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December 30, 2004


It's a guy thing.

(Thanks to Mel Zernow)


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Holy Venus Flytrap, Batman.

*sing along*

You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane
Let's do the time warp again
Let's do the time warp again

I wish I was a robot!...no cheesecake, no pizza..just insects!...yummy!!!

With all of those sugar molecules, does the robot have to brush his teeth 3 times a day? Does he use a sonar tooth brush?

What about the little bacteria and their gas problems after eating the flies? Does the gas give the robot energy?

Human waste is a better mousetrap??????

OK--so you fill the thing full of sh**, send it out and it eats flies and measures the temperature a couple of meters away? A couple of METERS? Isn't that like 6 1/2 feet or so? And you need to know the temperature 6 feet away because why?? And this is better than a thermometer with large numbers because why???

Yep -- definitely a guy thing. And probably a guy with a bazillion dollar government grant at that.

That is awesome.

Of course, building a robot that eats flies for energy is just asking for it.

"Tell me, Dr. Frankenwanker, did it never occur to you that when it ran out of flies it would begin eating spiders, poodles, lambs, cattle, and finally, twinkies?"

"Not really, no."

"Well. As a victim of your shortsightedness, let me just say: Stupid! You stupid, stupid man."

So whatever happened to the snail version of that contraption anyway?

why cant they make one that eats mosquitos...and which slowpoke fly is gonna jus sit thr and wait to be eaten?

and how do we know, after we send out these robo-fly-eaters, that it's not going to spend all its times eating flies?

also...does it poop?


It sounds like it comes stocked with poop--doesn't produce its own.

Rather than have it measure the temperature, they should have it clean up after dogs, thereby keeping itself supplied with fresh bait while doing a civic duty. So to speak.

"In the future, I think we are going to want robots to go to places that we don't want to go"

Hopefully there are lots of houses in these places we don't want to go, so there will be an abundant supply of houseflies.

So how many carbohydrates in a fly?I don't think they're on the Atkins diet.If the flies get et (past tense of ate)who will get the poo-poo platter?

Son of Slugbot.

I think my brother may be behind this - he's always getting grants from the federal government for very obscure research projects that he never wants to talk about in detail!

Very cool website, Cosa - I bookmarked it! Yes, sending Jeb Bush on a relief mission - what an idea!!!!
Florida is soooo boring this time of year - no hurricanes, just a bunch of old people playing canasta - what's a governor to do??

Personally, I think Bill Clinton should be put in charge - he is loved all over the world - except for
Republicans here in the U.S. - he's a great organizer, is able to raise great sums of money and truly cares about people in their time of need!

I got an Eco-Bot II, after eating all the flies in the house ,it tried to mate with the Roomba. Haven't seen either of 'em since.

"In the future, I think we are going to want robots to go to places that we don't want to go"

So I can send a robot to my in-laws? COOL!!!

Actually, I'm not sure I could put a poor robot through that...

I got an Eco-Bot II, after eating all the flies in the house ,it tried to mate with the Roomba. Haven't seen either of 'em since.

Sounds like a good plot for a movie - how about we call it Short Circuit 6???

Fly-Eating Robots wbagnfarb

A farmer in England invented a car that had an engine in which he could fuel it with the methene gas which was a bi-product from the pigs on his farm. He captured the gas in a tank located over the head of the pigs' pooping trough. And then he would fill up his car. He could convert the engine to run on either methene or propane. The emmissions from methene was much cleaner than the propane after burning.

Hey, this is old. I wrote an article on it like 3 months ago.

It may be old, but it relates to the article about the fly eating robot. (machines and alternative energy scorces) Since there is a limit to the amount of fossil fuels in the earth, research into possible alternatives is becoming mandatory in America.

I saw a news special on TV over a year ago about the farmer, his pig farm and his car.

The only word I can think of for this blog is... COOL!

man, that's pretty cool!

Frankly, this thing makes me nervous. I've seen enough sci-fi movies to know that carnivorous robots can and will eventually turn on their makers.

I saw it on tv late one Saturday night. It MUST be true.

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