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November 11, 2004


...but I'll do it, so people will stop sending it in.

(Thanks to many people)


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Just: if I were you I would mention only the "funny movie" reason to your husband, because I don't think he will drool over Renee Zellweger, IMHO she's rather ugly in the movie (much more than in the 1st part).
Come to think of it, there is a scene at the end which every man should enjoy watching but I can't tell you what it is or it will spoil the surprise...

Dang! Christobol is cranking them out fast! Will it come in a comic book? Cliff's notes?

Only if the comic book has a Polar Bear in it.

Marie - hmm... that might work. I'm thinking I tell him we're going to go see some War movie and don't let him see the tickets. That will probably work best!


Thanks on behalf of Rocky for the b'day good wishes. We will certainly try to arrange the Sand on the Beach thing later on this evening.

His birthday sucks thus far. He has spent the entire day at a lawyer's office listening to his disgruntled ex-employee give a deposition in the lawsuit that the ex-employee filed claiming that Rocky ruined his life by firing him for incompetence.

And then there was the whole inauguration thing...

Mustelidae covers
Barry Manilow

The horror, the horror...

Just--possible flaw in plan: what happens when he looks around and notices all the chicks in the audience?

Mustelidae - what is the meaning of this word????

Jeff, I want to make sure I've got this straight in my mind. Pretty much as soon as Jackie is well (which will hopefully be soon) she will go for her thyroid surgery, correct?

mustelidae: of or pertaining to the stinky, musky kind of rodents, such as weasels, skunks, and muskrats.

...and lions and tigers and bears..OH MY!


Anyway...so, last night at home, I checked out the website I couldn't access at work, cameltoes.com.

Oh My Gosh. I'm not talking so much about the website itself, although, now I know why I couldn't access it from work. But when I tried to close it, about a gazillion other porn websites popped up. As soon as I'd close one, BOOM here came another and another and another and another. I finally had to shut my computer down with a hard boot. (techno boot, not steel-toed and DEFINITELY NOT camel toed).

Come to think of it, yes, I am talking about the website itself.

And who would have ever thought to compare THAT to camel toes?!?!?!

huh... I always thought weasels were rodents. Odd.

*comes trudging in with all her vials of samples*
Nobody touch those squid bits (WBAGNFARB) please!!!

Happy Birthday to not so little fish and sandy's SO.

YAY and HUGS to Punky and Slowlayne!

Brian B - Sent email

Ok I never access any of those links here at work nor at home, but I was thinking about posing a question: Would you rather your boss caught you at work looking at a cameltoes website, a hardcore porn site, or the MOAT?

Speaking of the inauguration (well, I was), does anyone read the Wonkette blog site - www.wonkette.com -

she does not care for the Bushies (as she calls them), she has a potty mouth, but is hilarious - she's been blogging, almost in real time, all day, as well as drinking a lot since she can't believe they really had the inauguration, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a laugh out of the absurdity of all this -
sandy? Jeff?

Jeff - I'll take your word for when your b-day is, but please remind me because I'm not putting it on my calendar until November - who knows, you might change your mind again!

On Shakespeare: (mostly directed at Kat and Rhealist)

-Shakespeare can't be blamed for inventing the Harlequin romance, since he stole almost all of the plots for his comedies from classical roman comedies or contemporary Italian romances. So you can really only hold him responsible for importing. *wink*

-On love-plots in Shakespeare's plays suggesting that Shakespeare was gay: Kat, you want to prove that point with "Tempest?" Sure, Miranda's naive, but the whole romance is part of her father's plan- Miranda and Ferdinand are really just chess pieces in his game- their relationship moves at the pace of Prospero's scheming, not at the pace of fumbling teenage romance.

Another interpretation of Miranda: Yes, she's grown up on this desert island where the only males around are her father and the beast-man Caliban, who tried to rape you at one point. Now, she's 14 or 15, hormones are raging, and the local equivalent of Prince William drops into her lap. Ladies, would YOU move fast, given those circumstances?

(Hello, my name is Wurm, and I'm a theater nerd)

LOVE Blackadder, but haven't seen much of it later than Bladder III. (French Revolution era) Grr...must scrape budget for more British DVDs.

Eleanor ... I read Wonkette daily. She's my kind of humor, that Ann Marie Cox.

On politics:

Eleanor- yes, I read Wonkette reguarly, though I didn't check out her site today until I saw your post- doh! Seems like all the democrats in D.C. are on vacation or drinking heavily this week (possibly both)

To Just, and probably others: Yes, I'm liberal, and feeling a bit bitter and sarcastic today. However, I hope that my quips about the inauguration (sp?) and the President did not make you (or any other bloglits) uncomfortable.

I like lively political discussion/debate, and generally think that the political culture in the U.S. would be healthier if people would TALK reasonably about issues rather than just picking sides and fighting. So whenever I say anything political, I expect that whatever I dish out, I'll take back in equal measure from the other side(s).

I only get UPSET at politics when people on any side of an issue treat their own views as dogma and won't listen to anyone else. So go ahead, take a swipe at me. **winks**

Mad: Probably wouldn't want the boss to catch me looking at hardcore porn. Not because I think she'd mind. But after she'd announced it over the paging system, I think I'd have some trouble escaping watercooler conversations unscathed.

wurm: the whole harlequin thing? I was actually referring more to Shakespeare's bodice-ripper broadsheet "Fate's Temptress". English departments have been trying to suppress it for years, to prop up the idea that the guy was some kind of 'talent'. P.S. Huge fan of Plautine comedies :)

Also, my favourite BlackAdder, after Season 1, is the one set in WW1. Really a must see. Also, have always loved Waiting for God, if you've ever seen it.

Funny site, El. I've seen wonkette before. I should really try to read more regularly. But, with all the blog reading, when am I supposed to work? HOW do other people manage?

Rhealist: Geez, the English department conspiracy must be succeeding- I consider myself reasonably well-read in Shakespeare and have never heard of a work called "Fate's Temptress." A quick check of my Riverside complete works doesn't show that title anywhere- is "Fate's Temptress" a poem, maybe something like "A Lover's Complaint?" Any idea where I could find a copy? (Seriously...I've got a Shakespeare project coming up this spring it might be relevant for)

Mmm..The WWI Blackadder is, I think, the fourth series, and I've only seen a couple of episodes of it- loved to see the typical Blackadder cowardice and scheming taken to new height in the very lethal trench warfare environment, but can't judge the whole series until I see more of it. :(

re wonkette, I read her during the conventions...then forgot about her. I'll DEFINETELY catch up to her now.

I would also prefer getting caught on this blog than on a porno site. But, since those sites are blocked at work,. probably won't happen.

As nfar as political views, I'm a liberal in mourning today. Recently, I've just began conversing more about my political views. I was in a mixed marriage -- he was a right wing nut job and I was a bleeding heart liberal. Not only that, he was involved in politics, so I just stayed quiet. When I did venture to speak, my views were quickly trashed by all those around me, even when I stated that I thought it was not too cool of Bob Dole to take a pot shot at Democrats during a prayer.

And now, my ex is dating a woman who is very active in the local Democrat party. My girls said this past campaign season got pretty interesting.

I will say that a year or so ago, I was dating a guy who also had liberal views...but he expressed them the way my ex did -- his were the only sane views and if you thought differently, you wer nuts. One reason we are no longer together.

Anyway, my daughters? One is a right wing nut job and the other is a bleeding heart liberal. But we have rules on political discussions. I did have to chastise the bleeding heart liberal for dumping a bowl of brownie batter over the right wing nut job's head.

Question: How did the topic of Shakespeare's sexuality come up?

I notice it was after slowlayne's limerick...but I suspect that was just quinkydink.

Well, wurm, I'll try to find that. *digging around* Romance of Lust? Nope. Mme. Bovary? Uh uh. Kama sutra? *sigh* This could take awhile. Anyway, it was some of his better writing, so I'm sure it was really Chris Marlowe. *runs away after prodding Shakespeare lover with really sharp stick*

Sly, I'd get mad too. That's no way to treat brownie batter! But I'm sorry about the stifling attitudes. I've never seen how that accomplishes anything... which is probably why the world isn't farther along than it is. :(


Now THAT'S the kind of research we should be funding! So, do you suppose if I start drinking heavily that I'll turn into a genius? Yeah, me neither. Still, on my way home now, and when I want to have wine with my leftovers at the back of the fridge, I'll have science on my side. Woo!

Night, all!

Pour me a glass! I'm off now - this is a test post because I posted something on the wedding dress site and it didn't seem to work!

Oh well, it was only about fake boobs so I guess it wasn't that important -
'nite all!

Pour me a glass! I'm off now - this is a test post because I posted something on the wedding dress site and it didn't seem to work!

Oh well, it was only about fake boobs so I guess it wasn't that important -
'nite all!

Pour me a glass! I'm off now - this is a test post because I posted something on the wedding dress site and it didn't seem to work!

Oh well, it was only about fake boobs so I guess it wasn't that important -
'nite all!

Ack, good night rhealist, and I really would appreciate it if you could track down the "Fate's Temptress" reference, but please don't kill yourself over it.

That is, don't kill yourself over it because I deserve a crack at you first! How dare you spit out authorship challenge and run away! I throw down my gauntlet at thee! Meet me on the South Bank at dawn!

Besides, Marlowe? Everybody REALLY knows it was the Earl of Oxford **winks**

*checks back and sees triple post*

*weeps openly*

*goes to bed*

*prays this will only post once*

Rhea: Jackie is a huge fan of Waiting for God but I'm more ambivalent. We have some of them on tape, but then they stopped running them.

Black Adder is wonderful. We have the first two series; the 3rd & 4th are more uneven it seems to me. My favorite: "The Queen of Spain's Beard" with the Spanish Infanta.

Sly, just saw that article in the local paper. Skoal!

I wouldn't call myself a bleeding heart liberal anymore, though I'm sure certain "right wing nut jobs" (as sly put it) like my Arizona brother-in-law would. What I can't stand is hypocrisy, unfortunately true on both sides of the aisle but -- sorry elle and other Republicans -- so much more obvious and egregious in the party in power.

The older I get the more I find myself attracted to libertarian positions on many (but far from all) issues. Didn't the Republicans USE to be the party of fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets (at least in theory)? Weren't the Democrats the ones who spent like a drunken sailor on 24 hour shore leave? (Well, maybe they still are, but now so are the Republicans.)

And what happened to "the least government is the best government?" When did that change to "keep government out of my business but ban any behavior I disapprove of?"

I don't want any government in my bedroom or doctor's office or video store or library or anything else that is NOT THEIR BUSINESS!

Sorry, you got me started. See you in the AM.

Ooooh FINALLY a MOAT that begs- "I see Shatner, I see Spock!"

Sorry I haven't been around.
I didn't even get to Miami yet when I got rear-ended on the Turnpike (which is notin the Bermuda Triangle) last Friday.
School really picked up, I have three papers due next week, half the German book to memorize and a drawing of a skeleton and a working paper model of a 1933 Angus camera to do.
Aargh. Tomorrow I take my car to the dealer to have them look at it, and then I have to call around for a job. I'm still jobless.
I hate living near a college.

And in case you can't fill in the blanks yourself:
"I see Colonel West's Cock!"

Two bloglits in car accidents this week. Hey, y'all, be careful out there.

Crash, I was wondering where you had run off to. Figured school had entered into it. Are you OK after the accident? When that happened to me, my back and neck were sore for quite sometime afterwards, like weeks.

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm made of steel.
It was all rainy and nasty in Palm Beach that day.

The Trooper asked me: "How fast were you going?... Like... 70?"
"I was stopped, ma'am."

Traffic had been stop and go for an hour. It took me 8 hours to drive from Orlando to Homestead. Blaaargh.
I'm sorry you were hurt sly. That sucks out loud. When I was in Elementary School my mom cracked her head on the windshield of her van. Seeing that hurt me, -like watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre- you just cringe.

When I described my ex and I as "right wing nutjob" and "bleeding heart liberal"...I was just being facetious. I'm not that much of a bleeding heart. (ba dum bum)

And by the way, loved The Daily Show tonight. Why not replace Rather with Stewart?

crash...it was a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time ago. I was just saying I know those kind of accidents aren't anything to take lightly.

and crash, a friend of mine had a similar experience as you when he got hit while sitting in traffic.

Officer: How fast were you going?

Friend: 0 mph before the accident; about 45 after.

....so how did you come by the name "crash", exactly?

um... My AIM screen name is crashcheezball
Crash is shorter.

It actually started as Chunk in 10th grade. Because I was always yelling and eating during Softball practice.

haha we were running 12 laps one day and I had a big-ass bag of Cheetos. When I ran by the coach she snatched them from me (she said she didn't want me getting sick). And then I pulled a sandwich from somewhere, and on the next go round snatched my chips back.
So my teammates were telling me to the truffle shuffle (but I'm really skinny so it wasn't remotely entertaining).

Crash just fit.
I also tend to run headlong into things...

*loves crash a helmet*

(not an English lit. nerd ,but related to one)
I thought Miranda's words,"Oh brave new world.."
were meant ironically on Shakespeare's part (but not on hers) since the first men she sees are drunks and losers. Just as Aldous Huxley meant them, when he had John(the Savage)use them in the book of that name...

hiya insomniac...

wow... I have a lot of things I want to say

The fourth series of Blackadder is called Blackadder goes Forth for anyone who is looking for it. There are also two specials, Blackadders Christmas Carol and the Millenium Special, which I forget the title of... I will have to check that and get back to you.. I have all evening to fill up the blog with rubbish until everyone else wakes up....

oh... and happy birthday to LBF and Rocky...

I will celebrate your birthdays with a large glass of L&P

well the L&P is mostly for my benefit, seeing as how the temp was up around 100F today... but a birthday or two (even belated) are a good excuse

I've only seen the time-traveling special and isolated episodes of the other series when I visit my relatives in Miami, FL. I've seen one from the Elizabeth I series and one from the Regency series. I guess they are on DVD or soon will be...

L&P , all I can think of Lea & Perrins, and that's Worcestershire sauce.
alas, probably time to sign off.
*wishes it were 100 degrees where he was*

Also, I found a site with sleeve notes for "Neil's Heavy Concept", but I have yet to find the album for sale... time to try trademe or eBay... or maybe I should just ask MKJ if he's seen it on his travels

*Does the naked monkey shuffle*

*admires Bis's naked monkey*

Can I dance with him?

Just passing by--got home from my evening class and now I must go to bed. Was it rhealist that was wondering why the speculation about Shakespeare's sexuality all of a sudden?

The Daily Show a couple of nights ago mentioned that there is a new book out that makes the case for Shakespeare being gay. Also Abe Lincoln, FWIW.

That is all I have to add to the proceedings.

Kat, party on!

'night all.

*gives up on waiting for an answer and grabs Bis's monkey*.... oops... that's not a monkey...

*tries again*

aaaaaawwwwww, he's so cute!!

Hi Sandy...
I think today's Shakespeare sexuality ramble was my fault. Someone mentioned The Tempest, and I pointed out that Shakespeare wrote the most unrealistic relationships I've ever read, which just confirmed (to me, anyway) that he didn't understand the male-female dynamic and that the rumours of his homosexuality must have been accurate.

Of course, that was this morning (my time.. about 2pm on the blog clock), so I wasn't quite so concise. As a matter of fact, I rambled and mumbled and sounded profoundly drunk.. but that's me anytime before midday.

Much Ado About Nothing is another example of badly written relationships ... Hero and Claudio.. Beatrice and Benedick... the first couple simperingly and soppily in love, who fell apart at the first gate when Prince John the Bastard (his official title.. I kid you not) led Claudio to believe that Hero was boffing one of the manservants. The second couple both violently opposed to marriage and seemingly intelligent, who fall for the manipulations of the simpering couple #1, who somehow convince each that the other secretly longs for them.... PATHETIC PATHETIC PATHETIC.. love shouldn't turn you into a simple-minded fool - it should make you both better people for loving someone else.

Maybe the problem in all of this is that Willie boy had no real loving relationship to model his characters on... or it could just be that I have too much time to think because no one else is awake...

I'll shut up now... but not for long

Happy weekend everyone... it's 5 mins into Saturday and it's still too hot to sleep... dangit... and if you get sick and tired of me talking about the gorgeous hot weather, wait 6 months and then it will be your turn...

i can tolerate camel toes
i can tolerate political discussions
but when the moat discusses SHakespeare, it has gone too far!!

That said, i love Merchant of Venice's Shylock.
and Malevolio from 12th nite. im no shakespeare expert ( or lover) (( not even close))but that malvolio was hilarious...

Kat, but "normal" relationships make for such boring stories.

Apparently on the Today show the other day, Ann Curry was introducing the author of the book about Lincoln's sexuality; only she said it questioned "President Clinton's sexuality." Matt Lauer said from off-camera "Lincoln! Lincoln!" Ann looked up, shocked and realized what she had said and got the giggles.

I saw the clip later at the end of the Daily Show, when Steward introduced it as that days "Moment of Zen".

Did Shakespeare write any thing with car (charriot) chases or massive exploding thingies?

Sly--ur a riot! ( been loving all ur stories)

And someone way up there invoked MKJ's name......I don't believe we've heard from him here or the MB for a bit.

AHHHHHH, it's 7:00 and I really don't want to go work today.....We've been enjoying 50 or so degree weather the last several days; but today we're to have a high of 36 with rain and snow. WHINE!!!!

*bad attitude. Please allow me to adjust*


*re-enters a few minutes later wheeling in a cart of Belgian Waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, and coffee*


The start of the weekend! Everyone enjoy!!!

*dances out with Bis' naked monkey*

Hi, Bangi. HEY -- How has your mom been doing?

mum's doing gr8.
have some hot chocolate syrup covered fudge/brownie. guaranteed to make u feel better.

cant think of anything blowing up in shakespeare

Hum, nothing blowing up huh? Not a very action oriented guy, was he?

*wonders what we could do to "spicen" up some of his stuff*

Kibby, I think Shakespeare was more into poisons and daggers than explosives.

*tries to imagine MacBeth with explosives*

double, double, toil and trouble

Yeah, that will work.

*kibby beems with pride*

Sly, I knew it!

*goes in search for other passages to improve*

after lunch...

Not to revive the whole Shakespeare thing today.....aww who am I kidding, I'll revive it anyway.

I LOVE SHAKESPEARE! I have a HUGE book of all of his works. All the plays and all the sonnets.

That being said, my absolute favorite play is "Timon of Athens". Fantastic.

Also a big fan of "Two Gentlemen of Verona"

In general, I stick to classical literature. Two of my favorite books ever:
Voltaire's 'Candide' (I've read it at least 10 times)
Machiavelli's 'The Prince'

Key quote from 'The Prince':
"One should never allow chaos to develop in order to avoid going to war, because one does not avoid a war but instead pits it off to his disadvantage."--Niccolo Machiavelli

I am currently trying to muddle through Plato's 'The Republic'. Of course, I've been trying to muddle through it for 3 years now, but hey.

Also a big fan of Jiddhu Krishnamurti. Great philosopher.

On politics, along with elle, I think we two make up the conservative leaning contingency of the MOAT. I'm not dyed-in-the-wool vote Republican at all times. However, I tend to have a leaning towards the right.

That is all.

Leaning toward the right, Brian B.? Well over on the Dave D. thread we were all rather right-leaning for a while, until Judi fixed our italics problem. But now she has straightened us out again, because that's the kind of stand up sort of woman she is.

*sneaks in and puts a book of matches under Brians right foot so he quits leaning*


I lean conservative, but I stopped calling myself a Republican during the first W administration. I'm more a social conservative than anything else.

I voted for Nader at the last election. The mother of one of my two best friends was totally yelling at me for it.

"A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush!" she yelled.

"No," I patiently explained, "If I hadn't voted for Nader, I *would* have voted for Bush, so I really took a vote away from Bush. Not that it mattered anyway in my red state."

She still insisted that it was the same as voting for Bush.

That being said, I'm not rabidly anti-Democrat or rapidly anti-Republican. I can sort of see where both sides are coming from. Which is why I *loved* Dave's column on the red states vs the blue states, and I'm going to forward it to my whole distribution list, just as soon as I get around to it.

*sneaks up and lights the matches*

That'll get things going!

A foot?!? Imagine what that would do to Raleigh, NC who couldn't even handle an inch.

*why does that make me want to giggle?*

*also giggles at Kibby's doings, but gets out fire extinguisher*

Goos morning everyone from su.so.ca. - all is fine here - thanks for the Belgian waffles, sly - a nice change from Krispy Kremes - and I think the strawberries make them healthy food - fiber, you know - enjoyed reading all the Shakespeare stuff - I was an English major back in the day -

I sent Joshkr an e-mail yesterday because he hadn't been around for a while and he said to say hi to everyone, and he'll be baaaccck! (trying to impersonate Ahnold!

To get us back to our usual triviality (not that there's anything wrong with that) - here's some info from Liz Smith's column the the NY Post re The Dress - I'm not awake enough yet go go to the MB:

It takes four people from Dior to escort it because it took 1,000 hours to make it, with its 13-foot train and its 16-foot veil. People with good eyesight spent 550 hours putting on the diamond-like crystals.

The dress weighs about 60 pounds, and for a while it was rumored that it could only be transported by land via a funeral hearse. But Andre, a denizen of Vogue with his ear to the ground, had already suggested that they deliver it to the Episcopal Bethesda-by-the-Sea on a flatbed truck.

If anyone actually cares, you dan go to NYPost.com to Liz Smith's column for further info !

*is pleased with herself - feels she has made a valuable contribution to the MOAT this morning*

*finishes catching up on the MB*
*sees Bangi's post*

Hi Bangi! *waves back hoping that Bangi's still there*
You're right I didn't post on the French-bashing thread :-) I was too afraid and now I'm ashamed because I didn't stand up in defense of my country...
No really I was sleeping during all this otherwise I would have said something :-)

I found out there was another French person blogging sometimes on the MB, Philippe from Pétanque America (see hilarious Dave's column about him a while ago). I'm so proud the other French here is a friend of his Daveness!

An hour from now the week-end will begin and to "celebrate" this at the office we are invited to have some delicious "crepes" (larger and thinner pancakes for those who don't know this word - I assume Jeff and Brian B know since they've been to New Orleans!)
Can't wait! I love crepes

*feels self-conscious since is supposed to be in a swimsuit next Wednesday for a 1 week-holiday in... yes, BAHAMAS!!!*

*hopes there will be some water left in the swimming pool after I dive in it*

Kibby: There is a theater group in Cincy that modernizes Shakespeare (and other works). I remember an airplane in one play, and in Hamlet, everyone was packing heat. There was a shootout, too.

Brian B: Count me in. That is, I like classic lit, too, and I lean towards conservative, although not as much as I used to. Maybe I'm a closet liberal?

I don't hug trees.

I smell smoke.

And where there's smoke, there's surely a Moaty up to no good.

Or Peri in the Kitchen. ;)

Thanks for all the LBF wishes. He said yesterday was THE MOST PERFECT day. Excellent!

I told him you guys wished him Happy B-day and he said: "Wow, really? cool. Hehehe You're Mr.Fisher hehehe"

Deon- YES. Cbol is burning up the WebWaves. I'm blown away. Even if I had all day to do nothing, I still couldn't produce that much, uh, stuff. Even being crappy stuff. (not his, mine)

Well, seeings how my boss and I watched the video clip of Bob & Tom's Camel Toe (Set to Beach Boys- Kokomo) that I received in an e-mail about a year ago, I'd have to go with getting caught with camel toes. (not me having camel toes, the site, or in this case, video)



Bon Jour Marie!

Jeff - I saw that article in my newspaper yesterday - it goes into the all-time favorites category - fabulous!!

I have to go now - my plane leaves in an hour for the Trump wedding!!!!(just kidding!)

F.C.C. Officials Say Chairman Plans to Resign Today

Good by, Michael Powell! Above is headline in article from NYTimes this a.m.

Things we can now look forward to on TV:
Janet Jackson's other breast -
Bono saying the F-word with more frequency -
Saving Private Ryan unedited -
et al.....

True Story.

Cast of characters:
My ex, named Donald
Amy, my best friend at the time. (who was our pastor’s wife…and still a good friend but now lives in another part of the country)

Dianne, another friend of Amy’s. (Amy and I loved to go shopping with Dianne. She had a $10,000 a year wardrobe budget. We just shopped vicariously through her.)

The time: Late 1989 or early 1990…sometime around there.

One day Amy related the following phone call she had with Dianne:

Dianne: Isn’t it sad about Donald and his wife.

Amy: I'm still in shock. But you know, I’m sure they’ll patch things up.

Dianne: I don’t know. It sounds permanent, especially with rumors of that woman from Georgia.

Amy: Uh...I’ve never heard anything about another woman. I'd be careful about saying that. I'm not sure that's true.

Dianne: Oh, yes it is. I wonder if he’ll get to keep the house.

Amy: WHICH house? They only have the one, and I would think she’d keep it.

Dianne: What? They have lots of homes, but I hope he gets to keep the one in Florida.

Amy: They don’t have a home in Florida.

Dianne: Oh, good grief, they sure do. It’s a fabulous place.

Amy: Um, no they don't. Who are you talking about?

Dianne: The Trumps ... who did you think I was talking about?

Amy: The Blibdebips (it’s Danish)...You know, people we ACTUALLY KNOW!

I can not resist any longer.

Starting this Friday Scroat off right with a Long overdue Earwig.


(I had such a crush on Miss Jett BITD, and I know this isn't the original version, but it's by far my favorite)

I saw him standn'there by the record ma-chine
I knew he must a been about sevun-teen
The beat was goin' strong
Playin' my favorite song- eewoweeewong
An' I could tell it wouldn't be long
Till he was with me, yeah me,
An' I could tell it wouldn't be long
Till he was with me, yeah me, singin'


*hops behind bar and starts elaborate show of flipping multiple liqour bottles into the air, behind the back catches, between the legs toss and grabs, 360 spin and girate while balancing one bottle on my forehead and finishes with filling 25 shot glasses full of the perfect Rock-n-Roll concoction*


Anyone else catch the bartender competitions on TV last night? They were wicked good.

I saw them a few days ago, Fish. Yes, it was pretty amazing, wasn't it?

"love shouldn't turn you into a simple-minded fool - it should make you both better people for loving someone else."

Perhaps Shakespeare based his romances on high school puppy love relationships?

Ok ... gonna address 2 direct posts before finishing The Great Catch Up...

Sandy - hmm... upon thinking about that scenario (a theater full of women) I've come upon the perfect excuse: Field Trip from the Local Womens Correctional Facility!!! And if he didn't buy that I'd use the old standby: "But I'm PREGNANT!" Works like a charm.... :)

Wurm: RE: To Just, and probably others: Yes, I'm liberal, and feeling a bit bitter and sarcastic today. However, I hope that my quips about the inauguration (sp?) and the President did not make you (or any other bloglits) uncomfortable.

Me? Offended? I work in a Legal Aid office! I LAUGH in the face of liberalism!! That said, until this election I was convinced I WAS Liberal. In Govt, we took a test the first day of class... I was off the chart to the left. I went to a miniscule (1100 students TOTAL) private Lib Arts school in AR and my politics fit in perfectly there. I thought everyone else in my family was crazy.. Then I got married to a West Texas Conservative from a long line of West Texas Conservatives... my parents LOVED it, it drove me crazy... he would tell me I wasn't a democrat like I thought, I told him he was crazy, that I didn't agree with the reps at ALL... then I had a kid.
It seems like every day I swing a little more to the conservative side. But thats if I'm forced to choose a side. Of course, the election did make me a little more proud to say republican, but only because I admire standing up for what you beleive in, even if it isn't popular or always 'right'. And the more I read about Kerry, the more I didn't want him to lead me or the country where I lived. There were times I would get physically scared thinking about my daughter growing up with him as pres.

That said, I understand there are those out there (and on this blog) that feel the way about the candidate I support. I don't think they are wrong or stupid for beleiving that, I just happen to disagree with them. And since I can be pretty opinionated, I don't mind when others voice theirs. If I read something that offends me, I will speak up (and I have here)or just leave. My taking offense though doesn't mean they aren't entitiled to their opinion and that they aren't right.

But this is silly. Liberal or conservative is only a label ... no one hear (I don't think) would say anything with the malicious intent of making another uncomfortable. Which makes the whole point Moot (moo if youre Joey!). Unless youre Pregnant. In which case you lose all objectivity and take offense to stupid things.

ooooo... something SHINY!

Well, you folks know I'm WAY too modest to brag about that night to you directly.... BUT I do have to say that every time I swallowed I said "gMOAT, gMOAT".

Oh, and I did toast ya'll before I started.

...but MAN did I have to pee afterwards.

guess my exit stratedgy didn't work either

Brian! When you come over we'll see about doing it again! My probation should be over by then.

Oh yeah, Fish? Be careful when you're tossing all those bottles around. You don't want one of them to access the ding-ding.

Just: I'm fairly opinionated myself, and I tend to tick people off from time to time. I've learned this from my experiences:

No matter how hard you try, someone *will* be offended by what you say when you disagree with them.

That's how I see the world, anyway. I *do* try to take other people's opinions into consideration, though, but sometimes I still fail.

To anyone that I've ticked off here on the blog: Booger!

Liberal? Conservative? I'm all for the "Welcome to real life" party, where people actually choose who they want for president rather than following the rich white man who happens to be the same political color as themselves.

When I read political editorials and see the words "liberal" "conservative" "red state" "blue state" "right" or "leftist" , I often (not always) find it very difficult to continue giving the writer credit for actually having a brain. To me, the use of those words just shows a persons mindless adherence to the impractical, non-representative, inefficient tug-of-war that is the two-party system.

I loved Jon Stewart's "America."

Brian - I'm soooooooooooooooooo sorry!!!!
IMO, Plato's Republic is one of the WORST books EVER.
Not neccessarily bad, per se .. but UGH. I still have nightmares about it.
And I can't say my life was enriched by it, either. I'll take some Aquinas or Nicomean Ethics over The Republic any day

*loves Brian some Excedrin*

El - more interesting Dress facts: It took 330 ft of fabric to make, and they had to make a special bench for her to sit on 'cuz she wouldn't fit on a regular chair *snork* ... oh, and it was so heavy, they told her to make sure to keep eating to keep up her strength during the reception!!!
Just call me Your Source for Useless Trivia!!!

Marie - mmm... CREPES!!! Eat a ton for me!!! :)


UGH ... just noticed I posted "no one hear" ... that should be no one HERE ...

Bad Just!
*slapping self on hand*

We knew what you meant, Just. :o)

*deletes long political dissertation*

I remember one particular counseling session my ex and I had in which the counselor came up between us and held up his hand, palm facing me. He asked ex to describe what he saw, then asked me.

He said that we are describing the same thing, just from different points of view...but it was the same thing.

Take from that what you will. Right now, I have to scroll up to figure out what I missed 'cause I don't get Kibby's last post at all.

I think Kibby said, "Man, did I have a good time last night, and I drank a lot!"

To me, the use of those words just shows a persons mindless adherence to the impractical, non-representative, inefficient tug-of-war that is the two-party system.

Or they could just be identifiers used to show similarity between objects/people/thoughts/beleifs/states?

Just sayin'.

I am hereby declaring an end to the Two-Party system and installing a practical, representative regime.

From here on out I shall be Grand High Empress Penguin Just, Misstress of the World.

All shall bow to me... but I won't be a dictator! I will listen to the plebeians, and take their words to heart. Laws will be decided by who makes a better MOATini or who looks better in Penguin Thong/Coconut Bra & Grass skirt. Or by a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

I will usher in a new Era of Peace and Prosperity w/o the inefficient tug-of-war of the old, fallable democracy.

All the people shall rejoice "Oh, Brave New World!" .

It it will be good.

Lab -

I guess I was still in Gurst mode from the Last/Dave D thread???? :)

Sly- Let me know, cuz I thought it was just me.

Kibby- You Ok buddy??

Lab- Yeah, that was quite impressive. Maybe we open a bar for our next career. ;) Maybe call it, oh I don't know, CockMoatail?? And not to worry, I taped the naughty bits up and outta the way using duct tape.

Fish- You Ok buddy?

Kibby's post was Re: this
Now we know what kibby is doing with himself after work hours.

Posted by: Jeff Meyerson on January 21, 2005 11:58 AM

Scroll up for the Link ... :)

I believe Kibby was referring to a link in one of Jeff's posts ^ about a man who hid in a Prague restaurant till everyone left, then drank all the beer.

Just, there's going to be plebians? We're off to a good start already! *runs away before I am tried for insolence to the Empress Penguin, with guilt/innocence determined by a game of naked twister* *thinks a sec* *runs towards authorities*

still lost......(not that's a new thing)

Maybe this will help.

*Pours and tosses back another shot*

Got it now. I hadn't clicked on Jeff's link. I was doing a quick scan; but that made ALL the difference.

By the way, I sent this to judi as thanks for fixing the FIRST thread.

I thought for sure she'd post it. She just sent a note of thanks, and hasn't posted it yet. Probably because she and Dave are so busy keeping up with Claire and julietien's submissions.

Ah. I tend not to follow links when I'm at work. :o)

Rhea - oooo... Naked Twister! I hadn't thought of that...

Although after the pic on the Y, I'm hesitent to sanction it. However, to appeal to the nude portion of the plebes (I LOVE that word) howzabout: Strip Go Fish, Naked Puddin' Wrasslin', and umm... uh. Did I already mention the Naked Puddin' Wrasslin' ???


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