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November 11, 2004


...but I'll do it, so people will stop sending it in.

(Thanks to many people)


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Christobol finally posted on the cottlefish thread.

I guess I more excited than I thought.

Ever feel like you are under a microscope

Slyeyes, LOL after reading the 'microscope' article.

Anyone who tries to judge online journalism by the state of THIS blog, well- *chortles* They deserve what they get. And god help them if they find one of the MOAT threads.

**wavy imagination/flashback effect**

INTERVIEWER: And would you say that your 'MOAT' blog is an example of trustworthy, responsible online journalism?

MOAT REPRESENTATIVE: *Giggles* Umm...I don't think I would say that's our main focus.

INTERVIEWER: But isn't your, um, organization an offshoot of the official blog of a pulitzer-prize winning journalist?

MOAT REP: First, we're not really an organization-

INTERVIEWER: Association?


INTERVIEWER: Affiliation?

MOAT REP: Not really-


MOAT REP: Don't think so...

INTERVIEWER: (with growing discomfort) Flash mob?

MOAT REP: The phrase "friendship club" has been used to describe the MOAT population.


MOAT REP: And you should also remember that the pulitzer-prize winning journalist whose blog this technically is, is DAVE BARRY, who basically won it for booger jokes.

INTERVIEWER: (rallying) Ah, I see! Well, we all need some comic relief, even if the humor does concern...er, nasal discharge. But what would you say is the focus of the MOAT? What are the burning issues that you grapple with on a daily basis?

MOAT REP: (desperately trying to keep a straight face) Well...today it was mostly about skimpy underwear. And penguins.

INTERVIEWER: (sputters)

MOAT REP: Not necessarily in combination, mind you.


Wurm--Hilarious!!! OH and, i was wondering if u sent those articles at the address given here? ( pssst...it's not a real addy) thr's a real one at the Y Grp.

Neoo!!!! EID MUBARAK TO U TOO! or if u prefer,

Deon-- i WAS on the Y grp...but this man jumped out from behind a door and scared me. so i ran away to the calender.
yah that's what happened... it did TOO!

what? is EVERYONE asleep?
*wonders whr Neo put the elephants*

It's really difficult to hide elephants.

Question: How can you tell if an elephant has been hiding in your refrigerator?

Answer: By the footprints in the butter.

Brought to you by Ye Olde Elephant Jokes.

Q. How do you know if there's an elephant under your bed?

A. You wake up and your nose is touching the ceiling.

anyone want more? I've got millions, it's not even 7pm here and I'm bored......

ok... here's one I love... you have to imagine the actions specified in italics or it doesn't really work....

An elephant was packing to go on holiday (no this is not a "trunk" joke). As he finished packing, his friend, a mouse, arrived. "Where are you going?" asked the mouse. "Cancun" said the elephant. "Oh please, please, please!! Take me with you!!" begged the mouse. The elephant said "Do you have a passport?" "No, I don't have a passport" the moues said. "Then you cannot go. You can't leave the country without a passport" said the elephant. "But I'm so small, surely you could just slip me in your pocket and no one will even know I'm there, and then I could go to Cancun." "Oh, all right" said the elephant, and he picked up the mouse and placed him in his pocket. When the elephant got to the airport, he handed in his bag, picked up his tickets and headed towards the Customs area. He placed his bag on the scanner and it was checked by the customs officer. All was well and the elephant started to walk away. "Sir! Excuse me, sir!" called the officer "Could you come back please. It looks as if there is something in your pocket" So the elephant goes back, and the customs officer says "Sir, could you show me what is in your pockets please?" *the elephant pats over his suit pockets, then reaches in an pulls out the now flattened mouse* "Oh, this?" he says, "it's just a photo of a good friend"

Kudos Wurm!

Must admit that getting out of that Penguin Thong was a good thing. MAN! Was it breezy yesterday!

And then there was Neo always hiding in the shadows. I never knew when she'd pop out and snap the strap.... nerves were on end.

happy post penguin thong day kibby... ummm I mean Penguin Awareness Day... ummm.. well, you know

Morn'n Kat!

Hey, something cool happened -- the latest post about "24" has 24 comments! (Yes, I'm bored.) Just thought I'd say it here so I didn't screw up that thread.

*calling from shadows* Ooooh, Kibby, so you're no longer in your thong?!?

*pokes head out of shadows for a closer look*

Oh. Rats. I thought.. mutter mutter mutter.

*retreats to shadows*

So Tuesday, school was delayed because it was cold. Yesterday it snowed and they didn't do a thing, although neighborhood streets were not treated. Schools are closed today because it is inauguration day.

Man, I had an awful dream that I went nuts and posted alot of bad words and song lyrics on the MB.

Leetie -- giggle

AMERIDCAN IDOL CONSPIRACY!! (organ music. dum du dummmm)

Callers to a local radio station are saying that Paula Abdul was NOT in DC, that it was a body double in scarves and heavy make-up.

Arrogant Joe from last night called and said Paula was NOT there when he sang, that anything she said was edited in later. He said she was only there for about 20 contestants.

He said the whole show is "contrived and edited". Gee...what a thing to say about a television show!!


I don't care.

Clarification: the first caller said it was a body double in DC, Joe called in to say that in St. Louis, she wasn't there either.

I was wondering about how many contestents out of 80 kajillion that the celebrities actually watched. But ya know what? It's a silly TV show people! If you can actually sing, you'll probably get by the screeners.

And I'm with sly... however they do it, it's fun to watch!

The new power supply did not fix the computer. *grumble* I'm buying a new one.

Good morning everyone from su.so.ca - weather is just fine!

May I be the first to wish Jeff Meyerson a very Happy Birthday, if in fact I inserted (hee,hee) it in the correct place on the calendar!

Leetie, what a coincidence - I had the same dream about you!

For the first time in my life, due to the blog, I watched about 10 minutes of American Idol, flipping between that and the Australian Open -
it is funny and very mean at the same time - an interesting combo; i.e., the fat triplets!!!

And - while I hate to say anything nice about the current administration, Laura Bush's dress and coat outfit is beautiful!

Thanks for the heads-up, sly - I haven't been to the MB yet - My garage door will probably never be open again - now if I can only figure out how to get the car out!
For those who aren't familiar with the so.ca. area, Laugna Beach and Newport are very up-scale, affluent areas and I'm sure that squid with bacteria! on their beach is appalling!
- however, I would take odds that there will be no calamari for lunch anywhere in so.ca. today!

Morning all!

I have a question. Does anyone here work for a University? A friend of mine asked me to write him a letter of recommendation for graduate school and I've never written one before. I was just wondering if anyone who works for a college would be willing to read it over and make suggestions.
I'm finding it strange that I may have a direct effect on his admission to school.

Oh, and I should have asked this first, but is it ethical/right to ask advice from a university faculty member in regards to something like this?

I don't know, I'm just agonizing over this because we've been friends and co-workers and teammates for almost a decade and I really want him to get in.

*catching up*
BIS: Congratulations!!!!!!
Kat: Welcome back! Happy New Year and all that. Glad to see the computer is fixed.
Jeff: Can't wait for Spamalot!

*grumbles in general about missing Penguin Thong Awareness Day. Did anyone record a PSA?

Leetie: Actually, the screeners are NOT looking for people who can sing. They are looking for the William Hungs. They only select enough people with good voices to actually give the show a veneer of being about giving a shot to some kid with talent. It's honestly focused on putting as many people up for ridicule as possible.

Oh, and Bangi? After visiting your site from yesterday, I poked my eyes out with a spoon, so if there's any spelling mistakes in this post, that's why. I really can't decide if I should think it's great that these people are so unselfconcious about appearing in public or just stick with my feelings of nausea.

One other thing: we're supposed to be recording a PSA for Black History month about the first black show ever on television. At which our P.A. brightly chirped up "Fresh Prince, right?"

*goes to hide under desk until the scary people go away*

rhealist, what was the first "Black show"? Julia?

Morning y'all. You know, I think the MB is actually MORE active now that Dave isn't writing his column anymore...

Eleanor - no, this isn't my first time being posted on the blog - it's my second! I don't send in many sites - maybe 5 or 6. I think Jeff has it right - it's timing that's everything!

Anybody else watching the inaugural on TV? The weather says it's currently 34 degrees and windy in D.C.- Feel bad for everyone out there with elaborate mad-for-TV hairdos and no hats.

Ooh, and Rhenquist is there, standing up and looking all right.

I'm listening to the inauguration on the radio. It seems less windy that way.

*pokes head out from under desk*
Sly: Nat King Cole's variety show. Not that I expect anyone to know that, really. But c'mon! Some sense that there was television before 1987. You know, if you're thinking about a career in the field and all...

*makes underneath of desk larger so that I can install a bar and commence drinking*

I'm watching!

And I have NO idea who these singers are, nor their songs!

I'm watching it. My boss is there, somewhere, on the mall.

She's called about 5 times this morning to go on the air with live updates.

And yes, it is very cold up there.

Sorry I missed the discussion about thongs, Sly. I think it was Sly. I actually found a couple of really pretty red silk Victoria's Secret thongs in my junk room. I don't remember buying them, so thank you, whoever you are.

I found a pattern for a knitted penguin the other day. Now I'm trying to figure how to get it to stay on the front of a thong. I think it's considerably larger than the actual thong.

And of course I'm not watching the inauguration. This is a school, a place of learning, not a theater.

Kibby, will you pretty please put your thong back on, just for me? I'll put mine on for you. When I find it again. If I find it again.

I've been battling some stinking virus for over a week. It's time for it to go away forever. I've already used two days of sick leave, which I prefer to use for "mental health" days.

We didn't get any snow here, just brutal cold. Last night it was up to about 30, though, so the really cold stuff only lasted a few days. Those 70+ degree days last week really spoiled me.


Fresh Prince the first black show on television? How can rhealist's PA be so ignorant of the major contributions to african-american culture made by the cast of "Family Matters?"

Never MIND Nat King Cole (not to mention Bill Cosby and Della Reese.)


Rhealist, the story of your PA is sad. He/she should perhaps be tied to a chair and forced to watch "Eyes on the Prize" or some similar documentary.

There seems to be a common attitude among people of my generation (sadly) and younger that whatever works of fiction/film they're already familiar with are automatically the "first" or most authoritative works in that genre.

For example, when I was still working in the bookstore, I heard many kids claim that Gandalf in "Lord of the Rings" was a rip-off of Dumbledore in "Harry Potter." Never mind that Gandalf appeared about 60 years earlier, they knew the Harry Potter characters before they knew the Lord of the Rings characters, so of course Dumbledore is "first." Your PA's view of "Fresh Prince" seems to fit into the same category.

Has anybody else encountered this phenomenon?

Flipping channels comparing diferent news stations' coverage...hats and headscarves have appeared in the VIP stands now that cameras are presumed to be on Mr. Bush giving his speech.

And of course, cowboy hats seem to be the fashion headgear of choice.

Ramparts being watched o'er. A typical day here.

Well, I am fairly happy. The National Anthem was pretty much sung and not performed in a dramatic fashion. That does make me happy. (or it's one of many things that make me happy.)

Gee, I wouldn't have thought that lot would have noticed air whistling through their heads.
/mean-spirited comment

Wurm: not watching, can't watch, too scary/depressing... If you can't stay at Peri's house, you can always come hide under the desk with me. ;)

And, you mention Family Matters and NOT the ground-breaking comedy of Good Times?

Know what makes me happy? Finding my PayPal card because I have $30 on it.

Know what makes me mad? Not finding it last week when I looked for it--and finding it in the very place I looked last week. In my wallet.

Wurm, yes I have encountered that phenomena....in myself. See my "Julia" comment above.

I do not remember a Nat King Cole show. I'm hoping it was before my time.

BTW, I used to think the nursery rhyme was

Nat King Cole was a merry old soul,
and a merry old soul was he....etc.

Thanks for the camera info - looks like what I have been seeking. Sorry for not responding yesterday but *cringe* work *cringe* got in the way of blogging.

He he, the CNN announcer said "cleavage", he he.

Rita? I think Neo may have streached the straps allot. I'll see about getting them back down and we'll see about a private fitting.... Joshkr! Need help over here!

Yes, I was watching the inauguration until the Pres. started his speech - They said it went through (the speech) 21 drafts! Pres. Bush was having trouble spelling "teh" -ooops, I meant "the" -

*corected 7 spelling errors in this message before posting*

*heads down to Laguna beach to collect some samples*
MMMM Bacterial laden Squid (WBAGNFARB)

Brian B - I can help with the letter if you want and no It isn't unethical to ask. Email me.

I need help writing erotic letters to Condoleezza Rice. Can I email you, too?

oops sorry about the grammatical state of the previous post, I think I might be drunk. Even though it's not even 7:30am.. maybe it's just that I'm not awake

The help you need is not available via email. Pshychotropic drugs arrive in the mail

Pshychotropic drugs also come with a spellchecker that only works after you post. Psychotropic drugs on the other hand...

What a day!! Inauguration Day, my former mother-in-law's birthday AND slowlayne gave a cameo appearance on the MB.

jamester, send it to the Darwin Awards people.

Marvin, I sent that 'gay aphrodiasiac' (not that there's anything wrong with that) story in too.
(I added another I had posted but they seem to think news. com. au is 'questionable content'. I'm printing it this way to see if that is acceptable.)

Gee thanks Eleanor, but my birthday was November 24. (*wonders if she was joking or what*)

Watching Bush? You jest, surely. I'd run a mile to avoid seeing that. I'm still in denial. Jackie is watching Another World reruns (from 10 years ago or more) on the Soap Channel and I've been on the main blog. Dave has been posting a lot lately, hasn't he?

So, on Lost, what are they saying? The kid is conjuring up the polar bear out of his mind? Shades of Forbidden Planet (or The Tempest, for you classisists)!

is coffee supposed 2 turn ppl on?

Sly, of course Nat King Cole was before your time. It was before all our times, 'cause we're all 24, right? Right?

*goes to join Jeff in denial world*

Actual NKC airdates NBC 1956-57

this is better than coke...

*makes coffee for everyone, and hopes it has the same effect*
*hopes rhealist forgives the C-toe link*


A slowlayne lymerick, useless word of the day.....everything to brighten up a squid-washing ashore Inauguration Day!

Good to read you!

welcome back. we missed ya.

I'm sure the rumour that Shakespeare was gay started from people who saw plays like The Tempest... he writes completely awful relationships!! Think about this... you're approx 14-15 yrs old, female, and for the last 12 years you've been exiled on an island with your fater (a deposed king), a witch, Caliban (the son of the witch and Satan) and Ariel, a nymph. Then a ship wrecks itself on the shores of your island. Off the ship comes the son of the man who deposed your father and a couple of his servants (all males). These are the first males you have seen in 12 years who are not demon spawn or direct relatives. Instead of being understandably wary of the newcomers, you spout rubbish like "Oh what a wondrous world that has such beauteous people in it!"(or something like that), and within a page and a half including stage directions, you get engaged and get ready to head away to live with him forever.

At least we know Shakespeare wasn't into non-fiction.

Hmmm, so what you're saying Kat, is that it's really Shakespeare that we should hold responsible for the invention of the Harlequin Romance?

Thanks Slyeyes and Bangi – Glad I could stop by for a few minutes.

It seems that after 10 years in my job someone in the human resources department discovered that I:

1. Had no official title.
2. Had no official job description.
3. Had no real boss.

These things never bothered me since I continued to get paid. However, HR decided that maybe this wasn’t the best situation for them. Since all of those minor discrepancies have now been corrected blogging time is severely impaired.

That and the new Grand Theft Auto is out for PlayStation.

But I promise to try and check in at least once a day. Or when a suitable worthless word comes to mind – whichever is more frequent.

(PS – Thanks to Deon for pointing me to the latest MOAT)

i thought gay ppl understood relationships better?

oh... and welcome back slowlayne!!!

I've got 10 mins and counting before I leave for work... well 12 if I stay online till the very last second I can...

Brian, it's not unethical, UNLESS you want it to be.... nudge, wink.

I think so Rhea.... did anyone else here see the Blackadder millenium special? He (Blackadder) went back in time and met historical figures. When he met Shakespeare, he said, "I'm doing this for every high school student for the next 500 years" and punched him in the nose.

I cheered.

Welcome back Slowlayne! Don't you just hate it when HR does crazy things like that? I do!

*looks in shadows for blurking HR-types*

Kat - sounds like I need to add that to the dvd collection!

Hey! Stay out of our shadows! Ain't nobody here but Wolfie and some blurkers and me!

On second thought...!

*pulls Kibby into the shadows too*

I love the Blackadder series, but I never saw that special. Also still waiting to see the Office special from last year.
*thinks about British television*
*sighs in envy*

Kibby: I kindly offer to let you store your DVD collection in my family room. Anything for you, man.

OH MAN! NEO ! THAT's a cold palm!


Thanks Lab! And just in time too. I was running out of room. Got room for, say, six?


I knew you heard me yell at you yesterday. I was going to attempt a limerick, but I knew if I exercised a little patience, it would pay off. And btw benchpressing Midgets in a Dr.'s office is not one of my stronger qualities. It's Good to see you back in the saddle. So to speak. Do you have a saddle? Nevermind.

Bangi- any liquid seems to do the trick for me. Thanks for the cup a joe. ;)

Wurm- nice interview. And how bout them Jeffersons, it was about time they moved on up. And I can't think of anything specific, but I feel your phenomenon. Or actually that could just be the chaffing from the Penguin thong I wore yesterday.

BrianB- Have no clue. Best wishes to your friend. Though, I can offer to drink a Moatarita in hopes that you come to an easy solution. Or I can just drink Moataritas until your solution is resolved in order to show my support. Take your time. I'll be here in the hammock, supporting you. And the rest of you guys and gals for that matter.

I'm feeling very supportive today. Hmmm Weird that the inauguration is on the very same day. Coincedence?

Well, I promised it, so here goes:

Skunks feel ennui
Imbibe copious brewskis
and have sex with Lee

hey, I didn't say it would be a good one...

So Bis- Are you saying that Lee should get drunk and have sex with skunks?

Just supportin....

Jeff, when the calendars came out I thought (mistakenly apparently!) that you and Joshkr had a conversation re your b-day being left off the calendar and for us to put it in, on Jan.20- - so i used pen and now found out (in the cruelest of ways!) that I was wrong!


*downside of the day - Jeff mocking me*
*upside of the day - got through on the phone to "stupid woman's" ins.co.*

balance, balance, weigh, weigh.....

*decides to call it a wash*

I didn't add LilBigFishes b-day on the calendar, but if you guys want to, you can PEN it in for Jan.20th (except Eleanor, who already has that day filled) He turned 10 today. And Tues. they will be showing his picture and wishing him a Happy Belated B-day on our local morning news station. (which he watches with me in the mornings) Boy, will he be surprised!

Back to Supporting I go!

I'm saying that Lee should keep an eye out for drunk skunks; what he should do when he sees one is entirely up to him and his beastial preferences.

Someone just brought some Black Forest Gummi Tarantulas into work. ISIANMTU!

Mike - see if someone will take your picture with one of those on your tongue!!

If that won't drive Mad mad with desire, nothing will!

Happy birthday to the LilBigFish!

It is also Rocky's b'day today. He is not 10. He is a lot more than 10. A LOT more.

He got grumpy this morning with all the inauguration festivities. That is the drawback to having a January 20 birthday.

But I like Shakespeare!!!

And Bangi's right... Gay (in my experience) DO understand relationships better...

on that note.. there was a funny quote on TV last night that "its a requirement all women date a gay man at least once in their life. Actually, dating a gay man is considered a right of passage into womanhood!"

My husband and I laughed.... my boyfriend my Jr yr in HS broke up with me *a week before prom* by telling me he was Gay.

Jeff re:Lost: I don't think they were saying that the kid conjured up the polar bear... I think it was just an obvious bit of foreshadowing. He didn't have the comic last time there was a Polar Bear. And the Comic was mainly used so the father could burn it.
My husbands opinion is that they are going in a "Lord of the Flies" direction. I haven't yet read that book, so I can't agree or disagree. Opinion?

*going to join party in shadows rather than comment on Political views other than those stated*

*waving to Slowlayne* Nice to meet ya! :)

Quien es ISIANMTU ????

All women should date a gay man, eh?

Does it count, that before my ex and I started dating, he set me up with a gay guy?

Actually, the ex didn't know he was gay until 9 years later when we got together with some college friends.

I found out the night of the date.

Sly - then yes, *apparently* that date was teh night you became a woman. ;)

I wish I could remember what the quote was on/who said it/etc... but it was between the time I took the benadryl and passing out. I just remember giggling.

sly ... how did you find out? Was it when you leaned in to kiss him ... or when he started commenting on your fabulous shoes? Do tell, do tell.


It was when his BOYFRIEND showed up.

*wavy effect as we slip back in time*

We worked at a college radio station. It was a Saturday night and he had a showand asked me to a party following his show. He also asked me to do the news and be the engineer for his show.

That afternoon, my roommate said I had a message from him that he was sick. That was all the message said.

So, thinking “the show must go on”, I went into the station…and there he was with a guy who seemed to be really ticked that I showed up.

Randy said he was feeling better and asked me to the party.....and the other guy stayed REAL close to him and was just really pissy.

At some point in the evening, a light bulb clicked on. I just whispered to him I understood and I’d leave. He insisted on walking me back to the dorm and that doubly ticked off the other guy.

At the door, I told him I wouldn’t say anything to anyone. He hugged me and kissed my cheek and whispered “Thanks, babe.” I could see steam coming out of the other guys ears.

He was w-a-a-a-y too good for pissy boy.

If we had stayed in touch, he would have been my Will Truman.

[Bad something alert]

Sly- It is true what they say. Where there's a Will, there's a gay.

Sandy- Happy B-Day to Rocky! And I wish for him, a little Sand on his Beach tonight.

PUNkSTER!!! *drinks another Moatarita in show of support for Punky's obviously gruelling task of tracking us down here* Glad ya could stop by. I'd pinch ya but I've decided to just keep the pitcher in one hand and a glass in the other. Wait, why do I even need a glass. ;)

*waving to Punky*


IMHO, every gal needs a Will Truman. Sadly, I lost mine. I was replaced by a 19 y.o. Coke-whore who could go to the clubs that my pregnant self no longer could.

I've thought about taking out an ad in the classifieds. Haven't yet thought of the correct wording of it.

Why, Bismuth, I'm honored! That was at least up to the quality of my MOAT summary!

Of course, what I do with an aroused, inebriated Mustelidae (which includes weasels and, presumably, crapweasels,) depends entirely on how inebriated I happen to be. (Hint: Open your mailbox very, very carefully...)

Bismuth writes haiku
Sex with animals for all!
The blog was amused.

Aw, Grace. Every girl should have a Will Truman. I think Pissy boy was in need of a good hair-pulling ... what a little shit.

Hi everyone. Nice to see you all.

I'm sorry I've been away ... My Uncle and Grandfather both passed away with 24 hours of one another ... both on my Mother's side. It's been a long week. But life is good and I have a date this Saturday night! Yay me! Hopefully he won't be my Will Truman. That would be unfortunate for my hormones.

So would a wookie be considered an Animal? Vegetable? Mineral? Bueller?

Just askin' ...

What a day is this!! Slowlayne AND Punky surface from the mists.

Hooray for Punky!
Hooray for Slowlayne!
Hooray for the MOAT!

Sly, was he hot?

Punky, that hooray was because you're here, not because of the deaths in your family. Sorry to hear that.

/delayed Kibby

Oh, and the way my ex set us up is....Randy had mentioned the party to him. Ex asked him if he was going with anyone and when Randy said "no", he suggested he take "The Little Red-Head" as he called me. Randy said, "Ah, she wouldn't want to go with me." Ex picked up the phone and called me and asked if I would go to a party that Randy was too shy to ask me to....and the rest is history.

Years later, after I outed Randy to the ex, I suggested that I think the reason he brought up the subject of the party was to ask HIM! Ex vehemently denied that....and then said, "notthatit'sabadthing."

Punky, oh, so sorry to hear about your grandpa and uncle. That's a tough one.

BUT good luck with the date!! Here's hoping he's more Eric McCormack than Will Truman.

Very LTTG... Deon, no you didn't lose me! I'm blurking in the shadows as usual (and I'm not an HR type!)... but it's nice of you to ask. You're right I gathered the courage to post a photo on the Y, but I haven't been posting on the Scroat Moat lately because I feel I have nothing funny to share, life is pretty dull this week.

Except: I went to the movies on Tuesday to see "Briget Jones The Edge of Reason" and I laughed a lot. Am I the only one to think that both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are gorgeous?

Happy Birthday to LilBigFish and Rocky!!!

Inebriated Mustelidae WBAGNFARB... of which I could be lead singer!! Er, no, that would be a very bad idea.

WB Punky and Slowlayne!

Punky! Sorry about the relatives... *passing Industrial Sized box of Godiva's* This usually helps me.

mmm... McCormack.... *drool*

I'm definitely with sly on the good luck wishes THERE.

*pssst* Saturday you need to go to the Sumber Party and gurst all about it!!!

Leetie, oh, yeah!

Editors Note: Bleary eye misread Saturday night as Friday night, meaning the appropriate time for Gursting would be Sunday.


Hugh Grant AND Colin Firth?

Marie m'dear ... you are SO not alone there!

*mental note: think of a reason to make hubby see Bridget Jones Sequel*


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