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November 11, 2004


...but I'll do it, so people will stop sending it in.

(Thanks to many people)


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Is this thing on??? Hello??? Anybody here???

Blogchik, dear, if you're wearing it...it's lingerie!


slyeyes, if by "Negro" you are refering to my earlier post, yes.

It is listed as:

Selection...National Negro Anthem...Congregation
"Lift Ev'ry Voice"

A direct quote from the program.

Listening to Kaye Trammell. Blah, blah, blah. When does she get to the good part?

Oh, there it is at the very end. She is basically saying we are clueless.

Susan, if the music is good, relax and enjoy it. Chime in if you feel moved.

If I excluded music about Jesus because I'm not a Christian, I would not be able to sing in a choir.

Susan, we had a big stink here in St. Louis a while back because someone said that in a speech. It was an older white guy and he wasn't talking about spirituals. He wasn't being derogatory, either, it's just that there was exception was taken to his saying "Negro".

And in KC there is the Negro Baseball Hall of Fame.

Oh, well. Go figure.

Weather bulletin to cheer Eleanor who seems to be having a very bad day:


We dug out one vehicle but not the other. It no longer resembles a car except there are little bits of mirror showing on the sides. Our dog tries to break trail in the back yard but starts sputtering as he is instantly buried.

Sposed to continue this way through tomorrow and then turn to rain--ugh.

Can't read old moat and new moat but shuffles in with a few beakers and potions

Hey, Just - I'm here, sort of - heavily sedated -mmm I was going to say something...

Oh, whatever happened with your e-mail to judi re italics? Did you hear from her? I see we still have them...zzzzzzz

Sandy, I might have felt moved to sing had they sung with a little more feeling. For something called Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing they were certainly dragging through it.

And I don't know the words to We Shall Overcome so I couldn't sing that one.

The NAACP still exists, too. Doesn't mean that "colored people" is an acceptable term. The Negro Baseball Hall of Fame makes sense because those leagues were called the Negro leagues. I think one reason these organizations don't want to update their names is to remind us that racism exists, recent and present.

El -

No word yet. Maybe I sounded too pissy? I TRIED to be sweet and buttery? Or.. maybe she hasn't gotten enough guy candy pics? I dunno. *shrug*. I haven't looked... I feel too bad for breaking it, I banished myself. :)

Wurm, now you've made me curious for whatever comment you refrained from making! Besides, by June, I'll have forgotten it anyway.


Just, I'm with you on the granny underwear. Actually, IMHO, the old, crappy, holey, granny-type undies are for, ahem, 'that time of the month' and the better stuff is for the rest of the month.

Yet somehow there always ends up being a preponderance of the not-so-great stuff and less of the good stuff.

I do, mind you, have some that counts as lingerie...some with polka dots even...some with stripes...

But you should have seen my two best friends rag me about my underwear before I left on this trip! (They helped me pack, since I was totally freaking out.) Of course, one of them wears exclusively thongs, so she's out of my league, underwear-wise.

Now that's an easy song:

We shall overcoooooome,
we shall overcoooooome.
we shall overcome some daaaaaay.

Deep in my heart,
I do believe,
that we shall overcome some day.

Could come in handy some day, you never know. :-)

One or two of the "selections" weren't too bad, don't know the names of them though. They were just listed as selections. As opposed to the Ocasion. Or what I loved. They had a main speaker. So someone had to introduce the speaker. Well, the programme coordinator had to introduce the person who introduced the guest speaker.

So we had the Programme coordinator, then the person who introduced the guest speaker, then a solo, then the guest speaker.

It all started with Presiding, the programme coordinator. Then a selection (Lift Ev'ry etc) then a welcome then an invocation then 2 selections, the occasion, a poet, two selections, a membership appeal, and so on. And the programme coordinator had to introduce each thing, which were all done by different people. The actual speaker spoke for only about half an hour. The whole program was well over two hours however.

Blog -

heh... I have just this to add: 'That time of the month' or the dreaded Laundry Day. Whichever comes first.

Which was how I amassed such a huge collecetion- I was going to be going off to college and didn't want to NEED to do laundry more than once or twice a month (luckily I was a state away when the Parental got the charge card bill) ... sadly, it seems as the years go by, Laundry Day comes closer and closer together.

I wouldn't worry too much about your friends' teasing. Polka dots and stripes rounds out the collection quite nicely! Of course, if you do decide to feel bad about the holey nature of the others, do what I do. Call them Sculptural and theyre instantly high-class! ;)

Hello Her Madness! Where have you been? And Weasel? Haven't seen him around lately either...

err.. *meant* to type Blogchick - ... that post was NOT to the Blog in general!!!

And yes, the NAACP still exists, that's what the membership appeal was for.

And on the underwear front (ok that sounds wrong, but I can't think of another way to phrase it) due to at least some exercise over the past year, I decided it was time to get rid of the old ratty stuff and get some that actually fits. So all is pretty well there.

Except for the thong I bought in a moment of insanity. I really don't know what I was thinking with that. Maybe I could get used to wearing it, but I really doubt it.

*weasels his way into the Twelvth MOAT*

(lets loose monkeys)

(get it? 12 monkeys? hello?)

I'm a firm beleiver in the power of a good thong. I used to be like BC's friend - it was thong or nothing. Then I got pregnant. Trying to fit my pregnant ass in a thong was NOT happening. So I went out and bought a plethora of "Decent" underwear (as my mom calls them) that didn't leave impressions in my skin.

Doesn't have the same 'Ooh-la-la' appeal, but I'm a convert!


Thanks Mike! Not as classy as Swans, but I think the Monkeys give it a nice touch!!!

*goes to make sure Suite and Hot Tub areas are Monkey-proofed*

*imagines all the male bloglits going {{CRINGE}}.

For about 3 years, I would be out of town for 2 - 5 months at a time at trial sites. When we came home every other weekend, we were fortunate enough that we could keep our hotel rooms. I didn't have to pack much. Whenever I saw a sale at Victorias Secret, I would stock up. I also stocked up at sales on toiletries, etc. That way, I had clothes and toiletries at home and at the trial site.

I was unpacking after the last trial and discovered I had over 40 pairs of undies and about 20 bras.

*decides she has made enough comments about her undergarment preferences*

I need food. And Sleep. And some (censored) wouldn't hurt either. Either way... I'm going home.

Have fun, play nice, and don't let the Monkeys bite!!!! (Unless thats what yer in to...) ;)


Thank you sandy, although it doesn't make me feel better to hear that you're cold and your dog can't run and your car is buried - it's almost 80F here and the guy-who-fixes-the flooding (see above) just showed up, felt the carpet and pronounced it dry - and now he's going to clean the carpet to get the smell out, which will make it wet again, but nobody seems to think that's a problem, so who am I to say anyth ing!

Just, come back to the LAST thread - we're all used to the italics, no one even mentions them anymore and we miss you!

*hugs to Just*

This is Bizarro Night here in St. Pete...I'm still awake, while my 3 roommates are all in bed! (Usually I'm the first one in bed, but tonight, I have an internet card...) Some kind of conspiracy that we must always keep different hours. Not that I mind. I need some space.

Off to a meeting. Hopefully a short one.

It's 1:25 am. I should be sleeping.

I have never even ATTEMPTED thong-wearage. I am anti-wedgie, for one thing. For another thing, my ass may be sexy, but if nobody but myself is going to see it, I don't need the chafing. I think it's for those hardy souls who wax themselves downstairs. (As does my thong-wearing friend.)
I cringe at the very thought. I don't need my steak tenderized! It's quite tender enough!

thongs are wonderful; they leave absolutely no panty lines! (Hooray!!) After the first few minutes of feeling very, very weird, you get used to it, and they don't chafe (at least mine don't) and they do feel rather sexy


I think I may be gursting. More thong talk please so I can make sure.

Why wear a thong when you can just go commando? It's gotta be more comfortable, anyway.

"Why the grimace?"
"I'm going commando!"
"Isn't that supposed to be more comfortable?"
"Not when you're wearing burlap pants"
"I see, nothing like sandpapering your scrotum"
"Uh huh"

On the topic of making this blog cringe...

I own a thong (yes, I'm male)
here's the killer...

The person that gave it to me was...

MY MOM!!!!

While I don't wear it often - even I had to admit - after a minute or two, you don't even notice it.

/blog cringage?

She didn't think there was anything wrong,
When my mom bought me a thong!
But when I popped the elastic,
It was anything but fantastic,
It looked like a woolly mammoth in a rubber band.

Neo - I agree I had never owned a thong until recently, but wearing one under a skirt well there is no better feeling. Ok maybe one better feeling.

Jamester - Hello. I was thinking of you and the bloglittles. I miss their (not they're) cute little blond faces. And yours too of course.

Several years ago, I got a phone call from my ex during the our daughters' summer visit with him.

EX: I'm doing the girls' laundry and they have underwear from Victoria's Secret!!

Me: Yes?

EX: You bought it for them.

Me. Yes, why?

EX: They are our daughters!

Me. Yes.

Ex: *splutter splutter splutter*

Me: They asked me to take them there. They are tired of Carters underwear.

Ex: *more spluttering*

Me: Don't worry. Quit doing their laundry if it bothers you.


A phone call a year or so later:

Ex: String bikini underwear from Victoria Secrets?!?!?!?

Me: You're still doing their laundry, aren't you.

Ex: *splutterspluttersplutter*


Another year later I was at VS's with daughters.

Girls: Mom, we want to get thongs. Then we won't have pantylines.

Me: *sigh* I'm gonna get a phone call.

I did. I also understand he now has them do their own laundry, which they've been doing at my house since middle school.

Silly boy.

Higgy Curiosity begs the question, when you wear your thong, and you pass a little gas, is it like blowing on a piece of grass. If so I think me and a couple of buddies might start a thong quartet. I am sure it would be big, outdoor concerts only of course.

Blogchik: LOL for "I don't need my steak tenderized."

Eleanor, did you ever get the moron's insurance person?

On the underwear front, TMI -- especially Higgy!

Mike, I'm guessing Mad missed your comment on the MB or you'd be in the doghouse by now! And Mad, check out the 24 thread -- they could use your expertise on how ridiculous Medical Investigation really is.

And Polly showed up on the MB!

Somehow I missed it... What does TMI mean?

*stands in corner feeling stoopid*

Jeff -if you mean in regards to some lopsided ramparts I saw the comment. I don't mind. I even responded. I am working my way through the 24 thread, but kinda busy here. I can answer the question posed. Medical investigation is pure rubbish! I have seen nothing real in that show and refuse to watch it. My building was in the first episode though.

steven - Too Much Information ! (I believe Rita initiated me into this fact.)
In 'Meet The Fockers' did anyone else notice that Dustin Hoffman's license plate said TMI-(numbers)?

Insomniac, I saw it and thought that due to his character, it had something to do about Three Mile Island.

I didn't get the feeling that Bernard Focker thought ANYTHING was too much information-wise.

HOLY COW!!!! Just got a look at the mainblog. I haven't been there since this morning.

OK, gonna get something to eat, because I'm going to need my strength, then throw some laundry in and then start reading.

Better stretch first; don't want to pull anything.

HIGGY, on the TMI front,**the squeamish should stop reading now** if you are wearing a male thong and you become, er, excited about, say, ramparts, does the resulting pulling on the thong end up feeling like a self-inflicted wedgie? 'Cause that's what came to my mind... yes, I know, I should stop sharing the workings of my mind...

Sly, your ex stories make me laugh! Guys have such double standards.

Thanks insom,
I shoulda figured that out since I work with a bunch of women who are always telling me about their sex lives or something else I really don't need to know about!

Mad - hope to see you soon too, we'll schedule something now that the rains and holidays are subsiding?

rhea, eew. sounds like butt floss action to me! Seems there would be a pleasant yet unpleasant situation going on with a thong chub.

Writers Cramp--the wooly mammoth image made me ROTFL...


Just taking a break from reading the 24 thread. Need some air and a Moatarita.

*wipes face with towel, stretches, slams down a moatarita*

OK, back to 24, which I'll read while watching NCIS.

American Idol is on!!!!

Jamester - Sounds good, but I have some travel coming up in Feb. I am sure we can work something out. Have a great week and hug the munchkins for me.

Steven, in my version of 'netspeak at least,
TMI = Too Much Information

It is followed, in order of increasing distress, by:

WTMI: Way Too Much Information,
HUAR: Hiding Under A Rock, and
BMHATW: Beating My Head Against The Wall, which WBAGNFARB.

As for the underwear discussion, half of my brain is attract...er, intrigued, and the other half is trying to HUAR.

Which is odd, since I highly approve of lingerie in the appropriate circumstances *evil grin*

But I think it can be hard for fathers to accept that their little girls have reached an age (and a less tangible state of growing up) where Victoria's Secret is appealing.

I just woke up from a long winter's nap (must have been the Xanax), went downstairs to close up the now carpet-cleaned apartment, and as I'm coming back through the garage to come upstairs, not 5 feet from me in my garage there's a possum the size of an elephant!!!!!! Just staring at me and not even afraid enough to run away - Eleanor screams - possum stares -Eleanor goes upstairs, leaves garage door open and hopes it will be gone in the morning!

No, Jeff, I didn't get hold of the insurance co. -
and in other bad news, this morning my daughter's husband got in a car accident on the freeway - he's allright, but his F-150 is totaled -


Whoops, insomniac, your TMI post didn't show up until after I posted mine. Didn't mean to repeat.

Eleanor- a possum the size of an elephant? You must have a very large garage. *grin*

On a serious note, glad that your son-in-law is all right.

Eleanor--if his F150 is totalled, I'm wondering how the other guy's car looks!

*flushes with pride that she knows what an F150 is*

wurm- no problem! you can't have too many TMI posts.
or is that 'you can't put too much water in a nuclear reactor?'

Mad: not the ramparts, just the show in general. Oh, Mike & the ramparts. Never mind. (Anyway, I was teasing, as was he.)

Leetie, Jackie is watching American Idol. Some of the "performers" should have been taken aside and told in no uncertain terms to GO HOME NOW! Unfortunately, some people will not believe that they can't sing no matter what anyone else tells them and insist on making fools of themselves on national television.

Wurm42- thanks for the additional info, WTMI is more appropiate.
Since the women at work know that I play for both teams, they feel free to discuss things in front of me that they would never say in front of another man.

Accident details: Peterbilt semi in #3lane, son-in-law in F-150 in #4 lane and a Ford sedan tries to pass on the shoulder, hits F-150 which in turn hits Peterbilt and no one even has a scratch!
While waiting 40 minutes on freeway in a.m. rush hour traffic for CHP, SIL learns that Peterbilt driver is a motorcycle person - SIL owns m/c repair shop, and lands a new customer!!!

*kudos to sandy for truck knowledge*

Further: mu accident was just yesterday, and, frankly, I thought I'd get to be the center of sympathy and attention for a little longer!!

Daughter just called and said she is going to get in minor accident because she's feeling left out - indicated that probably is not a good idea!!!
Aren't kids great!!!

Good to know that about you, steven--definitely not TMI. Ladies, feel free to resume thong discussion! (Hmmm, maybe not the effect you were going for.)

That's the most warm and fuzzy freeway accident story I ever heard, El. Thank you for sharing.

Ozzie Smith's son is going to be a contestant tomorrow night on American Idol. That may be the first time I watch.

Word is, he makes it through the auditions.

Name is OJ Smith.

That's the most warm and fuzzy freeway accident story I ever heard, El. Thank you for sharing.

That's southern California for you, sandy - everyone has an angle!

Eleanor, did they get the idiot who tried to pass on the shoulder?

As I said, I'm watching NCIS...I'm going to say I think the culprit is the gal that Gibbs is getting the hots for.

sly - hold it! we have a time difference - NCIS isn't on here for 2 more hours!!

Jeff, the shoulder guy waited too - an uninsured motorist of course!

Geezer alert!

How come nobody on American Idol -- the contestant or any of the four judges -- knew that "Rescue Me" was by Fontella Bass, not Aretha Franklin?

Good point Eleanor! Don't forget the *SPOILER* label!

Jeff, had I been watching it I would have known Fontella Bass did Rescue Me.

But I am watching Scrubs. And there have been two glimpses of thongs thus far. The guys should be watching.

Sorry about that El and Sandy....but I didn't give away the ending....just my suspicion.

**Screams and rungs around the room hugging EVERYBODY who's been involved in car accidents recently or had someone close to them be involved in one**

**Digs through the FEMA site that is my closet and dusts off the Acme Good Listener Kit (Special Edition)**

Eleanor and anyone else's who's had a traumatic event lately (from dead laptops and infernal voice mail systems on up), PLEASE just speak up if you want listeners/comfort/attention.

Crashing things to stay in the spotlight BAD!

Sandy- I didn't realize that most bloglits didn't know that about me, seems like I talked about it in previous MOATS, I have CRS so I don't remember which one. Anyone in a thong is the effect I was going for!

There are times that I think that perhaps it would be worth my while to actually write out what I am trying to record...it would save time in the long run, avoiding the 46 tries it is taking me to record anything.

On the other hand, even when I am reading directly verbatim from the information I am messing up constantly. Not a good night to record.

Anyone in a thong?

Does that include Donald Rumsfeld?

Don't answer that.

*wonders if that was one of the political references that bloglits don't realize is a political reference, according to Ms Trammel*

sly - you're cool! - I just wanted to stop you before you got to the end of the show!

Wurm, my neck is still a little sore from my accident - maybe a neck rub????????
But I have to leave now so hold that thought for tomorrow!

And I'll pass on your message to my daughter!

Sandy- how can I not answer that?
Anyone except Donald Rumsfeld and Michael Jackson, and probably some others I can't think of right now!

For the record, Wurm, I have been casting around for something I need to be comforted for. Dang, there's nothing but the snow -- there seems to be precious little sympathy for that. Oh well. Take you up on it some other time!

um... I need comforting too. Not sure what for yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something.


*tries to think of more such*

nah, list would be too long...

'night all! I have a class this evening.

since when do women need any reason for comforting? Just look a little pouty, or really just look like a woman, and you'll be sure to get attention from a man

With all the discussion of thongs and tomorrow being Pengiun Awareness Day, I declare tonite to be Pengiun Thong Night.

* sitting in cold chair, wearing only a Penguin Thong- must turn up the heat!*

Ack!! Finally listening to the CD with the songs that I co-wrote. (Yes, I am going to keep mentioning that; if he's not going to give me credit, I'm going to at least make sure somebody in the world knows that those were my lyrics too.) But he changed the words to The Game, too! Dang it, it was a good song. Rats, rats, rats.

Steven, I may have asked, or you may have mentioned...are you in the Carolinas? Because we are indeed having a cold night...19f right now and getting colder. Brrr. I think I need some comforting...or at least warming.

Although happily the recording is done and I can go home.

Oh wait, that means out in the cold.


But there is a hot shower waiting for me.

I know...I need comforting because I don't have any one to wash my back.

*tries looking a little pouty*

Susan- I'm in south Georgia, it's 27F here BRRrrrr!
Last week it was in the 70's

Hello? 'lo....'lo....lo

An echo...o....o...o

Everyone is probably off reading Chp. 49.

I'm trying to finish up de-yuletiding the place; but my vacuum cleaner broke. In dragging out stuff, I have poinsettia leaves and pine needles everywhere; and it smells like someone has been chewing pine gum in here.

Well, tomorrow is another day. I'll stop for parts for the vacuum cleaner on the way home and finish up tomorrow night.

And the culprit on NCIS was---, nope, not gonna tell.

27 degrees? Oh I wish. Not sure what it is right now here, and I am not going outside to see. Ummm, wet hair. Can't go out with wet hair. Might catch a chill.

And no one here to warm me up.

The low temperatures tonight would be making up for the fact that last week we had highs in the 70s as well. And now they are saying there is a chance of a little snow Saturday night. The last time we got a little wintery precipitation was a Saturday night, Christmas night, and it brought lots of ice that caused many many power outages on Sunday. I hope that doesn't happen again.

Sleep is calling. I feel that is a call I should answer.

Steven- On spreading the mental image of Donald Rumsfeld in a thong- I think Defense Department has already violated the Geneva conventions on torture enough for this war, thanks.

Eleanor, slyeyes, and other ladies, I'll be around tomorrow **winks**

*sneaks back in one last time after getting caught up with Snake*

*tries to erase the mental image of Donald Rumsfeld in a thong*

*winks at wurm*

Really. Bed. Sleep. I'm going. Night!

Jan. 19 is Penguin Awareness Day.

*suddenly becomes aware of the male bloglits' penguins*


*sigh!* Ahhh, the traditional penguin thong; what a glorious sight to hold.

Ack!!! Freudian slip!

to BEhold, to BEhold, what a glorious sight to BEhold!

*slinks into the shadows to hide*

[whispered: Move over, Wolfie; there has to be room for both of us to hide here.]

Hi Neo... I think the BE might have come a bit too late .. and repeating it might have the opposite effect to the one desired.

I've been thinking about the "who would be scary in a thong" question. Rumsfeld doesn't worry me so much, but doesn't do anything for me either. I prescribe to the Seinfeld theory that there is good naked and bad naked... and thong exposire, like nakedness is not for everyday. Underneath your clothes, and for that special someone on special occasions. The exception of course is Penguin Thong Awareness Day... and and Coconut Bra Awareness Day, at a date to be decided.

PS.. if we have Monkeys in the ScroatMoat... I presume they are all male monkeys? (note that I said nothing about spanking the monkey.. I wouldn't do that.. it would just be bad.. very bad)

Whew! I missed out on TWO WHOLE MOATS!!!!! But I finally found you guys! Longer "update post to follow shortly.

Hmmmm... apparently "l!vej0urnal.c0m" is now questionable content. Hopefully the tinyurl will go through so you always have a link to my journal, now that I am back from the land of 21.6 kbps and am able to update more often.

Neo, too late. Mental image is already burnt in.

*searches keyboard for F150 key*

Nope, not here. Must be on US versions of the keyboard.

*re-adjusts Penguin Thong for Neo*


Alrighty. Back from my parents' house, back in Kansas. Classes don't start until Thursday (but I don't have any on Thursday, so mine start Friday!)

The biggest news (for those who don't frequent the Y!): I am now engaged! Erin was resigned to spending New Year's Eve at home with her family... little did she know that I had made careful plans to spend 14ish hours on the road from MN to Wichita in order to arrive, tuxedo-clad and flower-bearing at her parents' house, ring in pocket. Needless to say, she was quite surprised at someone knocking at the door at 10:30 PM, and showed her surprise by not answering the door, even though I could see her through the window. Eventually her dad answered and I asked for Erin, and then asked if she would marry me. Luckily for me, the celebratory champagne I had brought was not for nought, as she indicated a distinct willingness to affirm my inquiry.

There is a pic of the ring on the Y!

A couple of days later, I found myself in St. Louis with Josh and Sly, where good times were had and calendars were shared.

The remainder of my break was spent reading the entire Far Side collection (all 18 pounds), Jon Stewart's America, Eucalyptus by Murray Bail, and occasionally popping by the dentist to have various procedures relating to the crowning of my two front teeth performed.

If anyone can give me a brief summary (under 18 pounds) of the last 2.718281828 MOATS, I would be much appreciative, and would even reward that person with a haiku in my next post.

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