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November 11, 2004


...but I'll do it, so people will stop sending it in.

(Thanks to many people)


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Joshkr, whatever it is, we're here for you!

And I think it's pretty darn cool for Judi to send that stuff to you. What a great community we have here!

Sandy, let us know how the fundraiser goes!

Musical talent is indeed a gift. I'm still wondering if I have it -- I know I have skill, but talent is harder to find. We had a big band meeting last night. Looks like I'm going to try my hand -- um, er, mouth at singing. We learned how to play Blondie's "One Way or Another" and The Divinyls' "I Touch Myself" recently for a chick singer audition. She didn't work out, but since we already know how to play the songs, I get a go at them.

It's going to be hard not to imagine Austin Powers while singing "I Touch Myself."



Good morning everyone - I'm not going to say one word about our weather because on the banner of the NYTimes it says the weather there is 7F! - sympathies and hot chocolate to Jeff!

*needs coffee before she posts again*

I think we're supposed to get 6-9" of snow here. The little adorable is certainly psyched.

Sandy, if big band is geezer, sign me up for the geezer bus right away. My parents must have been caught in some kind of time warp, so I grew up listening to big bands.

Leetie, yea for trying something new! You'll do great, and it'll be fun! :D

*loves Jeff a pair of snow shoes* Actually, Jeff, it sounds like a great time to stay home and curl up with Jackie and a good book.

*loves Leetie's little adorable a good sled*

*loves Eleanor some coffee*

*loves Joshkr lots of love and support*

YIPES!! We didn't get any snow...it's cold (19) and, as you can see, WINDY!! We've got gusts (not gursts) up to 45 mph. When I look outside, I see a number of shingles blowing around.

*Goes in search of large rocks to put in pockets to keep from blowing away *


Trying to forcast the weather here in PA has been fun this weekend. It's supposed to be somewhere between 0-20° with anywhere from 3-16 inches of snow.

addendum to St. Louis weather. It's now sneeting. (snow + sleet) And still WINDY!!

Josh, good luck with your RL problems. If you want to share them in more private context, feel free to shoot me an email. You know the address. Know that I am here for you...

I wish we'd get a foot of snow here in St. Pete. It just doesn't snow that heavily here, it seems.

slyeyes, now I know what kind of weather the BF is having.

not that it will affect his schedule: Work, work, work, work, workworkworkworkworkworkwork....

Unless they have a power outage.

Whenever a storm is predicted here, the amount of accumulation increases with each forecast. Then, after schools are cancelled, community events are cancelled, after everyone has stocked up on the required amounts of milk and bread, and after I lug home work so I don't have to drive into the office.....we get nuttin'. The storms have a tendency to track north or south of us. It's like St. Louis is in some sort of bubble.

Of course, when we get comfortable inside our bubble and expect the storms to miss us, we get NAILED!!

The bubble only seems to work with winter storms. It does seem to be vulnerable to violent thunderstorms.

blogchick, hopefully he'll get his priorities straight by the time you come back to the states.

And now, I've got to log in to work and get some done.


slyeyes-re: the BF: I doubt it. Of course, we have never not been long distance, so I don't know how he'd be if we weren't. I have toyed with the idea of actually moving to Missouri to see if a) I can stand it, and b) he would take any time away from work. Still on the fence about it. St. Louis is all right, but he is in the middle of nowhere. The very middle of the state. There is nothing there....Maybe I'm too much of a city mouse.

Bummer that you gotta work on the weekend!

stupid winter
stupid viruses
stupid exams

Blogchik? bf? workaholic? hope it goes well, tho i guess u're uncertain abt what 'well' is.

stupid uncertainty

Good Saturday Moaties...

I see that the MOAT will disappear around mid-afternoon today. I have some grocery shopping to do. I guess that's when that will happen. Has to happen before work tomorrow, or I have no bread for sandwiches, barely enough milk for coffee and about 2 vegetables of suspicious origin. I'd have shopped yesterday, but I ran out of time, because all my plans for the day (blogging blogging and more blogging) were changed when I had to go out with my Mum... but I did get the swim and the picnic, so it was a good thing when everything was taken into consideration.

Would Two Vegetables of Suspicious Origin BAG title for a book? I don't think it would work as a NFARB, so I'm looking at alternatives. Maybe a songtitle for the fruit & veg band on the MB, but with titles like Hammer and Tongues, they have enough issues without a suspicious vegetable or two

and while I seem to have the room to myself... my sister in Aust sent me this the other day and I thought I would share with you all ...

Thanks to all my friends who sent me such important emails in 2004! It's so wonderful that you included me in your quest to inform!

Because of all of you I stopped drinking Coca-Cola after I found out from you that it's good for removing toilet stains. I stopped going to the movies for fear of sitting on a needle infected with a disease. I smell awful, but thank goodness I stopped using deodorant, because you said it causes cancer.

I don't leave my car in any parking lot even though I sometimes have to walk about seven blocks, because you said that someone might drug me with a perfume sample and then to rob me.

I also stopped answering the phone because you said that they will ask me to dial a stupid number and then I get a high phone bill with calls to Uganda, Singapore, Tokyo and maybe the Mars Rover.

I stopped eating chicken and hamburgers because you told me they are nothing more than horrible mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers that are bred in a lab so that places like McDonalds can sell their Big Macs.

I also stopping drinking anything out of a can - you said that I will get sick from the rat faeces and urine. When I go to parties, I now don't mix with anybody - you said that someone will take my kidneys and leave me taking a nap in a bathtub full of ice.

However, the police are also after me at present because you said not to pull over as they could be fake policemen trying to kidnap me. I went bankrupt from bounced cheques that I wrote, in anticipation of the $15,000 that Microsoft and AOL were supposed to send me when I participated in their special email program.

It's weird, though, that my new free mobile phone never arrived and neither did the passes for my paid vacation to Disneyland. But I am positive that all this is because of the chain letter I broke or forgot to follow and I got a curse.

OOOPS I almost forgot, IMPORTANT NOTE:

If you don't sent this email to at least 1200 people in the next ten seconds, a bird will crap on you tonight at 7.00 pm.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2005

and the thing about coca cola is true... if you pour one can down your toilet (don't know if it works with other cola brands, but it probably should), leave it for half an hour then brush and flush, it takes the stains off vitreous china

I removed the large rock I was using to keep the blog calendar from blowing away, and noticed TODAY IS BOO'S BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday, Boo!

Today is also, "ask your cat a question day".

I have no cat; and I'm not going any further with that!

Happy Birthday Boo!!

I have a cat buried under a plant in the back yard. I'm not going to dig it up though. I guess I'll just have to find another cat somewhere

I'm back. That was supposed to read "Forget the temperature" up there.

The snow has started. I walked (having missed the bus by inches; well, 30 second or so) uphill 4 long avenues (good exercise, right?) as I didn't want to move the car as it is on the right (i.e., left) side of the one way street. (You see, all snowplows point to the right, so you want to be on the left side if it's a one way street.) But if we do get two feet of snow it won't make a lot of diference.

Anyway, I finally got a pair of Timberland boots (good bargain), though again, if it's two feet (etc.)... Then went to the grocery where you'd have thought a comet was about to hit the Earth. Anyway, we're now stocked up with enough food to last through the storm and somewhat beyond. Of course now I have to cook it (Jackie still being sick). Will make beef stew later and meatballs & spaghetti tomorrow.

Sandy said Musical talent is such a gift!

Sandy that is so true. I really envy people who have it. As a kid I played alto sax for a year or two but was never any good at it. I've always envied people who can play the piano or guitar or even banjo.

And I love Duke Ellington, Count Basie and other big band stuff. I have a set of the famous Carnegie Hall concert that Benny Goodman did but need to replace it with a CD as I no longer have a stereo to play it on. I do have Ellington on CD and also Billie Holliday Louis Armstrong and some other stuff, but I want more.

Good luck with the singing Leetie!

Kat, the email thing was great! What was that about drugging you with perfume samples? I missed that one.

Happy Birthday, Boo!

And Joshkr, sorry about the problems, but how extremely cool to get a care package from Judi, and Dave's junk mail!

Happy birthday, Boo - wherever you are!

I think I missed that one too Jeff... I will go and have a quick look around, see what I can find

Re: musical talent. That is SO lacking in our family. I had hopes for my daughters as their paternal grandfather once sang with the Chicago Lyric Opera. He has a great voice. Sadly it didn't get passed on.

A number of years ago, my sister and I were driving to see Lauren Bacall in a musical. On the way, we were singing along with the radio, really belting it out. What we lacked in singing ability, we made up in spirit. I looked over at her and said, "Too bad we can't sing; we could really be something."

During the show, Lauren Bacall was singing and my sister leaned over and said, "Too bad she can't sing....."

She was AWFUL!!!

Jeff, on CNN today, they had a reporter in Skokie, IL (I think) who was showing some poor car that had been buried in snow by the snowplow. You could see where the guy had worked hard at digging out his car, only to have the snowplow come through at night and block it in with snow the consistency of concrete.

The wind blew the screen off my patio door. I'll just wait for my neighbor's screen to blow over here and use it.

OK breaks over, back to work.



but first....the perfume thing; the e-mail warns of people approaching women in parking lots with samples of "designer" perfume they are selling at "rock bottom prices". When the women go to sniff the perfume, they really sniff ether or something, are knocked out, abducted etc etc etc etc.

Kat, I think your friend missed the e-mail about red lipstick causing cancer and urging people to boycot Estee Lauder, Lancome, etc.

My youngest sister sends me most of these e-mails, thinking they are serious. I just Google them, find out they are hoaxes and return them to her. She one time got exasperated with me for doing that, and said "FINE! I'll quit sending them to you!" And I'm supposed to be upset by that?

happy birthday Boo!

for some reason i have "blue's clues" song stuck in my head now...

Rach doesn't wear red lipstick, and she knows I don't, so that one wasn't an issue.. three girls and none of us have the colouring for it, so we should be fine. I don't understand how red lipstick could cause cancer when red fruit and veg have the higest degree of anticancer agents and antioxidants, so red lipstick should follow the same trend.. and if it doesn't, I want to know why not.

*starts singing "It's Raining Men" to help dislodge "blue's clue's from Bangi's head*

It’s raining men, Hallelujah
It’s raining men, Amen
I’m gonna go out, I’m gonna let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet
It’s raining men, Hallelujah
It’s raining men, every specimen
Tall, blond, dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean

*sigh, if only I could sing....*

OK....NOW I'VE GOT TO *twitch* WORK!!


*we are gonna play Blue'e Clues, we are gonna play Blue's Clues....

DAMNIT... too late... it's as bad as Abba...

Damn... now "Waterloo" is in my head.... but it's better than the unmentionable

wow... I didn't realize so many of us were born in January! no less than 6 bloglits have theirs in January (My bday is the 10th, which was left off for some reason) PLUS Blue Meanie's bloglittles!

The worst ones are the really well intentioned ones that say "sign this and pass it on.. if we get 37505843 signatures, we can submit it to XYZ corporation and they will change policy #42" I got one of these the other day from a friend trying to get 5000 signatures for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Memo to everyone... if you are signature #573 and you send the petition to 10 people, they will ALL be signature #574. And when the (by then) tens of thousands of signature lists hit the 5000 mark, where do you send them? Don't bother signing and passing on one of these, unless you can "sign" it at a reputable centralised website... it's not worth your time and effort because in the end it goes nowhere except round and round in cyberspace

Yesterday in real mail I received a pink envelope and in it was an 800 ph. number, an ID # and the following message:

We are trying to reach you regarding your $1,000,000.00 sweepstakes ID # xxx, etc. Please call us at the above number.This is a free call. Sincerely, so-and-so

Oh, and at the top it said OFFICIAL MESSAGE

When I collect I will share with all MOATies!!!

Well, I made the beef stew and the meatballs, which wasn't easy with Taskmaster Jackie standing over me criticizing my every move. She didn't like it when I told her she was "mean" but I hope she was nicer to the kids she taught. Sheesh.

Hey kat: is this what you were looking for?

Glad to help.

Does anybody remember the Dave Barry column where he talked about emoticons? All I remember was one of a guy with a squid on his head, and that I laughed until I cried. I have been searching today, but I'm not finding it. Does anybody know how to find it?

Neo, try e-mailing at daveblog@herald.com and asking them. The columns are not searchable on the internet as Dave, the Herald and the newspaper syndicate protect their interests.

oops I think I remember reading somewhere that they don't take e-mail requests for old columns, but ask that you send a letter and self-addressed stamped envelope to them at the Herald.

Good luck.

In the meantime, I'll look through some of my Dave Barry books where he published a compilation of columns. It might be in the one about computers.

that link doesn't want to work.. gggggrrrrr

I'm sitting here looking at a hard copy of Dave's emoticons. I got it from a Random House site about Dave BArry in Cyberspace but when I tried the url it told me the page was expired. Do you want me to re-produce the emoticons for you?

great sleuthing Peri! .. can you just post the URL here and we can follow it? or is it expired on the website as well?

Peri, I was telling Eleanor about Dave's emoticons today, and I started cracking up just remembering. I need to find the whole article, because... well, just 'cause I need a good laugh!

The date on the bottom of my hardcopy is 2002/07/02 so I guess the original source is gone. It isn't long so I'll go and type it up in Word and post it later.

Logzilla update:

Saturday, January 22, 2005, 7:13 pm EST:
"That poopie almost looks like a snowman!"

is that better or worse than the other way around Leetie?

Weather update: it's still snowing. That is all.

Jeff, why don't you just put on a Barry Manilow CD and relax - it's clear you're obsessed with him - it's nothing to be ashamed of - we all still like you - you won't be banned from the
MOAT because of your musical taste - remember, our motto here is: diversity:)

I found it rather scary ... I think reality is going to be a total letdown....people who actually look like Donald and Melania, wearing something vaguely like wedding attire... it's never going to live up to the expectations that Dave's exclusive exclusives have given me.

sadistic is the word you're (not your) looking for Jeff.

I did see it Jeff, I'm even comment #3.. I try not to comment too often on the MB. I used to, but then the other "Kat" arrived, and someone blasted me for an anti-something or other comment that she made... so I tend to stick to the MOAT mostly... maybe I should get myself a new name to use on the blog so that I cannot be confused with someone else

Kat -- that's partly the reason I added a last initial. (Of course the other "alex" disappeared shortly afterward.)You could always try that.

Anyone who's had problems with the weather today has my sympathies.

I just got back an hour ago from a trip scheduled before the snowstorm. PA got hit HARD! Turns out that we got the 20° weather (an improvement from earlier this week), but then it snowed 10 in. and made a mess out of the roads. It doubled the travel time to a banquet this afternoon (Boy Scout event).

Dave Barry in Cyberspace

:) Emoticons :(

Using Internet “Shorthand”

How You Can Be Just As Original As Everybody Else

As a new person or “newbie” on the Internet, you’ll probably be struck by the fact that a lot of the messages contain odd-looking words and punctuation. This is a kink of “shorthand” that Internet users have developed so they can express certain thoughts and emoticons without wasting valuable time typing them out.

Emoticons are a very clever use of standard punctuation marks to express a human emotion. Here’s how they work.

Suppose you’re typing a statement such as:

I am feeling happy

The problem with this is, the reader cannot be absolutely, 100 percent sure what emotion you’re feeling when you type this. So at the end of the sentence, you type a colon (:) followed by a closing parentheses ()). Now your sentence looks like this:

I am feeling happy :)

See the difference?


:) - Happy person
:( - Sad person
:-) - Happy person with a nose
:-( - Sad person with a nose
:---( - Person who is sad because he or she has a large nose
*Sorry. I can’t do this one - it has a fish icon in it - Person who is sad because he or she has a large fish for a nose*
:-D - Person laughing
:-D* - Person laughing so hard that he or she does not notice that a 5-legged spider is hanging from his or her lip
:-| - Person unsure of which long-distance company to choose
>8-O-(&) - Person just realizing that he or she has a tapeworm
;-) - Person winking
.-) - Person who can still smile despite losing an eyeball
:-0WW - Person vomiting a series of Slim Jims
:-Q - Person who just had cybersex and is now enjoying a post-coital cybercigarette
>:-Q -... - Person who was enjoying a post-coital cybercigarette until he suddenly noticed, to his alarm, that there is some kind of discharge dribbling from his cybermember
:-{8 - Person who is unhappy with the results of her breast-enlargement surgery
:V:-| - Person who cannot figure out why nobody wants to talk to him or her, little suspecting that there is an alligator on his or her head
~oE]:-| - Fisherperson heading for market with a basket on his or her head containing a three-legged octopus that is giving off smell rays
>:-[ -{9 - Person who is none too pleased to be giving birth to a squirrel

Sorry - I missed a couple of bold tags on the emoticons. But that was really hard to do because these comments are really limited in their functions.

Kat - I didn't know they're were 2 "kats - Are you the Kat whose daughter is a flight attendant??

And Jeff, stay in - remember:Baby, it's cold outside




*can't breathe, laughing too hard*

oh, thanks, Peri!!

*crying from laughing so hard and my kids think I'm completely nuts now*

Thanks Peri, that's very cool!

ok... with the blog going off at 9 pm, I don't know if this will post, but no, I'm not that kat... she's currently on the wedding pic thread talking about turning the Donald into a crossdresser ... that would not be me at all really. The main difference is that I seem to use an uppercase K and she uses a lowercase k... but
that is something that a lot of people don't look to closely at.

I'm glad to know that, K - she and I had a little issue way back when - I'll now look for the capital K!

It's less that 3 hours til MOATdown (as I have named it) so I'm signing off and hoping that we all meet here tomorrow - it's closing at 9p.m. Pacific time, midnight in the East and that's all the "time knowledge" that I have -what with the closing of the blog, the horrible storms in the East, etc., - well, I don't know how to finish that sentence but I'm sure everyone knows what I mean!

*hugs to all MOATies and hot chocolate to everyone in the storm - with baby marshmallows on top - or not*

thanks Eleanor....

Because I can't keep up with the US caledars, can someone tell me wher daylight savings occurs again, once more rendering the blog clock off time .. and requiring more time for the system to fix itself?

Just curious.

Kat, daylight savings time starts the first Sunday in April....so when the blog clock is fixed, we can enjoy "correct" time for a little over 2 months.

*testing to see what the time is now*

Still a 2 hour time delay, CST. Apparently no change.

Oh, the blog is going down (giggle) 9 PM PST. So they haven't worked on it yet.

By then, I'll be reading.

Are the Trumps still married?

Peri-I had forgotten about those emoticons. Now I know what to say if I should discover I am giving birth to a squirrel. (I would of course be very unhappy about that.)

Josh-{{{{hug}}}} I hope things get better soon.

Big band music? Cool. *singing "In the Mood"*

I really need to get out my trumpet and start practicing again.

I hope no one is too severely affected by the storm. My sister lives in Philly, and they were getting hit pretty good.

And I am hearing more about her wedding, coming up in April. Apparently my parents and daughter and I will be flown up for the weekend. There was also talk of some of us women folk going to a spa the day before the wedding. Manicure, pedicure, hair, makeup. I can't figure out the day before part though. What, do we just sit up all night so as not to muss the hair and makeup? And it will be, thank goodness, a small wedding. At this point, it will be at their house, although that may change. We shall see.

Hello all!

Brief break here between my all-day class and the big woop-de-doo tonight. Rocky and his sax have already departed.

Did I mention that one thing I DON'T like about his gigs is that I have to go by myself? I still don't have too many friends in these parts. The fundraiser costs $45 so I don't want to suggest that anyone else come with me. I always thought it would be cool to have a boyfriend in the band, but now I see the drawbacks. Sigh...

Nice to see there are some Big Band music fans on the MOAT. It is really great music and that's why the appeal crosses generations.

Leetie, it's great that you are going to sing. There's more to singing than just raw voice talent--I get the feeling you have plenty of showmanship to pull it off.

Rocky has a good voice but he would never sing in public--until recently. There is a moderately famous jazz pianist named Barney McClure who we used to hear in Seattle. He has recorded with lots of famous people. He recently moved to Fairbanks of all places--his lady love lives there.

One of Barney's specialties is accompanying vocalists. He comes to Juneau from time to time and conducts cabaret workshops. Each participant works up one or two songs. They work on it all week with Barney and it culminates with a performance. Barney knows how to make even poor singers sound good.

I had to push but I got Rocky to do it last May. He had a fabulous time. As a jazz musician, his performance was memorable. He sang "Satin Doll" (Ellington) and "PorkPie Hat" (Charlie Mingus tribute to Lester Young). There were a few other good singers and a bunch of strictly shower singers. The women dressed up in these incredible slinky diva outfits, which in some cases made up for lack of voice. It was really fun for everyone.

Barney came to town again last March and Rocky signed up instantly, no need for prodding. That time he was the only man, with 22 women! Unfortunately, I had to be out of town that week so I missed the performance. But lots of people around town now recognize him--kinda funny.

The cabaret workshop is happening again starting next week. He's still trying to decide what song to do. This time there are one or two other guys. Should be fun.

Kat, I am happy to know that you are not the same as kat. I was confused because kat seemed so American I was having trouble reconciling the identities. Now I get it.

I better post this before the blog suddenly disappears on me. See you all in the a.m!

re: k v K - I've noticed that k uses many exclamation points and quotation marks and apostrophe's. And dashes. Well, lots of punctuation marks in general.

This is right at the deadline, I think, so I just have to say:



9 has, officially, come and gone. Maybe someone else's clock is wrong?

reminds me of Lily Von Stupp:

"They're always coming and going, and going and coming. And always too soon!

for some reason, it seems that you can still post... unusual but fact. Either the clock fixer found the Moat and got into the Moatarita mix, and the clock will never be fixed, or the fixer is running as late as the clock, which will now be fixed at 1 am PST (2 am blog time) so as to disturb as few MOATies as possible

so, was this "fixing the blog" thing a giant hoax? A scientific experiment to see how many would actually test to see if they could post? Or was the 9:00 PST (which was 11 my time and 1:00 blog time) just sort of a guideline... somewhere around 9ish, but with the flexibility to be whenever NAVA decided to flip the magic switch? (So confused. Which is nothing new!)

Ummm...what's this about the blog dissapearing?
**crosses fingers and hopes this posts**

Shakespeare folks: To the best of my knowledge, Shakespeare never had car chases or blew anything up in his plays. However, in 1613 (after Shakespeare had retired) the Globe Theater had pyrotechnics in a performance of one of Shakespeare's plays, "Henry VIII." They fired a cannon on stage during a battle scene.

They only ever did it the once, because the thatch roof caught fire and the theater burned down.

Marie- Yes, I know the difference between crepes and pancakes. I did a study abroad in France when I was an undergraduate (some time in Paris, more time down south in Pau) and I'm ashamed to admit this, but I love trashy junk-food crepes more than the fancy dessert kind. Used to grab a bananna-and-nutella crepe outside the metro every morning...mmmmmm.

Rhealist- Yeah, I've been stuck with the impossible or stupid assignment at work more often than I care to remember. I usually paid more attention to work than to office politics- think that was my problem. Can you blame the projects problems on some impersonal source? (Sorry boss, the entropy's running too high this week) Otherwise, *sigh*, I've learned that writing creative and carefully spun "Lessons Learned" reports is a valuable skill.

eesa fixed yet?

On politics and governance:

Just & Bismuth: In my book, "liberal" does not neccessarily equal democrat (or green). I mostly have a progessive political philosophy, but I don't agree wholly with the Dems, GOP, or any other organized party- I like your idea of the "welcome to real life" party. Some states run background checks on political candidates, I would advoate a common-sense check for politicans, but I am afraid that the casualty rate would be extreme.

I'll happily support Just for Emperess Penguin, but is it really a good idea to decide all disputes based on bartending skills or how well citizens fill out a coconut bra or a penguin thong? Perhaps this is just sour grapes, but Brittney Spears would definitely look better in a thong thn I would, but I question her public policy wisdom.

Could your imperial antarticness see fit to add backrubs and foot massages to the list of dispute-resolution skills? I'm better at those. *wink* (Availability for "Guy in a Cage" subject to conditions, enquire for rates & availability)

Crash- I'm on facebook as well; email me if you want to swap info.

Oh, and there's 14-15 inches of new snow on my chunk of Long Island and it's still coming down. "Spring" semester officially starts on Monday. Any bets on whether there will be classes? There sure as hell won't be any parking on campus until a lot of melting happens.

hmmm... clock isn't, but it doesn't remember my info anymore.

OOh OOh, facebook me too Wurm!

D'you think Dave & Judi are sitting in big comfy chairs watching the blog and laughing their arses off because they did this purely to pull our strings?

Peanut butter cookies anyone?

sorry didn't mean to kill the blogging... I'm hoping it's more of a time thing rather than you've tasted my cookies.. someone better stop me though, I've already scarfed down three of the beggars

ok... I couldn't post before, so I presume that the blog clock is fixed... let me check

if the blog clock is fixed, the time at the sound of the beep should be approx 1 min previous to my last post... here's hoping

nope ... guess not

Wurm, what is facebook, should I know about it, and why haven't you sent me an email lately?

It snowed quite heavily here in St. Pete this morning, but it had stopped by 3 pm.

My roommate is currently washing every article of clothing she owns, which means I should have showered beforehand, because now I'm going to have to shove her clothes out of the way in order to take a shower. Not to mention re-wetting them.

The other two roommates are out. One's in Moscow, one's in Petergof, but they're both out, is the main thing.

From today's Miami Herald: PALM BEACH - Dry your eyes ladies, the Donald is officially off the market.

I'm sorry...as a single American woman, was I supposed to be lusting after him?

I did not get that memo.

Oh darn.

g morning everyone, no weather in in so.ca. - I just watched about 15 minutes of blizzard coverage on CNN and it's pretty awful!!!

Wurm, I'm glad to see you have electricity and I also want to know what is facebook - anytime someone throws out an unfamiliar word here on the
MOAT inquiring minds rush into overdrive! Also please post your rates for "Guy in a Cage", although Just seems to feel that "Guy" must be from RL; i.e., Antonio Banderas, so that MOAT guys can be used in a variety of ways!

Good morning, Kat with a K - I'm soooo glad we cleared this up!

In closing I would like to say:
Jeremiah was a bullfrog

p.s. my post time in RL 6:37a.m. - will keep fingers crossed for blog clock!

nope - 4 hour difference - anxiety attack re closing down of blog and Xanax taken commensurately not needed! Oh well, off to read the morning papers on line -

*leaves cart with assorted pastries and hot coffee and chocolate drinks*

Slyeyes, no, no, not lusting after Donald Trump is FINE. Gives us non-billionaire single guys hope **winks**

thefacebook.com is an online networking system much like Friendster.com or orkut.com. Facebook is designed for college students and is structured to connect people on the same campus- I think every state university is in their system now, and at least most of the big private colleges. They've got a good group system to help users link up to other people in the same classes, dorms, etc., though that applies more to undergrads and people who live on-campus than to grad students like me.

Crash, Bismuth and anyone else on Facebook- I do not know how to search for or add a friend on a different campus without having a lot of real-life identity information on them. How do you want to handle this?

On a semi-serious note:

Why I like The Donald: (Beside for his hair, of course!) When he bought Mar-a-Lago from the Post cereal family, he turned it into a country club - all the other clubs in Palm Beach were/are restricted, no Jews, no
African-Americans- and he made his club unrestricted - there was a great deal of controvery in Palm Beach when he did that - ruffled feathers, lots of "hmmph" noises, but of course, being The Donald, he didn't give a sh*t, and I admire him for that -

Frivolity may resume now.
That is all.


Oh, some pictures of me and the snow here now in the "More Bloglit Photos" on the yahoo group. It's not my car buried in snow in the picture (mine isn't parked in line-of-sight of my windows), but mine is just as bad.

Eleanor, thank you for your concern, but be advised that part of me is required to hate you and other Southern California residents until I am done shoveling here. (Damn, it's started snowing again...or is that just the wind blowing things around?)

Hmmm...if the guy-in-a-cage position is reserved for professional hotties like Antonio Banderas, perhaps I had better look for a new position in
Empress Just's regime. Your imperial penguinship, do you have an opening for a Minister of Corruption? That's a FUN job. (evil grin)

Good morning everyone! Peri tells me you were asking about me. Thanks for caring enough to ask..you are nice people.

Well.....I have been busy with RL (bummer) and only had time to keep up on the main blog. (I didn't know about Kat and kat but I'm glad I do now.) We are implementing a new financial management system at the University where I work and the training/testing/blowing up/oops back to testing is taking up sooooo much time. Of course we are expected to keep up with our full time work load as well. Isn't management a hoot!

Anyway..I will be popping in from time to time to say HI to all you lovely people.

Hugs to Josh - hope everything is working out for you.

Wurm - I checked out your photo of snow on the Y site and was "amused" by your caption!

In case you didn't notice when you read the "Development of Empress" posts, I am the Empress's lady-in-waiting, and, since there might come a time when you would want an"audience" with said Empress, you might want to rethink your so.ca. position!!

But as long as you are mired in snow and hate, I am forced to tell you that it will be in the mid to high 70's here today:)

Wurm, there should be a global search link near the top, and also on the search page. About the only thing you can search for is names... it doesn't show you profiles from other schools until both have confirmed the friendship.

Anyone with a college or university email can join at www.thefacebook.com, including alumni and faculty. (Assuming that it has your school in the database)

I always checked for the .nz in the email address to identify the correct Kat. The capital K (for kwality!) helps!

Sandy, showmanship??? BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (I really did laugh out loud when I read that) If you call a "deer in the headlights" look showmanship, then yes... I'm your man.

So, right now the blog should say it's about 11:50, right?

And I'm on facebook now as well. Not that it's important, or relevant. Just sayin'

Kat -
SOOOO glad to know you arent the 'kat' on the MB... I was scared to talk to you! I have v strong feelings against her... my husband says I should be more forgiving, she can't help it if shes from Kerrville... *shrug* :)

Leetie - I LOVE that song by divynlis!!! Its my fave Kareoke song... back Before Kids when that was my life... Its fun to sing on stage! Good Luck!

Wurm - re: several things. 1) Hotness in my world is relative.After all, If I can have a more aerodynamic figure on the MOAT, I think the same can be said of others. Who was is that said "We are all 24 etc etc etc" ??? Granted, I'm NOT 24, but I go with the rest of the statement. :)
And I think you win over britney hands down in the penguin thong. :) (btw, Britney and all such will all be sent to Antarctica if I'm E.P.)
If you want to be Minister of Corruption, thats dandy by me... just talk to Joshkr, he's been nominated for Grand PPuBah in charge of Debauchery... there will obviously be some overlap in ya'lls duties.
And backrubs and footmassages will work just for you. ;)

El - Hmm... ok. So the Guy Candy status needs to be revised? I didn't mean to say MOAT men weren't allowed, but I was thinking MOAT men were more consort worthy. After all... I can't see any of them being happy told they are to live in cages and exist for the sole purpose of pleasing their keeper. Wait... never mind. :)
Caged Guy Candy from this point on shall be any guy who acheives "drool worthy" status from his particular keeper unless that same male happens to occupy a governmentality position. Does that work???

In other news. I'm sooooooo frickin' hungry! I went outta town with my parents this weekend and ended up getting some kinda freak bug.... I think I threw up more yesterday than I did on any given day with morning sickness. Not cool. I couldn't even keep water down.
That said.. I SO want to eat but I don't know what to attempt. Any ideas????? :(

*going to graze in Parents Refridgerator*

Just- if you can't drink water and keep it down, I suggest ice chips (just put ice cubes in a plastic bag and bang 'em with something if you don't have a fancy refrigerator). Suck them, let them start to melt in your mouth, and swallow slowly.

Once you can keep water down (even in tiny sips) try ginger ale or gatorade to get some sugars into your system. (again, small sips) Once those stay down, try soda crackers and boiled rice.

Mmmm-mmm bland.

Good morning, Just -

Amended rule re Caged Guy is perfect - I'll put it in the Constitution - oh, wait, you're an Empress so we don't have one - OK, I'll make it in the form of a proclamation - we should have lots of those!!!

RE: food for sick empress: dry toast for a starter, my daughter recommends Calistoga water, but I think anything bubbly works -

p.s. I'm so glad this kat/Kat issue has been cleared up - I had the same feelings you did, Just!!!

Morning all!!

Glad I cleared things up for people. I'm sorry I confused a few (more than a few people, apparently). But for those of you who have issues with the "other" kat, you can understand why I don't comment on the MB so much anymore.

Just... it depends on how sensitive your stomach still is... are you at the scrambled eggs and dry toast stage.. the banana and melon stage.. or the "ooooh.... pickles, lox and turtle soup... that sounds like a great combo!" stage?

As for the Donald, I think the paper is working on the "it's as easy to love a rich man as a poor man" theory, or the "power (and insane amounts of dosh, ie he could undertake to sponsor every world vision child still available for adoption and not notice the change missing from his wallet) are aphrodisiacs" That last statement is for women (and gay men) with no self esteem whatsoever.. but that's beside the point... does anyone remember what the point was?

oooh... something shiny!!

Maybe we can give Bis the position of "Penguin thong-clad Proclamation reader" (I hesitate to use the word Proclaimer, because for those of you who remember the Proclaimer, a vision of them in penguin thongs is jsut creepy). He would be brought out at any time a proclamation is made, and he would read it in a loud clear voice so that all the MOAT could hear

*has sudden craving for a Kit Kat bar*

Good ides re Bis, Kat - I think he'd be perfect for that job - but I don't know what we should do with Deon - he's already stated that he does NOT like to be thought of as "eye candy" - hmmmph!

I'm just hanging out waiting for the football game to start, which I thought would be in about a half hour - and then I looked at the clock and saw that it's one hour forty-five minutes away! Time goes by v-e-r-y- s-l-o-w-l-y when you wake up and 4a.m. and can't fall back to sleep...

I wonder if I could take a nap....

we could make Deon the Braille version for blind (or touchy-feely) Moaties.. would he be happy with that, do you think?

from Kat's link, The Donald's quote re Jude Law:

Jude Law is nothing," Donald says about the man who just pipped him to the title of Sexiest Man Alive. He says with genuine bafflement, "I don't get it. He's got nothing." Everybody on the jet nods in agreement—

Truthfully, if I had my choice between Jude Law and DT, it would be Jude all the way!

His "not getting it" does explain his choice of hairstyles.....sort of.

Sweet! What is her supremeness's first proclamation?

"Her gloriousness Empress Just hereby declares that she has decided on saltines and Sierra Mist for brunch!"

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