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November 11, 2004


...but I'll do it, so people will stop sending it in.

(Thanks to many people)


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Just, I for one am terribly offended by your earlier post. How could you say that no one hear (I don't think) would say anything with the malicious intent of making another uncomfortable.

I have been as malicious as I can be, dammit!

Well, gee now, that does seem to clear things up a bit.

Damn links, they'll get ya every time.

*Pours another*

Hey, it's Friday.

Just - you have my vote - I love, Paper, Rock and Scissors!

Oh wait, you don't need my vote - you're an Empress - and being pregnant, and empire style coronation gown will be very becoming!!

May I be one on your ladies-in-waiting???

Anything, as long as I don't have to be a plebian - that would be so......plebian!!!

El ... sure ... I'll leave the uniform choice up to you! ... After all, I AM a fair Empress ;)

*daydreams of Empire style coronation gowns*

Fish gone stripped. *exposes not very appealing sight of duct taped dingding*

Make it a double bartender!

Hey, that's me.

The Moat is goooood, Yes!

(boy, am I gonna feel silly when this alcohol wears off) ;)

Neo - YOU are MALICIOUS?!?!?!

*stifling laughter*

If you say so...

yanno... Wysi was lookin' for someone to go rub lotion on... you can go be 'malicious' with HIM !!!



All the talk of sponges on the Main Blog (to avoid the confusion with the other MB) has made me want a sponge bath.

g'morning all... I don't know if it's getting quiet or if I'm getting very fast... it's only taken me 25 mins to catch up ...

Further to my Shakespeare discussions (really quick and we can get back to boogers and moataritas).. I did really enjoy Taming of the Shrew, (and Much Ado About Nothing) despite the romances. I adored Macbeth .. bloodshed violence and the beheading of a supposedly invincible king.. you don't need guns when they behead you and parade around the courtyard with your head on a pike! (As well as the play, I've seen the Roman Polanski film version.. naked Lady McB going nuts in her bedchamber trying to scrub her hands clean). Also, despite the relationships, I had a really great experience in my 7th form English class (that's 12th grade, year 13.. the last year of high school anyway), because my teacher and the teacher in the next class were really good friends with completely different opinions on just about everything, so they would swap classes in the middle of each period, and we'd get a completely different perspective from the other teacher. It was a really great way to learn. It's a pity it doesn't happen that way for everyone.

Politically speaking... this year is an election year, and I hope everyone wises up and kicks the auld biddy we currently have running the country out of office. She's been there for 6 years now, and while I voted for her initially, I like her less and less as time goes on. I'm getting more and more conservative. I find myself listening to the opposition leader and nodding along, saying "that makes a lot of sense" or "I wish someone would do that". Having said that, it probably won't happen, even if the Nats get in, because we have an MMP voting system, which means that you have to get more than 50% of the vote if you want to rule independently. So most of our governments are coalitions made up of either Labour or National, plus one or two fringe parties... so that everyone has to compromise on the things that they promise the country, just to keep their coalition partners happy... ok... I'm gonna stop the political rant now... everyone's probably had enough.

Hey Lab - need anyone to sponge your back??



I'm probably going to get stoned for this, but Hugh Jackman does nothing for me


and *GEESE*

El - Possible lady-in-waiting uniform?

NOT a good lady-in-waiting uniform!

It looks more like a man-in-waiting Just!!

Question is for whom is he waiting?


Hugh Jackman? mmmmmmmmm....

Eleanor, um, yes, I do need someone to sponge down my back. I'm thinking about leaving work early to see her sooner. We're still newlyweds, so we still access the ding-ding as much as possible! :o)

I had a real thing for the late great Kevin Smith (the guy who played Ares on Hercules and Xena, not the other guy) mmmmmmm hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm yummy. Then again, I even liked him waaaaay back in the day when he was in shows like Gloss and the other one he was in that also had Lucy Lawless in it for a while... I forget the name... it was the early 90's ... I'll be back after a brief sojourn to Google

Just - lady-in-waiting uniform is nice...but I was really thinking about wearing Melania-soon-to-be-Mrs.Trump-soon-to-be-former-Mrs.Trumps wedding dress!! But I don't want to outdo you - you are (or will soon be) the Empress, after all!

Jeff, that was a great link - very funny!!!

Ok who overturned the squid samples?
I heard a meow was the cat in here last night dancing with the naked monkey?

*sprinkles "disinfectant" on the spilled squid bits

On the Shakespeare front - My fav. is mid summer night's dream. But I love Much Ado. I think that Shakespeare is showing all the zanniness of love in the two very different sets of lovers. But in the end when Love triumphs we can all dance around in cricles and sing hey nonny non.

yes.... and I think I may have convinced him to shave strategically too...I'm not a fan of hairy backs.... it could be interesting

Greetings all,

Quick announcement - I'm taking the Snake offline as I enter the home stretch. Expect to complete the final chapters and run thru an edit over the next month, then see about publication.

I won't be blogging new chapters, but for those who have been "reading as I go" I'll set something up to email you the new ones if you're interested (check my blog over the next day or so).

thanks for all the kind support -


I have the Kenneth Branagh version of Much Ado on video, despite my contempt for the relationships (I'm a deeply disturbed woman). I had to run through it last night when I was typing my post because I forgot Claudio's name... too sad... but Kenneth and Emma Thompson as Benedick and Beatrice were brilliant..this was a couple of years before the acrimony and backbiting that accompany a divorce in movie world


I can't believe there's an end in sight for Snake ... I look forward to seeing what happens.... if we don't see you for a while... be well, keep safe and BOOGER!!!

*pictures Mad strolling down the beach with a giant spatula and some Clorox*


I would much rather you send me the originals before editing. I've got the whole thing saved so far and the minor errors give it flavor.

Thank you all the same though. It's a great story.

**reminds self to copy and paste Ch. 50** tonight

I don't know what to say Lab... maybe if I swap the snake for chicken...

OK.. that sounds good... then again there are no snakes living in the wild in NZ.. a few captive , snakes, mostly in zoos and wildlife parks

Q: Would The Captive Snakes BAGNFARB?

Good luck C-bol. Can't wait to buy the book! If you need blurbs for the jacketcover, please, don't go to strangers!!!

BTW, I had a note from Polly around Christmastime, and she's now investigating insurance fraud. I told her I envisioned her as sort of a female Snake, riding a Vespa with coat-tails flying!


Lab: I don't think I'm ever going to be THAT hungry.

Have you guys ever been asked to do something at your work that you know, before you even do it, is going to go badly, and you know that the people asking you to do it are asking you because they don't want to do it and get their heads chewed off and somehow you lost the secret straw draw so you're stuck with the job. So you do it, and you get your head chewed off and, even though you knew it was going to happen, now you feel all crappy and want to go back to the head chewer offer and scream "Dude, don't shoot the messenger!" Yep, it's going to be a looooonnnggg day. *commences drinking*

Good morning MOATies!

All I have to say on the Lincoln being gay front is--if I heard it on Jon Stewart, it must be true.

Did anyone one address Rhealist's question from yesterday? About how the hell anyone gets any work done while trying to stay abreast of the blog? (Yeah, I said "abreast," tee hee.)

In my case, I have this job where I kinda just have to produce a certain amount of work by the end of the month. Sometimes it seems I do it all in about 3 days. I am really sick of the work and procrastinate and procrastinate until finally I just have to do it.

I would much rather have work I like, but in the absence of that, I'll take work that pays well, has utterly flexible hours, and absolutely nobody looks over my shoulder.

That's how I manage to blog. But from time to time I must simply check out and get my work done.

Today might be one of those days. I really need to get something done--but if I don't do it until next week, nobody will notice. It will just be more stressful if I wait that long.

I think I'll try to get it done today. But maybe not...

Rhea - YES!!

*loves Rhea the double strength moatarita mix and an industrial size cat to mix it in*

You know, now that I think about it, there are very few things I wouldn't eat. Brains... I couldn't eat brains. Or livers. But I'd try pretty much anything else.

Kat - that *wasn't* for the Ladies in waiting... its for the men waiting on THEM!

*psst* take notes Eleanor!

In MY regime, all Ladies-in-Waiting get their own suite near the hot tub. All Suites come equipped with a cage which contains their current Guy Candy flavor du jour. THAT is who the second uniform is for...

*hurries away to make up Just for Empress buttons*

or you could always move to New Zealand... we have an election sometime this year.. you could be the Empress of NZ, it's a strategic move and you can conquer the world from here.. no one expects the little countries to bite back

Eleanor- I'm sorry dear, I'm going to have to Veto The Dress . I was saving that for the Grand PuBah in Charge of Debauchery. Joshkr has the post if he ever returns. I personally think The Dress will look daah-ling on him!

Sandy, sounds like just the type of job I need. Can ya get me in? :)

Lab, what about sun-dried squid with optional bacteria? (Warning: Bacteria-free squid may taste faintly of Clorox)

Oh, all right Just, for Joshkr I'll give up anything - and if you saw my post above earlier today, he will return!

But can he be my guy in the cage??? Or are you keeping him for your consort???? If that's the case, maybe I could have Deon????

Hi sandy, you sound very decisive today, reminded me of myself!! I know it's not yet noon where you are, so how about a bloody Mary??

Kat - hmm... ya'll have Kiwi birds there, right??? That might work. I'll need to consult with Eleanor and see if a move to NZ would be wise.

Dork, er... Mike, I meant to limit my comment to FOOD.

I did once eat year-old yogurt just to prove to The Wench that yogurt is still good even if it's a year past the expiration date.

Luckily I remained alert enough to give her directions to the hospital. (kidding)

Just... I thought the men-in-waiting outfits were for the women-in-waiting!!

mmmm... bloody mary. Thanks El!

*starts composing letter to boss, recommending Leetie for my position.*

Wait, then I'd have to get a real job!

*sighs regretfully, then rips up letter of recommendation*

Better go back to work...

*curtsies to the Empress as she departs*

El ... hmmm... I hadn't thought of who would be my consort yet. Aside from the ongoing lusts, I have a thing for King Arthur (on the Rt, although Lancelot on the Left isn't too bad, either) after watching the movie last night. I think I'll start with him.

You can 'have' the PuhBah, but I'm afraid you can't cage him. What would I do if I needed him for some "matter of state" ? I'm afraid the caged guy candy must be from the general population!

Kat - well... in a way they are!!!

*nods to Sandy*

*psssst* Sandy - your job sounds like mine! Isn't it GREAT!?!??

news alert

I was cut off from posting only here on the
MOAT for 20 minutes!!!
*mild panic attack*
*breathing is even now*

Just, I was going to suggest that we think about what kat suggested - imagine having a whole contry to romp around in! Do we know what the quality of men in NZ are? As well as their capacity for hot tubs? I think we need more info so we can make an informed decision.....

Didn't somebody mention something about this recently?

Ok ... I'm a little disturbed. Something just struck me for the Men-in-waiting Uniform/Penguin Pouch ... is it just me, or does the model look rather... female?!?!?!? Look at the waist & Thigh....


Hey all,
I am out of here, my darling daughter shared her cold with me and I am leaving early before my head explodes.
Have a great weekend and don't jones too much when the blog is down tomorrow night.

Just, I like your link - I think the ruffled shirt guy is more consort -able, if you get what I mean!

And I guess if I can't have Joshkr in my cage, I'll just have to settle for Antonio Banderas - I don't know if I've ever confessed this here, but I was a member of his on line fan club for a while - post-Evita!

I'm going to watch my tape of TheDaily Show and whispers The Apprentice now - back later!

Just, you mean your Empress job?

Yeah, mine's just like that. Except the guy candy is pretty sparse (unless you count the elderly golden retriever under the desk), no cute outfits, and from time to time, they actually expect me to WORK!

*small series of head jerks a la Maynard G. Krebs*

Actually, I feel pretty stupid for hating this job. Which is why I don't quit.

El, a big load of snow fell off the roof and knocked our sat dish out of alignment. Result: no Apprentice recorded last night!

Rocky has to climb up on a ladder to fix it. The only reason I think it might actually happen this weekend is the PATRIOTS!!!

Oh yeah, I was going back to work. Right. Here I go.

*curtsies once again*

Just, you'd probably get a lot of male supporters if you went with the middle one for your consort...
Just sayin'

grrr...I forgot to kibby before posting that. I wasn't referring to your 'penguin pouch' post, Just, I was just referring to the 'King Arthur' pic. I wouldn't want anyone to take the wrong interpretation of 'the middle one'.


I'd love to hear that album...

I have one of the greatest jobs on earth... I'm a nanny... yesterday I played on a slip'n'slide, coloured with chalk and crayons, ran around the back yard and got paid for it...

In the Branagh/Thompson 'Much Ado About Nothing' ,no one has mentioned that 'John the Bastard' was played by Keanu Reeves !

El - This season of the Apprentice looks like its gonna suck-in-a-bad-way.
And Yes, on the pic ruffled shirt guy (Lancelot) is much more Consort-able, but in the movie it was Arthur (on the right) who was the drool-worthiest!

Sandy - nah - my *real* job... :) somedays they expect me to work, so I don't get to blog... most of the time I get to blog and be paid at the same time!!!

Marvin - Hmm... Kiera IS infinitely consort-able ... but to keep the males in my retinue happy I keep her as the entertainment. This is her Uniform

and Denzel played Don Pedro of Aragon... yummy ..

PS.. as to the quality of NZ men... Russell Crowe is a New Zealander NOT an Australian... he just lives over there... he was born and raised here!! Also we provided most of the cast for Hercules and Xena, which were filmed in NZ... and a lot of the LOTR cast as well...

PS.. for Aust.. you forgot Heath Ledger and Simon Baker

I've got to go now.. going shopping then swimming and a picnic... talk to y'all later!!


Orlando Bloom is British.

Thanks for the alcohol, Kat. But am I mixing it up in a giant furry mammal (cat), or with a giant earthmover thingymajiggy (cat)? (Please not excellent grasp of technical lingo).

The people who 'set me up' suggested we all leave and go see a movie. Suggestion was Hotel Rwanda. When someone objected because that one is a downer with a lot of bloodshed, the suggester said, "Yeah, but compared to this place?" It's sort of sad that that's true, but funny at the same time.

*can't curtsy on exit, so bribes Empress with chocolate instead*

by the way...that is NOT a commentary on the posts....but on what I'm doing in the RL.


by the way...that is NOT a commentary on the posts....but on what I'm doing in the RL.


Marvin - I knew what you were talking of! :)

Can't beleive I forgot Heath!!! And Orlando is BRITISH?!?!? I thought I read he was Aussie... *shrug*

*Goes back to daydreaming*

Gabrielle was a Texan. :)

Just sayin' ...


Interestingly enough, Renee O'Conner is from Katy, Texas - just outside Houston. Yesterday we were blogging about Renee Zellweger - also from Katy, Texas.

Apparently Katy is overrun with cute blond movie stars named Renee. Hmmm. Katy's only about 2 1/2 hours from here...Roadtrip!

sly - thanks for clearing that up - twice!

Just, I couldn't believe that Danny didn't get fired - he is soooo obnoxious - I really don't know if I can keep watching it, since I just want to slug him!!!

Thanks Just, you know yawns are contagious!:)

Lee - umm... My cousin lives in Katy, and SHES a blonde. Shes also a spoiled brat. So is her sister. But I didn't say that.

I'll leave the roadtrip to you. :) I'm staying FAR away.

El - ugh ... I know! And the lady who got peed on by the dog?!?!? HILARIOUS!
The consensus in our house is that this season is gonna suck compared to last yr... I didn't watch the first season, so I don't know about it.
The only 2 people you get a real feel for are the Bitch (blonde dog-pee chick) and the Idiot (Danny) ...

*yaaaawn* I'm sleepy. Someone decided to wake me up too early after Someone ELSE decided to keep me up to late....

Just - is either one named Renee? ;-)

I grew up in Houston and the few people I knew from Katy were all brats. Well, Clint Black was pretty cool when I met him. (Yes, he's from Katy as well. What are they putting in the water out there?)

LEe - umm.. the one with her in the gray bikini/underwear/whatever? It worked.

Ok. So I'm exhausted, pregnant, and pissy. And The Husband just told me there will be no Accessing of the Ding Ding before I leave town for the weekend since he wants to stay at work in case the big-wigs come by. Is that excuse enough to go home?!?!?!?!?!?

Lee - naw... Shannon and Erin. Irish though... Coinkydink?

My friend lives in Vidor... grew up in the area... sent me a pic of Clint Black (I think it was him... 99% sure) in his HS FB uniform... it was pretty cool....

Is it just me, or does it seem a little much for a kid to have a Cell, a Pager, and a brand new Mustand Convertable ... All Before they Turn 16!!!!

... hence the spoiled brat comments....


Just - not if they're a drug dealer... ;-)

To some extent or another, all of us blonds are brats! ;-) But I love blond jokes; I just wish I got the punch lines...

Before Clint was well known, he would travel all over in his bus - I actually talked to him in a La Quinta parking lot. He was trying to get people to come to one of his shows.

Ok, I've had it! Time to start the weekend! MOATaritta's for everyone! CU Monday!

So on Just's link way up there, how many of you females clicked where it said, "Click to Enlarge"?

*clicks weasel a few times*


Rats. I'm all set to go home and can't. For some STOOO PID reason, I've been sitting here the last however long, sitting on my right leg. I don't know why.... but now that I actually want to use it.... it is asleep. In fact, I think it's in a coma. When I stood up and tried to get it to move....nuttin'.


And I know that when the feeling comes back, there's going to be that annoying buzzing feeling.


waiting..... waiting...... waiting.....

*pinches leg. slaps leg*

I wonder if I sat on it so long it's paralyzed. That's a hell of a way to start the weekend.



OK, I'm going to drag this appendage home.


Hey, Mad, I think it's WORKING!

(too bad the <big> HTML tag doesn't work here)

*checking in!*

My car will cost the other guys insurance more than 1200 bucks.
But I hafta get the FHP report first and that'll take forever, and then the other guys insurance will say I took to long even though I call them the same day as I got my stupid case file so either way I'm going to be screwed as far as money goes. *inhales*

Aargh. So here I am procrastinating, and avoiding my overbearing homework from hell.

How are you guys?

(and anyone still in college, join thefacebook.com. because i need friends, hehe)

Slow night on the blog. RL must be happening!

Rocky is practicing his sax. I am about to get dressed for our big dinner out this evening. When Rocky gets home with a pocketful of change he drops it in a jar. About once a year, we carry the jar to the local CoinStar machine. We take the proceeds and go out to dinner. When we started doing this, the proceeds were enough for a small vacation. Now it's dinner. A very nice dinner though, with wine. A delayed b'day celebration.

Tomorrow I have an all-day class. In the evening the big band is playing for a party--it's actually a Red Cross fundraiser. Rocky plays sax, plus he has been working with some other people on the vocals. He has not really told me what to expect. The band has a regular (excellent) vocalist and I'm not sure if she is singing the lead on these songs or Rocky. But he recruited several people to help with the "doobie doobie doo waa" sounds in the background.

He is really good on the sax. For a shy guy, it's amazing how he has no fear of improvising solos in front of a big crowd.

Musical talent is such a gift!

hey crash--i forgot to kibby before I posted that.

I'm procrastinating, too. Isn't it fun?

Have fun sandy, sounds like it will be!
I'm out of here too -

Crash... facebook me: Derek Breid at Kansas

I love your picture!

Sandy... big band, as in Glenn Miller style of big band?

Hi folks...I hope to read through all this but it will have to wait. Just a quick post before I disappear again. I won't go into details because y'all just don't wanna know. As Eleanor said, I'm ok. I just have some major personal problems right now that are taking all of my attention.

On the bright side...I got a "care package" from Judi today in return for the calendars. She sent me:

1 - A bumper sticker with a smiley face that says "Please Don't Shoot Me"
2 - 2 Dave Barry For President (your beliefs here) bumper stickers
3 - A couple of copies of the Herald with the paper neatly folded to great Dave Barry columns
4 - Some of Dave's junk mail (hmm, guess he needed to get rid of some)...but it is addressed to him! I will cherish the junk mail!

by that last one I mean it is addressed to him "or current resident"...

I will cherish Current Resident's junk mail!

Joshkr- I don't know what the personal problems are, but just wanted you to know that we are here for you.

Hope everything works out for the best.

And by awesome I mean... Weird.

I'm sorry Joshkr. You are allowed to fix your problems.
Me, I procrastinate until everything is so bad I hafta leave the country.

Hmmm...junk mail? That actually gave me a brilliant idea! I can save money on stamps and envelopes by painting over junk mail envelopes and using them to send cards!

*crickets chirping*

OK...maybe I'm just bored.

Joshkr -- go ahead and fix RL first we (or at least I) will still be here. Hope things get better.

{{{{HUGS JOSH}}}}

joshkr--big, big hug...

Some of us actually do want to know. But do what you need to do. Miss you!

Neo, yeah, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Ellington, that sort of thing. The geezers in town like them, plus there is a contingent of younger people who like swing dancing. So they have a decent following.

As in Duke Ellington?
Thats not entirely geezer.

Josh: I suggest duct tape.

Well, the Duke died a long time ago. But his music lives on. So in that sense, he's timeless...

*strains of A-train go drifting through the MOAT...*

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