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November 29, 2004


Now they're using urine.

(Thanks to DavCat14 and Mike Leone)


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We're number one?

Even though I don't have T-shirt to prove it, I was first AND on topic.

but do they leave a couple of pennies on the bridge after they're done?

If the bridge collapses, I bet they'll be pretty pissed off.


Reminds me of the time that our nemesis team, from Batesville, played Newport in the Thanksgiving game. The Batesville Band took up the entire half-time sceduled by marching around our goal post and lifting their leg, in a doggy fashion. Our band never got on the field. (I'm wondering if our goal post is still standing?)

kat, don't know about the goal post, but it seems the band has relocated to Jakarta!

Behold the power of urine.

Homeowner urine-themed tip: I can offer anecdotal support on the corrosive effects of urine. Beware if you have the compressor of a central air unit located in same yard space as your male dog -- or a female dog that somehow pees a horizontal stream. Or any indiscriminate urine dispensing unit.

And naturally, Indiscriminate Uurine Dispensing Unit wbag -if rather long - nfarb.

There's a paint company here in Kerrville (doggy town, translation) that was fined considerable $$$ for cleaning bridges and dumping the toxic lead waste products in the river in No. AR at the confluence of the White and Black Rivers. They were also doing this in OK. (Oklahoma) They could probably use some help from the Indonesians. (low pay and environment, all the way!)

Urine scientists have long suspected that the Grand Canyon was formed by many whizzing locals. This just about confirms it.

When Dave becomes president in '08, perhaps he could take on the issue and have regular (not low-flow) toilets placed on all bridges. That would help deter the terrorists.

Hey c'bol...could you adapt this effect to the little pigs poem? Something like "and we peeed and we peeed, and we peeeed your house down" or bridge...whatever works.

"Gee whiz! The bridge just collapsed!"


Southern Indonesian sheriff: Urine a heap of trouble,son.

Southern Indonesian Sheriff wbagnfarb

"..a popular spot for locals to urinate."

"Hey Sanjay - let's go pee on the bridge"
"Great idea, I'll get the girls, you bring the beer"

So pardon me for being slightly off topic here...

But seeing as I'm female and lacking the necessary bits and parts to use a urinal, I'm confused. Whats the point of the pennies?

Lab - umnm... I've looked... can't find a link to Oct 6... is it just me???

*kicking stupid work computer*

Thanks tho?

Archived Urinal Pennies blog item

brat ~
This little local went to market
This little local stayed home
This little local had roast beef
This little local had none
And this freaking village of locals went
Wee! Wee! Wee!
All over the bridge!

Hmm.. Thats kinda gross!
What's even creepier is if it was 1 cent drink night.... *shudder*

So is the urinal penny a common phenomenon?

I don't think the urinal penny is common.

I Europe however it is quite common that there is a dish on the counter and you should leave some coins on the way out.

In France (do you believe it?) one time I didn't have any coins so I just walked out (go figure) and this ratty looking old chased me down and demanded that I pay to piss

France you had to pay for the toilet, but in Russia I had to pay for to use the toilet then I was charged extra for toilet paper! I mean, it was 2 rubles which is like .00006 cents, but still! It's the principle.

That's why when you are in Russia, you take your own toilet paper with you. Or at least, that's what I did in Russia.

They confiscated my toilet paper at the border. Contraband you know....

Just, thank you for asking about the urinal penny. I've been wondering that myself.

(continuing my post which was prematurely sent)

....I didn't want to ask because I just recently learned about urinal cakes, and was picturing pennies in the drain for some strange reason. I thought maybe change sometimes falls out of the guys pockets; although that would be rather odd for that to happen. But I just don't know what all goes on in men's rooms and maybe that's a good thing.

and speaking about what goes on in mens rooms...

Several years ago, a group of us were at a nice restaurant. A friend's date, Bob, went to use the men's room. When he returned, he related a conversation he had in there as he was leaving.

Snooty guy: Hey, you didn't wash your hands. In Des Peres, we wash our hands after using the restroom.

Bob: Yeah, well, in Fenton, we don't piss in our hands.

Bob was holding my friends hand while telling this story. She gently retracted her hand, excused herself and went to the ladies room...and broke up with him the next day.

Sly, you mean your "friend's hand?"

*ducks* well, someone has to keep 'em in line!

And it was right of your friend to break up with the guy. That joke is so OLD.

Ahem....Returning to the original topic.....
This would be a novel varriation on the old, elementary school, science project of dissolving a penny in a jar of Coke.

Whoa! And back to the topic of pennies!

I dunno about the pennies on top of the urinal, but I remember many times when the pennies were dropped into the (troughj-type) urinals -- usually at dances or other inebriated gatherings of my misspent youth.

However, I also recall that there (not their, or they're) is a British slang expression, "Spending a penny" as a euphemism for the micturition in question. Much as Americans might say "Mail a card to Mother" [WHERE did that come from?] or "checking the oil" in the same context.

so, what yer sayin' is that something is wierd here? Who says Mail a Card to Mother? Seriously! I mean, jeez, yo! We aMieracinanis say not that! seriously! Checking the Oil, ok, we do. And what's a 'troughj-type' urinal? Is it like the troughk-type in any respects?


No, not weird, strange or alien ... just wondering.

Oh yeah, they do, different parts of the country ... there are others as well, "Choke the snake" is one ... I forget the rest ...

So I missed a typo ... suite me !

(I KNOW some say "Mail ... " but I don't get the connection. I know what it's supposed to mean, but I just don't get it.)

(What else is new?)


No, not weird, strange or alien ... just wondering.

Oh yeah, they do, different parts of the country ... there are others as well, "Choke the snake" is one ... I forget the rest ...

So I missed a typo ... suite me !

(I KNOW some say "Mail ... " but I don't get the connection. I know what it's supposed to mean, but I just don't get it.)

(What else is new?)

How'd I do that?

I thought I'd outgrown that problem.

Soo me.

Or should that be "Sault" me ... ?

(Hi, Kat.)

Since Eleanor brought T.S. Eliot into this (in a missent post), I'll mention one of his more famous lines ...

" ... A penny for the old Guy ..."

Well, when a guy comes out of the restroom, I'm NEVER answering him if he says "A penny for your thoughts."

*note to self -- stop hangng out by the mens room.*

A penny a day keeps the doctor away!

*that's a bunch of bunk! If you are supposed to drink 10 glasses of water a day, not to mention several bottles of beer, just where in the world are you supposed to store it all?*
(Oh, maybe it was an apple, after all.)

I think that it should be,"A penny a pay,will make your stay,gay!" (no, that's not right either.) Watch out for those attendants!

I never heard of "mail a card to mother". But I remember reading in the book "Cheaper By The Dozen" that they used "check the back tire" for #1 and "visit Mrs. Murphy" for #2.

Did a search on ask.com, "mail a card to mother" and got this,
lyrics from CW McCall Wolf Creek Pass

I got it! I think I figured out the (an) oblique reference ... maybe ... it could provide a connection ... ???

Mail a card to Mother.

Penny Postcards.

Spend a Penny.

(markhh: Wow. sorta ... what? Overzealous?)

(MOTW: Yeah, I knew about the C.W. McCall lyrics.)

Another euphemism:
Shake hands with the unemployed ...

Another: Get a grip on yourself ...

Any more out there?

Is this the time that I should mention the seven-gallon flush toilet I have in my home?

Or will someone be offended?

Speaking of "spending a penny," I found this a few minutes ago ... but I don't know how to send it on to Dave, or how to attach it to a blog, so, here it is ... FIRST?

Posted on Thu, Dec. 02, 2004

Utah man pays $82 fine in pennies

Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY - A Manti man has a penny for Sanpete County's thoughts. About 8,200 of them, actually.

Grant Petersen withdrew that many copper coins from his bank and delivered them in a bucket to pay an $82 fine he got for driving with a burnt-out headlight.

Court officials are apparently not amused, and have asked Petersen to come back in and offer a more "acceptable" form of payment. They say state policy allows clerks to reject unusual forms of payment, and it's going to waste county resources for someone to count all that change.

Petersen says he doesn't plan on honoring that request. He says money is money, and U.S. law provides that coins are legal tender.

No, no, Omar, it only counts AFTER it's posted.


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