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December 28, 2004


The polls are still open.


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Who is going to vote for a one-eyed snake?

Where have all the blogits gone?

Not sure where everyone is, but

I've got my eye on you GinaG. - )

OK-now I am really freaked out- I got the first, second and third posts? Is this thing working or am I in some weird barry-llel universe?

"The candidates hopping to win "State Amphibian" are the Gray Tree Frog, the Eastern Tiger Salamander and the American Toad..."

I didn't think that salamanders could hop.


You know what would be a pretty cool job?

Painting turtles. Yeah that would be great.

Although, you would have to work for a cold blooded employer.

Oh wait, I already do.

Hey, Is it cold in here?


Leetie, the salamanders will hop once you drop them in the hot skillet.

Lucky Illini, I dint get ta vote on nothin in my state - all those rat bastard politicians just vote for theys own favorites...

Didn't we just go through an election pretty much comprised of a bunch of 'cold-blooded reptiles and slimy-skinned amphibians'?

I read half that article until I realized they weren't talking about Kerry/Bush....

Ah, the joy of being non-politicial...

don't blame me, I voted for a third party: Clay Aiken

Yeah Insomniac, but Ross Perot is going to split the Clay Aiken vote and we'll end up with the little Geico lizard spouting off commercials until the end of time...

But wait, I have good news! I just saved a bunch...

*didn't duck low enough*

I wonder if the governor of Ill. will give the winners their own "state credit cards" like Mayor Richard Dailey did for the city of Chicago a number of years ago. I guess they would give sporting stores a run for their money.

Note to Writers Cramp-

It's a gecko. Play on words - Geico - gecko...

*duck flies by* "AFLAC!"

Note received from dragon crone...

*opens it*
*attaches it to a brick along with the Geico lizard*
*Throws it at the duck*

(heh heh, wonder if he's got supplemental insurance for that!)

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