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November 22, 2004


But, darn it, this is important.


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From the website, it does not even appear that Doody Enterprises celebrated World Toilet Day.

What a shame.

The ironic thing is that this is where I vacationed for World Toilet Day.

Why does Doody's core have to be mentioned over and over again?! I just ate breakfast!

y'know, if everybody emailed them a big "HOWDY"...

it'd be totally pointless.

Doody Enterprises will cleanly wipe away a craptastic day.

Well, at least thats what they ought to do.

I like the satisfied look on the face of the guy at the top left - looks like he had a good doody. The other two folks (to the right) look as if they haven't had a good doody in a long time.

Doody doody doody

Howdy, Doody!!

p.s. and good morning to everyone else -

So THAT'S where all that doody in Chicago comes from. All this time I thought it was Ditka.

Eleanor, you said it.

Howdy Doody.

And if you need lumber in Brooklyn, we always go to:

John J Doody & Son Inc
(718) 648-6000 2461 E 17th St
Brooklyn, NY

the site has a link for 'ERG chairs', is that what you call a commode when you're (not your) constipated?

I suppose that being an employee there, it gives new meaning to having a crappy day?

Does anything think that these employees admit out loud the name of the company where they work?

I know *I* wouldn't.

"Hi, there. Trystan Shout calling here at Doody Enterprises!"

Er, no. That would just be wrong.

i'm aving fun thinking about the doody employees handing out their business cards to unsuspecting new customers..... yeah.

This totally made my day :)

I think the ERG-chairs are part of their product line, along with GRUNT-seats and certain kinds of "-pants".

I've noticed on the right column that Doody has signed with the majors. I wonder which team he/she has signed with? The American League or a National one?

Mud, you are so right on interpreting those facial expressions. That page proves that anything placed in the same context as they word "doody" just cannot be taken seriously.

I'm lol because I work for a company called "Fluke". I get to call people all the time and tell them Fluke is on the line. This is the conversation I often have:

Company: "What corporation?"
Me: "Fluke."
Company: "Fluke?"
Me: "Yes. Fluke Corporation."
Company: "Fluke?"

etc, etc...

What were they thinking when they picked that name?

Anyway, we have a better one in Australia, a company name with a more up-front connection to its products:



Yep. "The True Blue Roo Poo Company"

Time to promote Dave's Farewell Card some more. With apologies to those that have already contributed:

Dave’s Weekly Column Tribute and Farewell Card

Have YOU signed the card yet?

Why does this place remend me of an earlier discussion about Richard Head and Richard Hertz?

Whoa! What did I just write? That makes no sense at all. I'll try again...

Why does this piece remind me of an earlier discussion about Richard Head and Richard Hertz?

"Dude, people on drugs should NOT blog."

Does Centrum Silver count?
How about Lipator?
Does that mean that I have to remove my "tushie" from your R.H.Blog?
I knew a "Dick" once. He was a royal "prick."
(My Ex) He remended me that I should never marry a "Dick" again!

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