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November 30, 2004


(Thanks to Ryan Weaver)


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Amen to that one.

"I didn't know big guys had groins," he told Newsday. "I'm finding out today that I actually have one."

Now that he knows that he's got one and where it is, just wait till he figures out what to do with it . . .

"Didn't know that Big Guys had Groins?" What?
A Giant player! In what league,"Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum."

"I didn't know big guys had groins" - there is a real jeenyus.

Something about groins and Skins doesn't make this quote sound good.

We'll check back with Hand throughout the practice week ....

I'm NOT going to touch that one....

I'm finding out today that I actually have one.

It's like puberty all over again! I'm sure there's gonna be more groin pulling from now on...

*plummets into Innuendo Pit, never to return*

man, I JUST missed the penta-simulpost! and they were all almost about the same line!

*Waiting at the bottom of the Pit for Megan*

Yup... you too? So many things to say that my mind is all discombobulated! Want a drink?

lairbo: maybe he'll pull it!

Where is Joshkr on this thread? It seems if it comes to a conversation about "Groins" and "Hands" And "Pulling It" one should go to the Master for guidance...

*turning on the Prev signal*

Joshkr has been incognito today, maybe RL crept up and made him do real wirk, werk, whatever.

RL? Work? What are these things which you speak of???

Joshkr has been missing since Sat, night, hasn't he?

Maybe Rach came back and kidnapped him or her term is over and is back for awhile and he has no time to post, nudge nudge wink wink.

Maybe Rach has him tied upside down to a fence?

Just: his last name 'Bates' by any chance?

And he's going to be playing the Skins next week?

One can only imagine him shouting "FORE"...

There used to be a band of punkers in London that called themselves The Four Skins....

HHmm... on the other missing persons front: Anyone seen Rita????

.. maybe she needed J's "tech support" for her Orgasmatron.....

MKJ - I have no idea... Joshkr Bates doesn't have a pleasant ring to it, though, does it? *innocent look*

Actually, I didn't know that Hands had groins, either.

Seems like I see these guys pulling on their groins all the time - like after every play...

Just - I don't think he meant Josh's last name is Bates I think he meant the Master's last name...

Don't worry about Joshkr I have him safe and sound in the lab for experimentation...

I pity Mrs. Hand....if there is one. Something tells me there isn't.

I didn't know big guys had groins," he told Newsday. "I'm finding out today that I actually have one."

I know I'm a repeater, but this is unbelievable -
Let's see - only little guys have groins, so that means...I just can't go on...I'm suspending speech and going into the innuendo pit with Megan -
oh, one more thing..these guys went to college?

I think it's perfectly reasonable for Mr. Hand to be unaware that he has a groin.

I mean, when is the last time he saw it? Fourth grade? And it's not as if anyone else is willing to hoist up all that fat to see if there's a groin under there somewhere, right?

I wouldn't be surprised if, when the crane revealed Hand's Groin for examination, the doctor was greeted by Cher's Farewell Tour, who had been briefly (6 years) trapped in their biggest venue, but gamely went right on making horrible, horrible music.

well, you know, all those beefed up guys on steroids, no wonder he thought "big guys didn't have groins"!

*responding to Just's perv signal*

Whew! Sorry, work has been hectic, between Mad's experimentation and Rita's need for orgasmatron tech support over and over and over and over...she just keeps breaking it!

Where was I? I yeah...discovering I have a groin...

Can someone give me a hand?

"You call that a groin?"
"Yeah, well, you know, I pulled it."
"Not hard enough."

This story reminds me of the time I was working in Pensacola, Florida at the Division of Family Services. I was investigating and processing applications for disability. The intake worker took the initial statement from a woman who had come into the office to apply for disability. This was her own statement; "My husband shot me and the bullet is in me yet!" We had to submit the original application along with a social study and a report from the doctor. The ste office wrote back and asked,"Just where is the woman's yet?"

correction: state not ste

Wow. After reading just the headline I was so speechless I didn't think there was anything anyone could add. 32 posts! I am so proud of you guys!

"Shake hand(s) with the unemployed,"

... to coin a phrase ...

(i bet no one reads this)
a song for Mr. Hand (geezers'll know the tune)
If there's fighting in the stands,
Makes no difference to me.
If the commercials are better than the game.
If there's holding on the left,
if there's overtime we'll stay
till Tuesday night.
I'll pray to God fori a new anesthetic
Crying like a girl sounds really pathetic.
Grit my teeth at the pain in my groin.
Pick up my jock and play
Just like yesterday.
Get down on my knees and pray
It won't get pulled again !

add 'and there's clipping on the right' after the 4th line. (#$%^&!)

Whose hand pulled whose groin????

- Just askin'

I would've preferred the headline read:

Hand pulls Giant groin

That would've been even better.

Sarcasmo don't forget, "Action with 'Skins next week doubtful"

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