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November 20, 2004


The locals are Snake Gully bound.


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Skale Gully Bound and Cootamundra wbagnfarb.

Skale Gully Bound and Cootamundra wbagnfarb.

Darn. That was a letdown. You'd think that a town with a weird name like that would be having snake races.

What the hell is a "change of lick" and why is he searching for it in Gundagai?

.....will be one of the trainers hitting the road to Gundagai to search for a change of lick with his talented four-year-old, Gilded Youth.

That's just wrong.

Julie Moon and Rhonda Twomey are pictured here sharing a giggle.

sounds dirty to me....

Alex D. - I agree - letdown, but it's Saturday and we're lucky Dave is posting at all, n'est pas?


I just spitted out my breakfast reading your posting...too funny...

Since I don't know how to do link, Jeff would you please go to Drudge Report and read and then link (free choice) to "artificial fin for dolphin" -
favorite line visitors said he looked happy

I suddenly want some tea and crumpets.

Slart - don't you think this is funny - maybe even funny enough for Dave to post - *she tires easily*

we specialize in foots of sort

It has its moments, Eleanor, but it's no 'Scantily Clad Dwarfnapping' story.


I was just going to compliment you on your nice crumpets!

May I?

Hee hee.

How ya doin' girl?

Where've you been hanging out lately?


Good luck with getting Dave to give you credit. He only credits Claire Martin...I have been trying for months already and NO CREDIT!

julietine - is there some sort of special code word we are supposed to use in order to get them to read our mail instead of just deleting it? I've tried "Free wallpapers hot men women whatever" (I don't know which of the two are going to read it) and "If you delete this e-mail I will kill a defenseless toilet" and "Dave: Here is my extremely beautiful nude picture you requested." Of course, I've only sent in two e-mails, but that third one I am keeping in reserve.

That's what I am trying to figure out...A way for Dave to read my e-mails and use my name....I have thought about changing my name to Claire Martin but that would complicate things a little for me...so I keep sending emails until I get lucky...

two weeks after I started reading the blog, I sent an e-mail with a link to a story, and they used it and credited me with it. I thought "what's so hard about that?" Since then....nothing.

Now, the story about the naughty gnomes; I provided a link to that last night in another thread, thinking it would get ignored in an e-mail......but gecko sent it to Dave and it got posted.

It's just happenstance, the positioning of the planets an gratuitious sex.

foots of sorts wbagnfarb

Has Shaq's leg fell off yet? It will, Shaq's a funny, funny guy.

It was better than the orgasmatron!

Jingoes! As a bloke who has a cousin that had the honor of attending an insurance seminar hosted by an acquaintance who once visited Cootamundra, I find this bloody thread distressing. You sir, know little of the Cootamundrian way, her citizens, and the long (and much revered) tradition of the Changing of the Licks (OBE, MBE, OBI WON).

The Cootie Curse is now upon you mate and that's good oil. You won't be saying no worries Mister No Hoper Whomajigger.

In conclusion (LASTLY and dinkie die), the curse of Cootamundra is small bloomin onions compared to what the good bushrangers in Wagga and Gundagai would conjure up should they become the brunt of your naff humour. They would throw a wobbly. You do not want to go there and I would bet a bickie on it.




Dave D - I thought you were only allowed to be on the "First" blog - did you get authorization to be here? I think not. Return from whence you came immediately or I will be forced to use the licorice whips...

Don't be such a Sheila, Eleanor. See you in the soup;-)

Gilligan, you're apparently getting old, too.

The Skipper was Alan Hale, Jr., dear. I can see how you could be easily confused. Here take your pills, put on your cardigan and sit here in your favorite rocker. I'll go get your tea for you.

Gilligan, you're apparently getting old, too.

The Skipper was Alan Hale, Jr., dear. I can see how you could be easily confused. Here take your pills, put on your cardigan and sit here in your favorite rocker. I'll go get your tea for you.

And I seem to be repeating myself.

How about giving the Skipper a nice cuddley gnome of his own. When you get his age, he won't know up from down. He can just 'glide' right on into old age.

All, please stop using my name in vain.


Thanks Jonas, they just do not understand what we went through on that island.

Dr. Hinkley

Thanks Jonas, they just do not understand what we went through on that island.

Dr. Hinkley


Quit your whining. All those "smarts" and everyone of your so called great ideas left us high and dry. BTW - Mary Ann says you better quit e-mailing her or she will get a restraining order.


And now they've got a "reality" show based on us.

Oh, the humanity!!

*peeks in; leaves thinking she's on the wrong thread*


This IS the Snake Gully thread...we just appeared to have gone off topic.

Anyone have any coconut pie?

Hey you lot! You're making fun of the part of the world I live in!

But I can understand.

Australia is full of wonderful Aboriginal (native Australian) place names. My favorite town name, which is roughly in between Coota and Gundagai, is "Gumly Gumly" - I've driven through it on the way up to Wagga Wagga, two houses, a shop and a pub.

BTW, when a name is repeated like that it is the plural of whatever the word is. "Wagga" is Aboriginal for "crow", so "Wagga Wagga" means roughly "many crows".

I have no idea what a "Gumly" is though, and I'm not sure if I like the idea of there being many of them.

I just did a search for "Gumly Gumly", and it appears the town has come on some since I was last there in the early 80's.

Not only did I get 12,000-odd hits off the name, but it seems to have its own web site. If you go there, in the list of nearby suburbs (actually nearby towns), you can see a sample of other Aboriginal place names.

And no, 2652 is not the number of people that live there (although its probably not far off that), it is the post-code.

Cootamundrans sing this song !
Wagga ! Wagga !
Cootamundra's two kilos long !
On Snake Gully Day !
Going to fill you up,
With a Snake Gully Cup.

Spent my money on some wombat shoes
somebody said I looked gay.

'Who's new Bruce going to ride ?'


Not to rub it in, insomniac, I'm sleepy. I'm going to bed now.

Jeff: The crows probably ate West Wagga Wagga. There are apparently a lot of crows in the area. And I did a bit of poking about to discover "Gumly Gumly" means "Lots of Frogs". Which is actually a funnier meaning than I was expecting. Perhaps they have been importing bananas?

And speaking of slow blogging nights, Sly has probably figured out if you load up the washing machine with lots of towels and jam a fork under the out-of-balance switch, it'll keep going.

And Punky is probably experimenting with the wonders of yabbies - a sort of small lobster found in waterholes and small rivers here in Australia - all the benefits of their larger cousins but without the same upkeep costs.

And we know Rita is on her wheelie chair - probably copping a fine for overtaking a porsche on an Interstate somewhere.

But most likely, if I have gathered anything about them, they are off somewhere working on Plan B between marguaritas. Which could mean that it will be a while before we see Plan B in action.

Sly, the poor thing. Her shortest post of the last 24 hours.

She's not pining for the fjords, she's just all shagged out after a long "wash".

Not LOTR, Bangi...maybe Saturday Night Live?

"My name is Gumly, dammit"

tsk tsk, Bangi! Maybe if you actually read Dave Barry's articles (ooo! dis!), you'd find that he writes about Gimli (not Gumly), the comic-relief dwarf. (Too true, unfortunately).

Time to promote Dave's Farewell Card some more. With apologies to those that have already contributed:

Dave’s Weekly Column Tribute and Farewell Card

Have YOU signed the card yet?

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