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December 29, 2004


Movie poster.JPG


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I'll be "first" in line.

Dave lives in the movie's trailer

Poor Dan Marino. First Peyton Manning breaks his record, and now THIS!!!!

but when, o dave, when ?

Not only am I Dave's brother, my UPS man is gay.

Dave, couldn't you have just do a 'how to' not the whole 'Guide To'?

How do it do it?

Does this one have Curly in it?

Is it true that Paul is dead in the movie?

Got a light?

Is it true that Paul is dead in the movie?

Is it true that Paul is dead in the movie?

Is it true that Paul is dead in the movie?

Ringo - get a grip!!!

I had a nightmare Liza Minelli fell out of my Dave's bed in the movie.

I had a nightmare Liza Minelli fell out of my Dave's bed in the movie.

Worst picture of Dave...ever!

The "News" link on davebarry.com says:
"G2G will premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on February 2, 2005."

Sadly, that is NOT a theater near me...

What I want to know is WHAT is that on Dave's shoulder ... ? A hand? A goldfish?

Nice pic. Step away from the Krispy Kremes, Dave.

Sadly, Santa Barbara isn't near anyone, unless of course you live in Santa Barbara.

"Chuck Barry" --

You say you are Dave's brother and that your UPS man is gay as if those are BAD things!

MY UPS guy is HOT. I wish he were gay...!

Come on Guys!..Dave is known for his humor not for his looks so stop picking on him!

Santa Barbara? That's not even a theatre near Dave!

I've always thought Dave was cute!!

*rubbing bottom from Julietine's spanking*

Of course, you're right, Julietine.

I was just having a little fun - the actual truth is, I think Dave is totally cute. He's got the greatest, most expressive face.

But don'tcha think Dave would be the first to point out his own less-than-stellar pics? I'm just helping him out:-)

They could have used the picture with the lizard on his nose. (see masthead at top of page)

You still look good in any of your pictures even if you do look just like my twin brother! (my younger twin brother) I guess that's why I like your looks. kat

And you like dogs, too!

Has anyone noticed that on the production section of the G2G website, one of the captions refers to "Dave's wife Judi"?

dave just sent me the link to this blog and i gotta say, you guys are pretty far out there. anyway the movie's looking good so far and we hope to see it in as many theaters as possible. or else those little things everybody's been carrying around that look like video mp3 players. or airplanes. yeah, it'd be good on airplanes. or pinball machines, i'm gonna go and look into that...

"Dave's wife Judi" is referring to exec producer David Shor, not dave b. just thought i'd say that to keep the lawyers away.

I did not know that there needs to be a "Guide to Guys". Maybe it is a guide for gays "to Guys".

Guys don't need a guide to Guys; if anything they might need a guide to Gays.

I LOVE that shirt. I have missed it.

Oh my, that shirt. That shirt.

And I wrote my comment having seen D'Art's.


So when's the part in the movie where someone types out "p.s. Don't forget to fart"?

when can i see this movie in albany ny??? hanh???

Woah, that's really far from me. I guess I can survive off of his books easily enough, but I was really interested in seeing the movie.

Maybe we can get a fan in Santa Barbara to bootleg it by filming it from the audience.

Course, as I understand it, the original was filmed that way, so the naked chase scene jumping the grand canyon might get fuzzy.

Christobol - If you pay for my gas to Sant Barbara and a few moataritas I'll bootleg a copy for you.

Actually I met Dave once iin person, which is to say that I saw him at a book signing event. In person he looks just fine, like a normal everyday kinda guy. The picture he's got on the poster, though, looks like he just inhaled a hamster.

I think we need to see a picture of comic book guy on here. I LIKE the photo of Dave!

Dave is CUTE! Plus he has nice legs. You're all just jealous because he has a sense of humor and multi-million-dollar publishing contracts.

So, Dave; how do I book this? I've got a 500 seat theater to put it in; I will need to project from DVD, though...

St Pete, Florida, for those close enough to make the drive. I'll give you warning...

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