but I can see why some people are not, and I would never condemn somebody who felt they had to do it. (Because I have never met nor encountered anybody who did it with any flippancy. Most people I've ever talked to about it felt pressured into it by SOMEBODY.) I also have a relative who feels guilty for hers, over twenty years later. (She was pressured by her husband and my father.) Besides the fact that I think it's wrong for anybody to knowingly take a life (yes, I also oppose the death penalty), I think it does too much harm to the living- both psychologically and physically.
In cases where the mother's life is in danger, then it's obviously justified. Rape and incest- well, it's not the baby's fault how it was conceived. But I wouldn't argue against it being an exception. In the case of physical disabilities, I still don't think we have the right to decide if a baby lives or dies based on such things. In some places, girl babies are being aborted at a horrifying rate because they are not as valued as boy babies, and now they have (surprise!) an adult female shortage. I think this is only one degree of separation. Thank God they can't tell eye color in the amniotic fluid yet.

Death penalty- I'm against it. There are too many cases of people being wrongfully imprisoned. Why compound that with something permanent? That's not the only reason though- if I believe it's wrong to take a life, then it logically follows that it's wrong for ANYBODY to take a life. Including the state (which, as we all know, is not that reliable at times...)

Although on a purely emotional level I'd like to see it happen to serial killers and serial rapists. Actually I'd like to see all rapists Bobbitted, but that's just me...

Terri Schiavo- Personally, I feel like if there's somebody willing to care for her, let them. Of course it's a moot point at this point. But these things are rarely cut and dried. The whole case is tragic.

OK, that's my say, and I hope I haven't offended anybody...I have heard it said that having an abortion is like an animal gnawing off its leg in a trap, it's that much an act of desperation, and I can believe it...

Here in Russia it's been legal since the 1920s, it was pretty much the only method of birth control, and still is (more or less) a fact I find tragic...FWIW the birth-to-death ratio here is 1 to 3...

I'm feeling too braindead for eloquence....

And I have to get 3 essays polished and ready to go BY THURSDAY. AARGH!

Right now just staying upright feels like an accomplishment. I think I need to, like, eat something. (When I get sick I don't eat- I'm just like my dad. Unfortunately, dear ol'dad once got hospitalized for dehydration during an infection. Hey, come to think of it, so did I...in college...)

Jeff- I am jealous of your itenerary too! Glad to hear Jackie is doing so well, though I hope she gets to sleep better at night. Have you checked out thyroid.about.com yet? Lots of good info about thyroid stuff there. Doctors tend to undermedicate. Good luck to her and keep us posted.

At kibby's suggestion, your Russian word for the day:,


Meaning: Clearly, of course, obviously

Example: -Blogchik, you're sick!

Forgot to make this clear: you pronounce it


Hi Blogchik!

Kudos to Leetie!

A piece of a truck or something flipped up and smashed my windshield at 80 MPH this morning. *sigh* Almost increased my heartrate.

[grabs a Paake or two]

Gotta run. Busy as a beaver lately.

[Ponders whether the analogy is apt given contemporary vernacular]

Can someone give me the link to the radio station you all seem to be talking about?

Way to go, Blogchik -

Soon we will all be multi-lingual Moaties!
BTW - are you able to listen to Susan's radio station?

sorry, sly - I won't be able to kvetch with you about moving - I couldn't afford to move anywhere here in so.ca. = the median price for houses here in San Diego is over $500,000 - so
kaneshna it's not an option for me!

Here comes Susan's request hour!

*waving from the Shadows*

Hi ya'll.

Still getting caught up from being gone so long.
And sick - apparently a side effect of being preggers is I get sinus infections every time I fly!
(Blogchick - I feel for you! luckily, this time I don't have an ear infection, too... last time I did. It was MISERABLE!!! Get Well Soon!)

Sly - re: moving... its not the moving thats so bad, its the packing!! err.. UNpacking.

I was so excited that we finally had a guest bedroom... we even put the kiddoes in the SAME room to manage it... umm... said guest bedroom is currently floor to ceiling with boxes!

Supposedly the in-laws are coming this weekend to help us sort through them. Lord knows I'm not much help in that area... I'll open a box then decide that sleep is more important...

Umm... forgot what else I was going to comment on...


Jeff - thats cool ya'll are getting to see LLB at Madison Sq. Garden! I used to see them a lot when they just played around town here in Austin... its kinda trippy to me that they are playing a venue that big, with Santana no less!
They put on a great show! (or they used to, last I saw)

Ok.. thats really all I remember. Gotta go finish making my way through the pile of cra... err.. work.. on my desk!

*wandering back into the shadows*

End of the Innocence

My request - yay!!!!!!!

Poor Deon! Glad you're Ok.
Lucky Beaver!

Deon...Susan's station is here! Just click on "Listen to Braves Football" link under the jukebox. Braves football is not on. But Start Me Up is! Oh wait...now it is Eleanor's request of Don Henley. Woohoo!


Leetie...Congrats on more singing! I'll be checking your website for MP3s of you!

Eleanor...Me? Chutzpah? Kaneshna!

re: no 4 AM - that reminds me of Family Guy, where everyone is just coming home from a 5AM Church Mass...

Lois: "*Yawn* That was a lovely service Francais"
Meg: "Super...and only 3 hours til school."
Chris: "I didn't even know there was a 5am Mass...I didn't know there was a 5am...what else haven't you told me?!"

Oddly, that's all I can think of to say that this junction in time.

jamester -

Obviously Born To Run is one of the all time greatest songs - why don't you send a request to Susan and maybe she'll play it tomorrow!

*wonders is Susan would consider changing name of station to WMOAT*

Susan...can we request our favorite sexual enhancement product commercial for the lunch hour?

*snickers and runs*

Yes! My song!

...I will remember youuuuuuuu...


Think I'll leave the singing up to Leetie and Crash.

I turned off WCRE to watch a movie emailed to me, and now I get a server not available message when I try to reconnect to it.

I'm hearing my Ding A Ling!!


*falling out of my chair laughing*

Who requested My Dingaling? I didn't catch it.

El.. she could always have them changed to WOOT. That's 4 letters and starts with a W. That and we'd get it. South Carolina might not understand why we're messing with their radio station though.

I was watching The Amazing Race last night, first episode of series 7. Yes, I know we're behind the US. I just wanted to point out that one team of "best friends" was from SC, and one of them had an accent sooooo thick, they had to give him subtitles!!

I heard someone asking for it at the last Moat, but I can't remember who it was.

I've got major CRS today. It's going to be a fun day. I leave early for work.. I'm at work by 8 at the latest and I get home around 9:30 tonight. I'm soooo not looking forward to today already.

I knew Josh would like the sexual enhancement product ads...not that he would need them. (not that I would know anything about that)

Precious and Few!
I thought i was the only one who loved that song - it takes me back to the time when HE and I only had our lunch hour to.... er...never mind!

*hee, hee*

Neo dirty danced with her brother! Pass it on!

to eat lunch, of course!

Get your minds out of the gutter!

Donna requested Climax, Precious and Few, huh?

Good song! Great way to announce it!

hehehehe... look what I just found a recipe for (and I'll post it here for everyone rather than at the recipe den.. maybe there as well....)

Bloody Mary Pops Recipe
Courtesy of David Tutera

Wash and remove stems from one container of cherry tomatoes. Place tomatoes in Tupperware and pour a ½ cup vodka over them. Cover and refrigerate overnight. When ready, skewer with bamboo and serve on a bed of coarse sea salt.

This was featured on The View last week and I missed it (I checked the website) I watch The View here, but I don't see it till a week later (in theory so they can keep their days straight, I have to wait a week. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if I was only a day behind. If I can figure out the time diffs between countries, I can manage to sort out what day of the week I'm watching, if it doesn't correspond to the day here. They let Letterman get away with it, but he screens on a different channel here. I think it's all an excuse. FOr what, I don't know, but it makes me feel better to think that.)

I may need to talk to the computer guy about our site so more people can listen.

I am also behaving here, while looking for music, I found "Billy Don't be a Hero."

I am refraining from playing it.

Although, I seem to remember a time (long long ago) when it was one of my all time favorites.

The Anita Ward, however, was a bit of an accident. Well, I'm sure someone somewhere wanted to hear it...

I can go get lunch now!

Oh, no, I can't.

I sent my car to get washed and it isn't back yet. He promised, swore I think, that it would be back in an hour.

2 hours so far.

Kaf, the Bloody Mary Pops sound good...May have to try them.

I usually can listen Susan. It's only been the last couple of mornings that it won't connect. I'll check it tonight. Hopefully I can hear it then. If not, it might be ny POCC. I'll let you know.

Here in the main studio, we did away with the computer mouse some time ago, getting a trackball. Over the weekend the equipment was rearranged a bit, moving the trackball from the right side, to left. There isn't really room on the right now, so I am trying to get used to using it left-handed.

As I am not left handed, it is taking some getting used to. I think the fact that it is a trackball and not a mouse makes it a little easier though.


I requested Precious & Few and can't listen to it. I'm getting an error message.

My freshman year of college, I dated a guy who was in a band. We didn't get to date much since he had gigs on the weekend, and then during the week we were studying. Whenever I'd attend one of his gigs, he'd sing that for me because the times we could be together were precious and few.

Then I started dating the ex and the rest is history.

Listening to Susan's station last week and all of the oldies reminded me of him.

Wonder where he is now?

Thanks, Susan, for playing it.

Susan - I can't get in either. Oh well - get that computer guy to open up some more connections!

Nice new place - always happy to be around a beaver...

Leetie - way to go on the gigs! Be sure to get payment up front! Any new Taco Cat recordings available?

/break - back to work...

It works for me, but then again there's not much I can't do on a computer. Not that I'm bragging or anything.

Sorry you can't hear it. If you have Windows Media Player as your default, but have Real Player, on the WCRE Homepage right click on the 'Listen to Braves Football', left click on 'Copy Shortcut' and then open Real Player, go to File->Open, and paste into that box. Then click on 'OK' and it should open. But that may not do anything different (did I mention it works for me no matter which I use to play?)

I went to Orana Park on Monday. I learned a disturbing fact that I was going to share with you then, but I completely forgot at the time. It made me think of all of you because it was about Moats!!

The spider monkey enclosure is surrounded by a moat. (made me think of the pic at Moatelle Cali). Then one of the park guides came around because it was feeding time and she was doing a "walk around" feeding commentary. The reason that there is a moat around the spider monkeys is that they're terrified of water. It makes sure that they can't escape. The cages/bars are more for keeping us out than keeping them in.. they're never going to leave their island. They do have an enclosure that they can get to without hopping in the water, but I felt really sorry for them. Poor little babies.

On a lighter. more Moatworthy note, I saw the rhinos that you see pictured on the front page. 1 male 2 females. Apparently the night before we were there, there was some mating between the male and the dominant female. It will take as much as 6 months for anyone to figure out if the female is pregnant, because the rhinos can't have too much human contact and their hide is too tough to "palpate" to feel if there's a baby in there. Pregnancy averages out at 16 months and newborns weigh around 140lbs. That's a lotta baby!

an adult female shortage!!!???


*notices Di has passed his thong onto Eleanor...*

Hum, MeThinks Me's got a plan....

oh.. and a little TMI.. a male rhino can perform several times a night for around 30-35 mins at a time. I didn't do the research and I don't want to know who did.

*is thinking Dr Harry C. Beaver, but won't say that out loud.*

Oh... and according to my AWAD email.. that's a paralipsis. I'd have to undelete it to check the spelling.. might be 2 l's. A paralipsis is drawing attention to a thing by mentioning that you're not mentioning it .

"I wouldn't say that Kaf is an alcoholic, but did you see her do the 10-moatarita slam last night?" is a good.. if inaccurate example.

Josh, how did Susan announce Precious And Few?

You know Kaf, there's some of those facts that I really wonder about. WHO DID the study?

And how?

Last night, the only thing I scarfed down was a scoop of garlic chips... very nice. I will have to gargle with Clorox to unclog my arteries, but it was worth it.

true kibby.

*remembers old joke*

Who figured out how to get milk from cows and what did he think he was doing at the time??

(sorry for the male generalisation there, but it can't possibly have been a female that figured it out.)
/sexism.. for now.

By request...the playlist for today, along with notes of who requested what.

Some of them were my choice...those would be the ones with no name by them.

Tuesday 3-29-05 Sharecroppers All Request Lunch Hour
Tec report
“Start Me Up” Rolling Stones
“End of the Innocence” Don Henley---Eleanor
“Feel Like Making Love” Bad Company
“I Will Remember You” Sarah McLachlin---Josh
“My Ding-A-Ling” Chuck Berry---Barry(Mr.Fishair)
“Free Fallin’” Tom Petty
“Precious and Few” Climax---Donna (slyeyes)
“Ring My Bell” Anita Ward

My car has returned...an hour, he promised. More like close to 3 hours. He said he won't charge me the next time.

I am off to lunch...may have to get a little bike riding in...or put the bike on the car and ride part of the way back to work. May do that.

Well, I really did't want to bring this up, but seeing as Kaf metioned "30 - 35 min. performances" without "performance enhancing pills, creams, drugs, lights, photographs or magazines, clappers, movies/videos/8 mms, cardboard cutouts or puppets" I know .....

never mind.

I won't tell you what they use to turn the males on. I do know but it falls into the WWWWWWWTMI category.

Kaf-If you say pictures of Cher, well, I'll I certainly won't believe it. Probably.

Thanks Susan!! You rocked out to my dingaling!


You know what I'm sayin.

Hey, Anyone seen Mrs.Robinson?

Oh, God Bless you.

a classic Spongebob quote .. and I thought this was a children's show!!

Squidward:I've heard better comebacks from a turkey sandwich!

Thank you Marvin! I did what you said and now I can listen to WCRE. It looks like Windows Media Player is not happy with files that start with "mms" instead of "http", but Real One Player doesn't seem to care...

Hey, Anyone seen Mrs.Robinson?

I heard a rumor that she's with Joe DiMaggio, Mr. Fisher!

sly - I'm sorry you missed Precious and Few, but I enjoyed it enough for both of us! I guess a lot of us have a "precious and few" memory!!

Susan - Just can't get your station either -
*just passing along info* (pun intended)

*considers herself one of the lucky ones*

*zips out*

oooh... I used to have Real Player. No longer. Until 2 days ago the radio station worked just fine. I will try d/l Real Player again and see if it helps

Thanks Smarvin ... and*TAG*

Joe Dimaggio and Mr.Fisher are making a Mrs.Robinson turkey sandwich!! Pass it on!!

*waves and heads out the door for a loooong blogfree day.*

DiMaggio, Fisher & Robinson's R18 Turkey Sandwich Bar now operating in conjunction with your local Star***k's franchise!! Pass it on!

Important MOATie Announcement!

JOSH got a HAIRCUT today! Make him post a photo on the Y!!

*takes great delight in embarrassing Josh in public*

*sees Josh entering the MOAT*


Joshkr haircut gave Tamara the RUNS!!

Pass it on!!

(also enjoys pubic, uhm, lic, public humiliation)

And apparently I can't find my s with both hands and a flashlight.

*feels around in the shadows*

Jeez, how could it take this long to catch up in a brand new MOAT?

*exhausted, contemplates going back to bed*

Thanks for the link, El.

Speaking of baseball Jeff, this coming Sunday ESPN is showing Yankees v. Red Sox, 8pm Eastern - I'll get to see my darling A-Rod again - as long as the ugliest man on Earth isn't pitching!

The above was posted by El earlier. It just now dawned on me that some of my MOATie friends might turn out to be *shudder* Yankee fans.

And I was so fond of Jeff...

El, you may think A-Rod is cute but he'll break your heart. Yes he will. Stay away from that man. Been there, done that.

As for the ugliest man on Earth, yeah, we used to be really close once too. Back in 1998 or thereabouts. He left for greener pastures, too. First Arizona, now New York. The guy can't make up his mind but he is so ugly I almost don't care.

I can see this could be a looonnng baseball season.

sandy - my Yankee fandom (much to the chagrin of Cute Guy, who hates them) only began with the Coming of A-Rod, although I always enjoyed the Deter commercials -before A-Rod I was a true Yankee hater and only rooted for National League Teams -

And I thought Jeff's post was weird because I seem to remember him not liking the Yankees, but we'll have to wait for his return for clarification!

So sandy, now that you've bared your baseball soul, which team do you cheer for??

And sandy, I don't want to sound smug, but just because he broke your heart and you are obviously bitter, doesn't mean he'll break mine! :) (Does it???)

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