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November 11, 2004


...but I'll do it, so people will stop sending it in.

(Thanks to many people)


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hmmm... I think Lab put a block on the phone, because this doesn't seem to be working, either.

I need some help causing trouble! Calling all trouble makers!

*raids Lab's fridge*

Dang, the only things in here are lab specimens.

Lab, I am talking to myself here!

It is time for you to

Get Back

*comes in pulling Prank*

What are you talking about I been here the whole time!


Also, I BOLDED everything after the word Ballbreaker just to make Lab look even sillier!! Ha Ha! I see it clearly worked.

LOL!!!! Mr. Fisher, I love you!

Thank You! Thank You Naughty Neo!

There truly is A Whole Lotta Love in this here Moat.

(Hopes Lab doesn't try Breaking any Balls)

Rescue Me

Where is Lab, anyway?

Lab and his Insolent Wench are in Memphis for the Beale Street Music Festival.

Oops, that should say, Lab will be back soon. He and Wench are in

Memphis in the Meantime

Hey... who used my toothbrush?

Why is the label upside down on one of my specimen jars?

*sneaks in and tries to rinse the toilet bowl cleaner off of Lab's toothbrush*

I'm tossing the toothbrush into the incenerator.

.oOO I hope he doesn't look closely at his soap. Or his washcloth. Or his deoderant.

Did someone take Lab's underwear out of the washing machine and put it in the dryer?

*stands by ready to fold and put undies back on shelves*

Undies? Those aren't mine.

Make sure you iron them first Eleanor.

En Vogue

Neo- Are those Soapapillas?

I believe Susan does the ironing for this group.

Mr. Fishair - isn't En Vogue the name of a group, not a song? If so, then....

En Vogue


Not your undies, Lab? Oh, of course; we should have known that! What were we thinking! Hmmm... It looks like somebody is missing his penguin thong with the extra extra extra large penguin.

*considers offering a reward for finding out whose undies they are*

Wooooohooooooooo I'm back!!!!

Break out the vailla vodka and 7-Up!!! (sweet but alcoholic.. kinda like me!)

If we're doing the band/singer thing again..


E-Street Band (Bruce Springsteen and the)

I didn't mean to kill the thread!!! I'll go back to song titles!!


Everything She Wants

Okay... how to fix this thread....

*thinking... thinking....*




Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof

Woo hooo.. .someone came back to play!!

Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof (to whom are they referring?)

Bullet Train

Bullet Train

Nice Dream

Nice Dream

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I keep forgetting to check in here!

Things I need to do:
- Finish mulching
- Update my CD Wish List
- Finally get around to finishing my web site
- Work on my MP3 ID tags
- Generate my CD catalog and publish online

I'm sure there is more.

Oh yeah... update all the scores in my World Cup Preliminary spreadsheet.

Oh, and football season will be here before you know it. Get working on fantasy football forecasts!

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Magic Carpet Ride

Magic Carpet Ride

Ride The Lightning

Light My Fire

Light My Fire

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Okay, I know that doesn't really follow or connect, but I'm too tired to go looking up/thinking of things that do.

*sneaks in, empties all the beers out of Lab's fridge and replaced them with bottled water and Chardonnay (also Diet Coke with Lime, because I love it so...)*

*sits back and waits for Lab to arrive and kill her*

Hee hee hee! Kaf, there is always this!

*gestures to the dusty vending machine set up by the sectret lair, still stocked with ice cold B to the E*

thanks for the Lime Diet Coke, btw! Ahhhh!

*hides, giggling, to awake the ensuing mayhem*

WTF?!?!??!? Chardonnay???? Where the hell is my beer?

NEO! Did you do this? Come out of hiding. Someone is going to DIE!

What? I've been framed! Framed I tell ya!

*runs, taking diet coke with her*

*follows trail of sloshed Diet Coke (with Lime) to Neo's secret hiding place*

Ah ha! I can tell by the way that Kaf is snorking that she must have had a hand in this as well!

That's it. Time for...

a spanking!!!!

*Lab has visions of him with paddle in hand, lots of laughing, some slow-motion shots and provocative positions*

On second thought... I wonder what the Wench is up to right now? See ya!

*presents herself for spanking*

Ya know, I thought I might get punished for this.. but a spanking works, too!

Anybody ever tried to paddle me and I'd give him what for. Just saying. And you mention spanking, and vile porn-spam shows up. Coincidence?

Neo, I don't know why.. it's not the first spanking I've asked for. And I don't even want to think about the I-word. For anyone who ever said that there's no such thing as too much love, someone perverts a thing like this, just to prove that there is.

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Magic What She Do

Magic What She Do

Open up and Say Aaaahh (yeah I think it's been done before, but it was long over due for another)

*restocks fridge with BEER*

*cleans out fridge by filling up ice chest to take to the lake*

oopsie. ;)

*opens fridge*
*grabs a diet lime coke*
Hey, this stuff's not bad.
*grabs flask from back pocket and "enhances" his coke*

[aside to audience, in stage whisper] What Lab doesn't know is that we've secretly replaced the contents of his flask with Sandy's Secret Hollandaise Sauce. Let's watch his reaction!

"Rats! Spoiled again" (psst, Neo, that's my guess)

Here, Want some extra sharp cheddar cheese? I could a whole wheel of this stuff.

Sure, Fishair, I'll make a trade; you give me some cheese and I'll share some of this stuff that was originally in Lab's flask! I'm hoping it is rum. Deal?? OK!

Wait, Fish! Don't cut the cheese in here!

Lab!! I've got a new beer for you to try, and no sneaky tricks with this one. This is more in line of an apology for the diet coke thing... although if you could love a DCL my way, that would be great!

Open Up and Say Aaaaahhhhh

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Okay. That does it. You will RUE the day you did this to me, Neo. RUE! RUE, I say!

And, as far as my flask goes... rum? I'm from KENTUCKY, dammit.

Kaf, thanks for the link. I don't want any dickie beer, though.

Have you guys seen the list of nominees for 100 greatest americans? OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!

Oh, that's right, Kentucky! Fish, careful with that, it's Moonshine!

*ducks and runs*

Weel, STANK!! We've been spammed. I bet it's Neo's fault.

ick ick ick... I mentioned roo roo

Okay... am I the only one playing this game?

Mere spam will not deter the determined Labbie...

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Everlasting Love

Speaking of which, I'm going out on the booze bus tomorrow night (it's work related.. I swear... well,` people from work will be there..) Somebody love me a chocolate Moatini!!

Do we need a new game?

Everlasting Love
Every Little Bit Counts

First bar I went to I asked for a chocolate (martini, moatini, martooni) and they didn't know how to make it. So I had a double Mailbu & Coke instead.

Lab, we either need a new game or a new place to play it... I'll try the new game thing first

*Changes game to strip Song Name Game*

Every Little Bit Counts
*removes bra (still has outter layers on) flings it in the air.. watches it ricochet off the beer fridge and end up hanging from the chandelier*
Savin' All My Love For You

Savin' All My Love for You

*strips a layer of paint from the chest that's been in the garage for months*
... Hey... this is fun!

You Don't Know You're Born

Ok... I want to play!

You Don't Know You're Born

(Now I get to take something off, right??)

*discreetly removes an article of clothing*

Baby As You Turn Away

*sighs* Ok, ok, I'll put it back on. Sheesh!

All That, You Can't Leave Behind

Ok, I'll play, but it's not fair, I'm only wearing a Penguin thong.

*takes off Penguin thong, to reveal.......another slightly smaller Penguin thong underneath*

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

Oh and Lab, I thought I smelled rotting flesh coming from your gargage, maybe you should hang your chests indoors, unless they are of the large breast variety, then in that case I'll be over right after work. ;)


Mr. Fishair, you need to get to the Dave D. First/Last! thread and defend your honor!

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

*pulls one strand of grass out from grass skirt*

Edge of Heaven

Edge of Heaven

*takes off left stiletto*

Heaven Is A Place On Earth


I guess it's time to abandon this thread. I'm going to miss it.

me too Lab, but as James Taylor says, Nothing Lasts Forever.......

*pats self on back for ending with a song title*

Bye, bye, Miss American Pie....

nasty spammers

archive me! archive me!

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