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November 11, 2004


...but I'll do it, so people will stop sending it in.

(Thanks to many people)


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Hey Bis, welcome home!

Hi Kibby! Just finishing catching up on Cbol's Snake story before I crash.

If anyone can give me a copy of the update they give Bis, I'd appreciate it!

oh.. and Congratulations to you and Erin, Bis. May your future be long and blissful, filled with coconut bras, penguin thongs and mini moaties

Cbols' got a great site. There's lots of interesting stuff there.

Sorry Kat, no Cliff Notes yet.

Congrats Bis. We want videos! (Pics will do.)

oops.. that should have been I couldn't get the conversation out of my head...

... and anyone who has a better (or worse) lesser of two evils can speak up now!!

Well, I'm a little stuck on the women's underwear discussion earlier. Not leaning in that direction I tend to try to keep men's thongs out of my mind. You ladies will need to vote on this one.

Morning all. To cold to even think about thongs...long underwear is the way to go. 22f outside this morning. And I get to head out shortly to take my daughter to school. If she would get ready.

She doesn't seem to understand "WE HAVE TO GO NOW! You will be late!"

Or she just doesn't care if I have to sign her in.

She is just not a morning person. I'm not, really, but I can get moving.

Mornings are not fun around here.

*muffled gasp! from shadows as Kibby adjusts his thong*

Good brisk morning all.

I seem to remember early in Bush's first term, there was some talk that Rumsfeld was thought to be a hottie among Republican women. I did not get that.

I forgot that yesterday was Winnie the Pooh Day. I believe Josh was the only one who made mention of it.

Oh bother.

Bis! Welcome back. With Kat, Bis, Neo and Kibby's overnight conversations, catching up in the AM is taking longer.

Ahh...just like the old days.

Later, all.


Spam hit the 24 thread big time.

Correction, spam hit most of yesterdays threads big time.


Responding a bunch of overnight comments:

Bismuth, congratulations again on your engagement and *drool* over your possession of the Far Side Collection.

**Does the spam prevention dance for this thread:
spamSPAMspamSPAMspamSPAMspamSPAMSPAAAAAAAAAAAM keep away, do not play, stay away from us today!**

Blogladies, the only Republican I can even imagine wanting to see in a thong is Ann Coulter, so if the "official" GOP hotties are Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, y'all can go back to discussing yer own lingerie **lascivious wink**

Neo, I'm only trying to get this thing on right. They're (not their) not my normal attire.

Man, a little breezy down there.... guess that must be normal.

I see CNN TV is now showing the Christ Clam and mentioned the cheese sandwich. Must be a slow news day.....

Good morning all from su.so.ca where there may or may not still be a possum in my garage - It's supposed to be 83F today so if he's still there maybe he'll die of heatstroke - ugh! Then I'll have a dead possum in my garage - but "cute guy" is coming over this p.m. to handle possum disposal, so until then I'll just be Rapunzel up here in my tower!

If you want to check out our weather, the Torrey Pines Golf Tournament is on TV - Tiger, et al -

Yesterday I watched part of the Australian Open (where it was already today, go figure) and their temps are nearing 100F -

sly - you were right about the culprit on NCIS - it was a cute show last night - and I liked that Harmon kissed her again after he knew she was the one! Guys just don't care how bad you are if they think they can get laid! Anyway, that's what I took away from the show!

I loved the thong discussion!

Mike, thanks for the twelve monkeys! You are a total nutcase, completely deranged, delusional, paranoid. Your thought process is all forked up. Your information train is jammed, man!

Memo to self: Get Twelve Monkeys on DVD

I have some other stuff to post about Brad Pitt, and movies, and being a critic. I think I'll mull it over and post it later - like around lunch time.

WOo HOO!!! Big fluffy snowflakes everywhere!

Excellent work, Smithers - er, BrianB!

I am very Aware of my Penguin right now, since he's all I have on.

*Stands next to fire place and warms buns*

Brian, I am a female, but I have to agree that chick is really cute.

Silly coinidence. I had glanced over at the tv, on MSNBC. A reporter in DC, out in the snow. WHile I am watching, the phone rings. My boss is in DC through the weekend for the inaugaration and a seminar. It was her on the phone. On the Metro, looking at the snow.

I knew she would call this morning. The timing was just silly. So the first thing I asked her, "So, how's the weather up there?"

I'm having deep-fried penguin for lunch to show my appreciation. Tastes like chicken.

How's she going to fit that popsicle in a 2 mm wide mouth? She also appears to have no nose.

Brian B - you are very busy today! It appears that you have a "special" affinity for penguins - anything you'd care to share with the group?

Lab - may I join you for lunch??? But I heard it tasted llike frog -

I do have to admit, I've got a thing for birds. Especially cute little flightless waterfowl that waddle. Honestly, I really want a penguin. If nothing else, I really want to hold a penguin. They're (not Thayer) my favorite part of going to the zoo.

On the whole bird thing, I specifically bought my digital camera for birding. I looked around for a long time for a digital camera with a high optical zoom. This spring, I'll be hiking through the woods looking for birds.

I've also been thinking about volunteering at a place in Cincinnati called Raptor, Inc. It's a rescue and rehabilitation group specifically for birds of prey.

**goes off to find more penguin related stuff**

Weasel - When she starts talking, her mouth grows so that it takes up over half her face!

Brian, I also am into bird photography and am looking for a digital camera that will work well.
I currently have an older Cannon SLR with several lenses (55mm, 135mm, 400mm and a doubler) but am insterested in a good digital camera.

What model did you buy?

Brian, The Wench and I also love birds, and the penguins have always been my favorite part of the zoo, too (although I love the bees and ants, too). I owe Wenchie a trip to the zoo - better remember to do that this spring.

We'd (or at least I'd) love to go on a birding hike with you sometime.

WOW, that camera could even make my Penguin look good.

Completely different note.

My mission today (at work) is to mail out calendars (cheezy compared to TheMoat ones) and I ran across a customer of that I swear I am not making up.

Blue Ball Body & Frame

I wonder what it says on their business card??

"Car troubles got ya Frustrated, we know how ya feel, call us!"


"Not getting any (where)? Neither are we! Call us!"

Brian B and all other bird watcher/lovers on the MOAT:

In my neighborhood there are wild parrots and lately they have taken to landing on my very, very large holly bush and eating the berries - they are beautiful, emerald green with red head, all identical - and you can walk up very close and they don't fly away!

Very fun to watch - from insdie the house!

Bismuth, LOVED the penguin partiallyClips strip!

Truly, a mother's love (or nausea) has no equal.

I think it's for those hardy souls who wax themselves downstairs
At the risk of earning the TMI badge let me just say this: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!

No one is EVER going near THERE with hot wax!!!

Besides, it was embarassing enough to me to have the nurses shave me on the last kid... can't imagine all the up-close-and-personal-ness of getting a Brazillian!!! (Although the subjext HAS made for many a hilarious Sex & The City quips)

And now... I'm going to go back and catch up. I had to take a break when I got to Donald Rumsfeld in a thong. *shudder*

Call me old fashioned, but I do NOT appreciate the thought of just any ol' man in a thong. You gentlemen in your Penguin Thongs, Ok... Old Wrinkledy Man in thong, not so Ok.

Oh yeah. Happy Penguin Awareness Day!

*becoming aware of Penguins*


Indeed. Some men should not be seen in thongs, penguin or otherwise.

However I have gotten a sudden mental image of one...because his name was just mentioned in a book I'm reading.

Strom Thurmond.


Hey Lab,

I meant to ask you if you'd been to the Newport Aquarium recently. They've got a great exhibit on lorikeets (lorakeets?). Anyway, it's a free-flying exhibit. You walk into a room, and there's like 100 lorikeets flying free. For $1 you can buy a little nectar cup and they'll land on you and feed out of the cup. I highly suggest wearing clothes that you don't mind getting pooped on. It's mostly liquid due to the nectar diet, but still.

whew... now I'm caught up ... happy Penguin Awareness Day, which I celebrated in a very quiet day yesterday. Until I looked at the Opus cartoon, it never really occured to me.. when I think penguin thong, he's the penguin I think of. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. I'm sure I saw a cartoon of him wearing a thong once. Is that where the penguin thong thing comes from? I need enlightenment. I also need today off of work.

Am I correct in assuming that some of these penguin links should be avoided while at work?

I want to be very careful since I clicked on the cameltoes.com on the MB and found it to be blocked due to sexual content.

And, SUSAN!! Now I'm going to have to bleach my brain to get rid of that image.

*George Clooney, thong, George Clooney, thong*

Maybe not. I think that did the trick.

Where's Rita?

I do have to admit, I've got a thing for birds. Especially cute little flightless waterfowl that waddle. Honestly, I really want a penguin. If nothing else, I really want to hold a penguin. They're (not Thayer) my favorite part of going to the zoo.

Brian - ME TOO! Everyone always thinks me odd though when I say I want one. Probably why I like Billy Madison so much, he had a Six Ft tall one. All I know is at this mall by our house in Dallas they have a fountain area with lil' ducks swimming around in it. Every Christmas season they exchange the ducks for Penguins. So started my obsession. If Penguins could live at the mall, why couldn't they live at my house? I still don't know the answer to that one...

In my neighborhood there are wild parrots

Thats funny... theres a colony of *wild* Parakeets/Parrots/some type of colorful bird like that. Apparently, some people moved and their mating pair got loose. They took up residence in a tree by the hike and bike trail around the main lake. Now theres this ginormous colony of the things. They are super noisy, but fun to watch. No on believes me when I tell them that until I take them to the tree(s) where they live....

"Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts" .. ya gotta love Opus!!

My take on Americal Idol: I love the show... this part of it at least. And while I agree that it would be hard to get in front of them and sing.. these people KNOW what they're getting into! It's not like its a suprise to them or anything, so I don't feel That sorry for them. "Scary Mary" though ... that chick has some SERIOUS issues.
In our house, we're rootin' for the Chick that had to Pawn her wedding rings. And the dude that break-danced at the end. He had an amazing voice.
Unfortunately tonight it airs at the same time as Lost... so there will be some issues.,....

I haven't been to the aquarium in a long time. The Wench has an aversion to aquariums (aquarii?), so we haven't gone.

Thx for the Grailville link. I'll have to check that out!


*doing the finally caught up dance*

Oooo... Brian... those free-flying exhibits are GREAT! ... The San Antonio Zoo has one and we took Trinity there this summer. She ADORED it. We've got great video of it too, at one point, she had a bird on each shoulder (she wasn't even a year at that time, so it was funny to see). I'll try and see if we have any still shots to put up on the Y....

I haven't seen LOST, but when I was watching the red carpet portion of the Golden Globes, some BIG guy walked by and the announcer (can't remember who), said something like, "Who's that? He's someone." (apparently getting an answer in his earpiece.) "He's on LOST? How'd they lose him??"

If it's on opposite West Wing....well, I gotta go with WW.

Ed. Note: That's 2 W's....not just W; which is a whole other kettle of fish.

*puts Grailville on list of places to visit.*

And, Brian, I initially thought your connection to Penguins had something to do with hockey, you know, that you were a Pittsburgh Penguin fan or something.

Remember the NHL? I heard a rumor NEXT season may be out also.

we won't see this series of Idol in NZ till it's nearly over, if last year is anything to go by. Thanks to the internet, everyone in NZ will know who won long before the show finishes screening here. This is because (last year) they started running NZ Idol about 3 weeks after American Idol began, so we watched all of our local boys & girls, then watched American Idol when NZ Idol had finished, by which time, everyone knew Fantasia had won it months ago.

My abiding memory of the last season of American Idol was a chick at the auditions who was convinced she could sing with the best and wouldn't take no for an answer. Eventually Simon said "I'll take you to a diner down the street. If you can convince the patrons that you should go through, we'll put you through." So off they went, and as the world watched this woman managed to clear out a fairly busy diner. I felt really bad for her.. but at the same time, if she'd just said "Thanks for your time" and left, she could have gone on with a lot more dignity.

Dignity and American Idol?

From what I understand, those two apparently are mutually exclusive.

OK. lunch is over. Back to work.



Amazingly enough, the penguin came with my house. The guy that owned the house before me had it sitting in his bar. I've kept it all these (5) years.
Red Wings fan through and through. I am jonesing so hard for hockey right now. I've taken to scouring the internet for videos of hockey fights. With TLBB here, I haven't been playing hockey either. None on TV, none to play. I need to get to a Cincy Mighty Ducks game. TCMB said she was taking me to one for my B-day.
**keeps fingers crossed**

On a totally unrelated note and not wishing to stir up a storm here, but I was reading this article on "Jane Roe" asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. This quote caught my eye:

"But in a strongly worded concurrence, 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge Edith H. Jones criticized the abortion ruling and said new medical evidence may well show undue harm to a mother and her fetus."

Now, I think that inherent in the definition of the word abortion is the fact that harm will be caused to the fetus. wtf? This woman is a JUDGE?

**full disclosure on above post**

I am all for a woman's right to decide on what to do with her body. I have personally been through three out of the four possible baby scenarios. Two sucked completely, and the latest one is wonderful.
Kinds makes me wish the first two had turned out like the latest. I probably wouldn't have ever met TCMB though.

Just, I've heard of those flocks. I had a neighbor in St. Pete that raised parakeets. While he was trying to give me one it slipped out and flew out of the garage. Guess he managed to meet up with others.

Neighbor also had a pair of peacocks that roamed the neighborhood. I thought it was cool but the guy across the street didn't. They'd get up on his roof and his dogs would go nuts.


Brian... that statement is just stunning. Being one of a minority of pro-life women, I'll be watching that case with interest (yes I'm a Christian, but I believe that I'd feel this way regardless). I have a feeling that after 25 or 30 years or however long it's been, it's a bit late to stuff the Roe v Wade genie back in the bottle it came from, but you have to admire people for trying.

There's a rumble afoot here in New Zealand to bring back the death penalty. A politician (I forget who, but that's not important) was quoted the other day as saying "I'd get a lot of support politically for a move to bring back the death penalty, but there would be too much opposition from the public."

Personally, I'm pro-death penalty, but this guy.

"I'd get a lot of support politically for a move to bring back the death penalty, but there would be too much opposition from the public."

It really is a shame when the PUBLIC gets in the way of one's political ambitions.

*quack quack!*


Mike ... *quack quaaaack*

*ruffles feathers on the way out the door*

And Brian... the pol in question (after a little research) is Bob Buchan or Buchanan(?forgotten already!) who is the Mayor in Rangitikei district

What was that story about someone that kept 2 penguins in their house with ice?

Or am I having LSD flash backs?????

Somewhere -it could be on this blog or not - I read not too long ago an article about gay penguins (not that there's anything wrong with that - but it was a serious article - I think -

I think someone had done a study - maybe the scientist who studied prairie dog language -

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about??

*me either*

Jeff - If we have that runover problem in CST, I've never noticed...
You mean the one who thought her outfit showed how "classy" she was and how "you don't have to have/spend a lot of money to dress nice" ??? The one that looked like she belonged on a street corner? (Ooops... did I just say that aloud???)
I don't think she was the worst, but then again, I was too fascinated by the shiny things hanging from her ears.
I still don't have tooo much pity for the contestants though. I can't help but think of how long the show has been on, and how much the main 3 have their characters down. Obviously, the people that are on the show watch the show. Do they think that by some Miracle Simon WON'T be a dick to them???? Its like they're suprised when he insults them. Come on! What did they expect?!?!? Him to fall to his knees?
And I firmly beleive some of the "deluded" people that think they are sooo good really know they aren't, they just want the exposure and to say they were on American Idol. Who knows... perhaps they hope to be the next William Hung?

PS - we also think that is what they are setting "Scary Mary" for...

El- It was on this blog, about the gay penguins.
Bismuth (from about 9 hours ago) you want a summary of the last 2.718281828 MOATs? Wouldn't that make you eMOATional ?

El -

I know the article you're talking about! I *think* it was on the MB... and since I started posting it (shortly before you started commenting). Shouldin't be too hard to find.

In other news.. I read Kibby's post "Or am I having LSD flash Quacks"

Gay Penguins On Parade !!!

*snorting at the thought of Opus in a thong*

Wendell and Cass were clearly kissing both ways.
They're one of the few couples that like to hang out together outside their nest.


Thank you Just, great articles!

Just cause they broadcast this stuff doesn't mean they can make me watch it...

Eleanor -
I should thank you ! ... Not working due to researching "Gay PEnguins" on google ... much better than what I WAS doing (*gasp*Organizing my office!)

I personally like the first link...

/Begin Summary of Last 2.718281828 MOATS (not that they're any different from the prior MOATS)

/ End Summary

That just about covers it, right?

*forgot the smiley*


having done my 'good deed' for the day...
i shall now resume crashing into walls and ppl possibly DJT... whr is he?

Jeff - funny thing about the spanker... it looked like she copied her 'routine' verbatim (for a dance) from Dick Tracy ... as far as my memory remembers at least!

Bangi - heh... great site... gotta love the 3rd from the bottom....

Bangi-what is that guy wearing? I just had to look...and it is so very very wrong.

Favorite quote from Bangi's page:

A good rule of thumb: if you cant see your G-String, you shouldn’t be wearing one.

i once cited 'homosexuality in Nature' as proof that homosexuality was natural in human beings, though not conducive to the propagation of the species. This did not convince my Christian cousin. This would not convince my Muslim cousins either...

*hopes this does not start a serious discussion*

Hey Jeff,

My uncle went up to Chicago over the holidays to see Spamalot (I come from a long line of Monty Python appreciaters). Anyway, during a part of the musical, he got pulled up on stage for like 15 minutes while they sang a song to him and what not. They took a great polaroid of him with Hank, David, and Tim and the rest of the cast during the musical. Good times.

i have a question...do ppl in America REALLY wear so much of so less?
or r these exceptions?

Bangi, Toe Factor: 8


Bangi, the people in those pictures are participating in a rite of spring that takes place in certain sun-bathed states, like Florida. The ritual is called "Spring Break."

Hordes of drunk college students flock to beaches and in many cases remove their most of their clothing.

There is a series of movies that document the ramparts that are exposed during spring break. I think they are called the "College Girls Gone Wild" series, or something like that.

To answer your question: spring break is considered fairly normal behavior for college students. But only at spring break.

It is perfectly possible to go your entire life in America and never see fat ugly men in thongs. In Alaska, where I live, students generally keep their clothes on during spring break, which is one of the things I like best about living here.


Lee- You are right. My thong just about covers it, but not completely. A little overhang goes a long way when you're wearing a penguin.
But I can safely say that I have no Penguin Toe.

Oh and CONGRATS !!! to BIS and ERIN!!!! Best (not beast) Wishes from the Fishes!!

*considers new rule of thumb*

*decides he has to agree*

something freaky is happening to the MB...at least for me.

When I try to access it, it brings up February 2004 only.

(this is January 2005, right?)

I'm fine...

*whistles at Mike*
Yes you are very fine baby!

erm, I meant that I could access the main blog at a normal date.

I'm fine, too.

Take it however you want.

Heh! I actually posted before seeing your reply! *snork!*

Du lang, dulang dulang....

...that sweet weasel right there...
with the pirate hat on his hayyyer....

OK, I'll go peaceably, officer...

OK, I got in.



She rocks!

LOL @ Jamester.

Mikey - what's with all the rampart remarks lately? Something on your mind?

WOOOHOOO - I got posted on the MB!

*does wysiwyg's happy dance*

Man - that was quick too - I only sent it 5 min before it posted!

Way to go Judi!!

Hey, did we lose Marie? I see she added a photo to the Y. Posting takes less courage than displaying a photo...eh bangi?

Is it me, or is this headline odd?

And I'm just talking about the writing of the headline....not about any politics involved.

Who me? Well, tit's good that you're keeping abreast of my remarks. You have a very good mammary for these things and are always perky about it. But I won't be a boob about it.

sly, I think what makes it odd is the word "uniter", which may not even be a real word!

On another note, I'm sure all of you will rest a little easier tonight when I tell you that the possum that was in my garage is gone! -

sly, I think you are stuck on the cameltoes thing.

Eid Mubarak, ya Bangi!!!

(you know, for whenever Bangi comes back and reads this)

Second Term from those zany folks at Jibjab.


Second Term

from those folks at Jibjab

Thanks, Slyeyes! Love the folks at jib-jab, and the visuals in this new one are much more detailed than they've done before.

Am I the only one who's still waiting for the country to wake up and scream "What were we THINKING?"

Ah, well. Peri, can I stay with you when I move to Canada? **wink**

jamester, I saw that, too. I think the line "Watch to see what I can still do," proves that she was a redneck.

jamester - I wonder if she'd been drinking -
Just asking....

way to go, higgy - is this your first time?

Christobol finally posted on the cottlefish thread.

Christobol finally posted on the cottlefish thread.

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