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December 15, 2004


Be on the lookout

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr and, we are sure, many others)


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Class action, here we come.

This is my kind of bra! First?

Now that underware inspector line is particularly useful. Heck, it's a public service...

I'll keep a sharp eye on things...

This too has happened to me.



6 posts and not one mention of a "wardrobe malfunction"?

Weird! beaujolais was first, then my post showed up (the sharp eye one,) They Cpt. Pike and hayduke got stuffed ahead of me, then my second post got stuffed above my first post. I think the blogclock is losing it. Wonder where this one will show up?

I demand pictoral or video evidence!

And another thing, *snicker*

Kind of reminds me of something I read once a long, long...hey, wait a minute! We already did read this one! Right? Or am I losing it? I could have sworn, but can not find.

"The centre area can break, causing the bra to split open,"

So many empty promises . . .

So should we go around unhooking bras so their ramparts don't suffer from whiplash?

"s'cuse me, ma'am" *reaches in, lets them out nice and slow*

"Well! How dare you! I never!"

"Didn't you hear the news? Clearly Daring Wonderbras are prone to breaking at random. We're just trying to help out ordinary citizens and prevent whiplash"

"But I'm not wearing a Wonderbra! It's a generic."

"Either way." *still letting them out*

Me! ME! ME! Pick ME Marvin! I want to help!

Marvin - can't comment on the "losing it" portion of your comment, but this story did come up as a link in one of the other threads. And now...back to blurking...

Speaking of links, did anyone read the link on the same page to a story about a man in London who bled to death after having his wisdom tooth removed....

If I needed another reason to avoid the dentist... Now I have it....

Marvin - Dave and judi don't read all the comments, so if one of us bloglits links to something in the middle of a thread, it can still show up as it's own thread because Dave and/or judi find it worthy. There is also a much better chance that your item will be blogged if you forge your e-mail to read "From: Claire Martin".

wasn't there a female version of the Incredible Hulk...would this have happened to her?

"You're making me angry...you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."


Hey, it's called "Clearly Daring" after all...

Mike - LOL! "Here, honey, I dare you to wear this bra with this dress!"

Now those terrorist bastards are sabotaging our bra clasps....

Even terrorist bastards get one right once in awhile...

Note the columnist's name: Victoria Fletcher

If she were wearing one of these Wonderbras and it suddenly "burst open", we might learn Victoria's secret.

If a guy designed this bra, I'm thinking the "design flaw" might have been built in.

Actually, BetterThanNothing, if the cases were just a handful, what's the big deal?

And the guy said to his chilly wife, "Victoria's secrets are sadly safe with you."

"You'll bosom your eye out! You'll bosom your eye out"

Wasn't that a line in "A Christmas Story"?

Hmm....reminds me of 8th grade when the clasps on the back of my bra snapped while I was going down the stairs. Of course, on a chilly day in a drafty middle school while wearing a white shirt. You can bet that was a fun day...

Apropos of not much, but actually sorta related to the thread ...

I seem to remember a comedienne of long ago ... I think her name was Rusty Warren ... one of her oft-used tag lines was ...

"Knockers UP!"

(Besides which, all the good lines I had were already taken ... goes off to dinner, and to think ...)


June is busting out all over....

I know what I'm getting The Wench for Christmas!

You'd feel like such a boob if this happened....

Actually, you'd feel like two...

Jeff- hell, it was probably fun for the male teachers, too.
* did i say that? *

Top 10 Prepositions of 2004

1. for
2. as
3. at
4. on
5. by
6. near
7. beyond
8. but
9. in
10. with

I guess the WonderBra is an udder failure.

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