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November 19, 2004


Lincoln, Nebraska.

(Thanks to Eyal Philippsborn)


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don't these people have better things to do with their rats? Like, say, kill them?

i know a few rats from lincoln

This blog is becoming rodent-infested!

The Xtreme Rat Challenge is the capstone project to a behavioral science psychology course in which furry white rats compete ghetto booty in five competitive events. Twenty-two students, who have never kissed a woman, have trained their rats throughout the semester for events including the one hundred meter sewage swim, nightgown, consumption of own young, plague spreading, and a new event involving humping a toy poodle, which promises to be a real crowd pleaser.

You can lead a rat to the gym, but you can't make it lift weights...

Wait a minute...

Apparantly you CAN!

I hope there are no Rat infested Beavers out there.


*trying to picture the female white rats in outfits like Marian Jones*

*wrong on so many levels*

Several changes have been made to the celebration since its inception including the use of all female rats, shifting the affair from a classroom activity to a campus and community-wide event that attracts approximately 300 people,

Why female rats? And why do female rats draw more than 300 people? And do I really want to know?

*glad b/c she's a long way from the rat lovers of Lincoln*

Fed, I hate to admit this, but the rats in your link are kind of, uh... cute. They look a little like wombats.

Hope they don't go all to pieces or lose their heads.

Would the Bomb Sniffing Pouched Rats BAGNFARB?

We're just wacky and crazy out here in the midwest.

Click on my name for the link - thanks goodness for these shortcuts for the non-HTML-literate.

Why do I always translate 'HTML' in my head to 'HoT MaLe'?

Megan- Oh, gee, I don't know...wishful thinking?

That's what keeps me up nights!

Megan, Repeat after me:

Hyper-Text Markup Language
Hyper-Text Markup Language
Hot-Text Markup Language
HoT Mark Language
HoT Mark Lunge
HoT MaLe

Crap! You've got ME doing it now. Ewwwww!

I wonder why no one mentioned that Xtreme Rat Challenge wbagnfarb.

I don't know about rats, but I work with mice and we use all females because they don't smell nearly as bad as the males. (Scent marking and all that.) Maybe rats are similar in that respect.

V-Suare: thanks for sharing that.

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