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December 20, 2004


Would you like fries with that?

(Thanks to Vicky Locke)


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No, judi, but I'll take a 6-piece octopi nuggets, please. And an octopi cheesecake for later.


And we thought that burning bras was an effective protest...

You know, *sniff* it just goes to show that, you know, the french have been getting a lot of bad press here lately, that if you strip away the language differences and cultural barriers that deep down we're all looking for a way to deliver a highly pressurized stream of octopus parts on a crowd of unsuspecting strangers?

it's raining squid...
Hallelujah, it's raining squid.

so which group would PETA be more upset at ?

Sunny Provence, throwing octopi at a McDonald's. *sigh*

Yup. I'd trade that in for trying to start my car in -30 degrees Celcius! (-22 Fahrenheit)

--> 4-5 hours wait for a boost and an hour bus ride into the office.

*scrambles through dictionary trying to figure out what's included with a super-sized McOctopi, or is that maybe McOctopie?*

Projectile Octopi wbagnfarb.

You know, when the French want to make a point... they make a mess. That is almost as effective a protest as the cat doodoo Paul mailed in.

My Ways-To-Get-Back-At-Companies-That-P*ss-Me-Off list is getting longer and longer.

*adds pressure shooting octopus below mailing cat doodoo*

J'aime mon McDo!


Octopus Cannon would also bagnfarb.

Would Flying Fragrant OctiPie bagnfa carnival act?

if a Red Lobster opened up, would they 'shell' it with cows? Wearing crash helmets?

yum, yum, a fragrant octopus, tomato and onion pie. Three great tastes that taste great together.

The blog is truely haunted. My first comment appeared AFTER my second comment. Huh, weird.

Militant Farmer Jose wbagnfarb.

I'd like to be
near Sete
in an octopus' cannon
in France

Kinda sounds like a Red Wings game to me.

I really don't see the problem here. I didn't start out being first, but now I'm FIRST all of a sudden. This is just fantastic.

And I ask on this thread as well, Jeff, how is this happening?

Does it have something to do with the fact that he's an Android??? I hope so...

I wonder if they pulled the onion through the Octipusi's --- na can't say it.

Once again, what Christobol said (compliments of The Babel Fish):
Jean-Luke: I would like a business of meal of McOctopi.
Monique: Do you like the superb-size it and add McOctopie?
Jean-Luke: Oh my quality, yes! Thank you!

Is there anything about France (including the native population) that isn't fragrant?

Just asking...


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without looking at Poop Dogg's link, I know it's true. Mrs Insomniac lived in Ecuador and she mentioned 'guinea pigs on a stick'
* the other white meat that squeaks*

Hey! How did my "First!" post wind up way down here?

Hey! How did all you people get ahead of my "First" post?

I don't mind...
People hosing me down with bait!
That's fine...
Fried it would taste pretty great.
And I know that our fries
Drive Frogs out of their minds
Leave your Big Macs behind
'Cause the squid are alright!

Imagine that. Guinea Pigs: it tastes like chicken.

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